February 26, 2008, - 12:45 pm

Hezbollah Drug Trafficker Using Mexican Alias Flees TSA @ Miami Airport

By Debbie Schlussel
Thanks to James “JD” Andary and the other readers who sent this story about Faid Beydoun a/k/a Miguel Garcia (and several other identities), the man who fled TSA officials and police at Miami International Airport on Sunday.
Mr. Beydoun, a Lebanese man with multiple different passports (including a phony U.S. passport), fled when TSA screeners asked him to open his bag, which contained cocaine. He was so worried he’d get caught he jumped 25 feet off the second floor concourse and broke his arm and ribs. (So sad, too bad.) He was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles, as were two men with whom he was staying in Miami. One of the men is from Bahrain, and–surprise! surprise!–Beydoun also poses as a Latino, “Miguel Garcia.” (Hey Latinos, the more you show solidarity with Muslim open borders advocates, the more they will use and defame you.)


What none of the media reports tell you–but I will–is that Mr. Beydoun is a Shi’ite Muslim whose family is extremely active at the highest levels of Hezbollah. (Several Beydouns have been arrested and/or convicted in various enterprises that money launder to Hezbollah, including food stamp fraud.) That’s significant because a significant portion of Hezbollah funding comes from drugs they grow in the Bekaa Valley and also in South America, where Hezbollah has colonized a significant area. Yes, dummies and losers, if you do drugs, you’re helping Hezbollah.
And I’m not the only one who knows Mr. Beydoun is involved with Hezbollah–and was probably drug trafficking for them. So does the FBI, which is why it–the lead (incompetent) agency on terrorism investigations–and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are “on the case” or at least claims to be. More info of interest:

His jail record lists an alias: Miguel Garcia.
At least one of the other men hails from Bahrain. The two men described Beydoun as a well-known party promoter who knows the best U.S. night spots. [DS: No surprise there. There are quite a few Arab Muslim “party promoters” and several of them have been tied to the drug-trade and financing terrorism.]
The men had apparently been partying in Miami-Dade, spending lavishly.
At Concourse D, just after 2 p.m., Beydoun passed through a security checkpoint but was flagged for a secondary inspection by federal Transportation Security Administration officers.
He had a Lebanese passport and a fraudulent U.S. passport, investigators said.
”He bolted and knocked a few people out of the way,” said Mark O. Hatfield Jr., TSA’s airport security director.
Chased by Miami-Dade officers, the man jumped over the second-floor departure concourse and landed outside the baggage-claim area.
Despite the broken bones, he ran a bit further.
”The officers on the first floor were able to apprehend him and place him under arrest,” said Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesman.
Miami-Dade police were investigating the men along with South Florida’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a host of federal and state agencies, including the FBI and Immigration and Customers Enforcement.

And, surprise!, he has no known address in the U.S. Wonderful:

Faid Beydoun, a Lebanese man with no known address, is charged with cocaine possession, loitering or prowling and resisting arrest without violence [DS: Hmmm . . . I’d say knocking people over is, indeed, violence] . . . .
Hatfield said Beydoun was carrying multiple identifications from multiple nationalities, “and that’s part of what raised suspicion.”
Police said Beydoun’s plane ticket was a last-minute purchase. Two men waiting for another American Airlines flight to L.A. said they purchased Beydoun’s ticket and hired him as a party promoter, intending to take their festivities across the country.

“Festivities”? Arab Muslims from Hezbollah with fake IDs and multiple identities transporting drugs on several planes across the country is now “festivities”? Sounds like that word has a new meaning. Bill Clinton’s parsing of words pales in comparison.
Well, I guess he was just “doing the jobs Americans won’t do”. Because everyone knows we have a shortage of party promoters in America, so we need illegal alien Hezbollah drug traffickers to do that back-breaking work.
If Arab and Muslim groups had it their way, the few of their kind who are actually flagged for a secondary screening (along with old ladies in wheelchairs), like Beydoun a/k/a “Garcia”, would never get caught. And that’s exactly what they want.
This is the real “flying while Arab” or, in Beydoun’s case, “flying while Arab a/k/a ‘Mexican’ a/k/a ‘American.'”
Can’t wait ’til Bill Warner sends me his mug shot.

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8 Responses

Looks like a whole number of Mohammedans worldwide are trying to use Mexico, given how our pols simply won’t seal that border.

Infidel Pride on February 26, 2008 at 2:37 pm

Debbie, as always, you get the goods no one else does. Thank you for all the great work you are doing.
I’d vote for you against McCain any day…..

kozanne on February 26, 2008 at 6:56 pm

If Beydoun was Jewish the headlins would read:
Inocent civilans and 14 year boy were injured
by Jewish terroist.
CAIR is bringing lawsuit against airport for

Rick on February 27, 2008 at 8:01 am

1st Note:
Aka Miguel Garcia and several other identities, do u now of any other identity? Do u know what he was charged for or if it was in fact him that was charged, or was it the real Miguel Garcia? Did they match his finger prints with those of Mr. Garcia?
2nd Note;
Again, apparently he had his Lebanese passport and a fake US Passport.
So bad, so sadÖ That is so professional I must say, because a journalist’s job is not to write about facts but give their hate related opinion about a person that breaks his arm and ribsÖ
Donít we all know that Miguel Garcia is a Latino name?? We all love your advice to people of Hispanic origins, Really!! keep it upÖ they cant think for themselves and need you to advice them on their opinions on human rights and immigration issues!!!
3rd Note:
For your information, because it seems you do not know how to investigate, collect information or state facts, The Beydoun family is a very big Lebanese family that includes tens of thousands of people, and they are spread out on both side of the spectrum in Lebanon, the pro and anti- Hezbollah camps. If a Mr. Cohen or Mr. Smith commits a crime or belongs to a terrorist network, it sure doesn’t mean every Mr. Smith or Cohen does, or does it?
And please correct me if I am wrong, but your article is about Mr. Beydoun not Hezbollah, isn’t it?
4th Note:
Yes you are the only one who ‘knows’, I just wonder what you know really!!! The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force have to do their jobs in investigating the case based on facts and do not ‘know’ anything until the case is closedÖ Maybe they are so incompetent they need you to help them turn allegations into facts, because it is quiet obvious Miss Schlussel that you seem to be more informed then the whole FBI and Joint Terrorism Task ForceÖ
And also, Miss, the street value of half a gram of cocaine is something like $50, which would be huge trafficking, right?
Well obviously he bought or acquired a passport belonging to a Mr. Miguel GarciaÖ
And as much as this is a crime that he has to be punished for it, it sure doesn’t make him a terrorist trafficker for Hezbollah!!!
5th Note:
So I take it that it is illegal for an Arab to be a party promoter? Let’s amend the constitution!!
And are all so called party promoters that have been tied up to drug trafficking Arabs? That would certainly be very surprising Miss Shlussel, wouldn’t you think???
6th Note:
Funny enough, when you are just stating what has been posted in the Miami Herald, one has no comments to make, because they are, unlike you, professional journalist that state facts and use correct non bias and proper terminology!!
7th Note:
Again, does every person that visits the USA have a known address? Can’t they be staying in a hotel?? Does staying in a hotel mean a person is a terrorist??
8th Note:
You should add that it would be for a judge to determine whether this was violence or not, or are you a judge, and a jury as well as being an investigator and a tremendously talented journalist??
9th Note:
Arab Muslim from HezbollahÖ Allegations, assumptions Ms Shlussel!!! Say Arab Muslim if you want toÖ and also you should state” in possession of half a gram of cocaine on a flight from Miami to LAX!!!”
10th Note:
It is tiring to correct you Miss Shlussel, my 4 year old nephew would have made fewer mistakes and would have for sure stuck to facts more then you doÖ because you almost never doÖ
I will not comment on your prejudiced and racist views, I trust the readers are not all as narrow minded and limited as you are.
But I must add something… Most people here in Lebanon do not support groups like Hezbollah that states -that there is no law in the USA and that Americans are bias against Arabs- to promote their cause.
I am sure you think of yourself as an educated person unlike all those “Scary Muslim Arabs”!!
So consider this possibility: Mr. Beydoun is a Lebanese that has acquired a fake US passport like so many illegal immigrants have done. He uses this fake identity to live and work in the USA and is a person that promotes parties etc… He uses alcohol and drugs.
On his way from Miami to LAX, he realized he was going to be caught with half a gram of cocaine and his fake identity was going to be discovered, so he freaked out and fled the scene!!
Wouldn’t it be possible that this is what happened and if that is the case, then he should be sentenced for use of fraudulent identity, drug possession, resisting arrest etcÖ?
Think about it Ms Shlussel, and I do believe in the judiciary system of the USA and I trust that is exactly what he will be charged and convicted for if found guilty by a jury and be sure you will hear from me once that happens..
I sure hope you will then acknowledge your article was baseless, full of unfounded accusations and allegations, but given the impression I got from the exquisite quality and level of your work if it is to be called “work”, you will most definitely never post any apologiesÖ

Marwan on February 28, 2008 at 2:46 pm

Marwan, the lady is well capable of defending herself when the legitimate need arises…
However, to lay your sarcasm to rest: Yes, federal authorities were able to positively identify Faid Beydoun through his IDENT and NCIC prints (which were already on file both here in the US and via INTERPOL). He is in fact a British citizen of Lebanese descent. The “Garcia” alias is one of five fake names listed on his NCIC record after a 2005 arrest in California for credit card fraud. Additionally, a close reading of the police report indicates he had “multiple passports” with “multiple names” and “multiple nationalities.” (Contrary to the obviously limited knowledge you have displayed regarding law enforcement resources, U.S. authorities generally “know” a great deal about suspects – whether that knowledge is sufficient enough to warrant an immediate arrest, indictment, or conviction is another matter altogether. They do not have to wait until a case is “closed.”)
I’m also a bit confused as to why you think Beydoun risked his life/limb over a mere 1/2 ounce of cocaine? In truth, even if that 1/2oz was discovered, he would have simply been cited and released as a misdemeanor. Certainly a “party organizer” (or “male model” which was the other occupation he has given to authorities) who entertains wealthy Bahraini businessmen would have at least a passing familiarity with the drug laws in this country. (Even you seem to be familiar with the going street price, right?) The cocaine was found in his already CHECKED luggage – not his carryon or his person. He ran AFTER an agent noticed the discrepancies of his documents and he was directed to a secondary inspection for additional scrutiny.
Here’s another little tidbit for you regarding immigration law: Yes, every foreign national entering into the United States on a lawfully issued visa MUST provide a valid address for the duration of their stay…. and no, it is unlawful for them to simply provide a hotel address (though sadly, this is something often overlooked during the application process). So, yes – it was illegal for this Arab to not have a known and verifiable address… And yes, it was unlawful for this Arab to be traveling anywhere within the U.S. as his visa had expired – including the South Beach hotel he shared with his “clients.”
While vigorously ignoring the fact that Beydoun comes from the same background as other terrorist facilitators, you proffer that (in the very least) Beydoun is an illegal alien – with illegal entry, false documentation, false statements, illegal employment; AND an illegal drug possessor, user, and transporter; AND has provided false statements to police in the past and during this offense; AND is now willing to risk his life to avoid arrest. All to cover up his “party” tour business? If true, then we should also add “stupid” to his list of crimes. The fact that the Bureau responded to this incident and took him into custody is prima facie evidence that there is more to this “Lebanese party-animal” than mere misdemeanor offenses. However, when coupled with the INS detainer, it is sufficient enough to have him held. There is no need for them to file any additional charges at this point. (BTW ñ note that the identity and current whereabouts of his traveling companions is left out of any official report. Better than even chances that they are residing in the regional detention facility as well.)
Finally, while Ms. Schlussel may have been one of the first to post the details of Beydoun’s arrest, I can assure you that this incident is being looked at by many different agencies and many different counter-terrorism experts. From the hyperbolic tone of your posting, you are evidently not familiar with the rather lengthy and well documented history of illegal Hezbollah financing in this country or the frequency in which Middle Eastern nationals have been caught using fraudulently obtained identities with Hispanic surnames. I’d suggest you do a bit of research into these areas before putting such ignorance on display again. To start, look at the open source report from February 14, 2008 that details the arrest of 3 Afghans attempting to board a flight to Kuwait using fraudulent MEXICAN passports.

Storms on February 29, 2008 at 12:48 am

1st Remark:
I am sure the lady can defend herself as you are supposed to be ready to do so when you write articles the way she writes hers.
Mr. my 1st concern here is that facts are not stated nor explained by Ms Schlussel, I am not, in anyway trying to excuse Mr. Beydoun’s crimes, whatever they are, and am not affirming that I know the case better then she does, or better then you do, because I certainly don’t, nevertheless, I think that stating that Mr. Beydoun is a terrorist based on whatever I heard about this case is at least farfetched, for now.
Sure I give it to you that U.S Authorities know a great deal but they certainly do not publicly jump to any conclusions before thoroughly investigating a case and analyzing all facts they have at hand, but if Ms Schlussel “knows'” Mr. Beydoun is a Muslim Arab Hezbollah Terrorist trafficker and wants to publicly write about it, then she has an obligation towards her readers to state proper facts and explain why she drew such conclusions. In this article, she merely says that since Mr. Beydoun is a Muslim Arab with fake identities and in possession of drugs then he is a terrorist trafficker, sorry I forgot an Arab Muslim Hezbollah terrorist trafficker and whether she does not have sufficient facts to base her conclusions on or simply chooses not to include them is to me just as unprofessional and misleading.
2nd Remark:
Police statements say half a gram of cocaine, not have an ounce, which would be about 30 times more! And regarding your remarks about my being familiar with street value of cocaine, just “Google” it sir! And you would get proper answers, meaning that apparent street value of a gram of cocaine is $50 to $75 in the U.S.
I also said that he may have run to avoid being caught with drugs and his fake identity being discovered.
3rd Remark:
Of course it was illegal for this “Arab” to travel within the USA as his visa had expired; the guy had a fake U.S passport, no arguments there. It still does not make him a terrorist.
I mean seriously, if every person that does not respect U.S immigration laws is a terrorist, we would all be in great amount of trouble!!
Again it is very important in my views not to mix all crimes together, if Mr. Beydoun was using a fraudulent U.S identity, then he has to be charged accordingly, no question about it, but he doesn’t have to be labeled a terrorist!!!
4th Remark:
Your are entitled to think or to believe whatever you want about this case but as I explained earlier without “vigorously ignoring anything” and being Lebanese I know what I am talking about when it comes to origins and names, Mr. Beydoun being from the same background as other terrorist as you have stated meaning him being a Shiite Muslim I suppose, does not necessarily make him a Hezbollah sympathizer,or even worst a active terrorist! In fact the Beydoun family in Lebanon is one of the most active outspoken anti-Hezbollah Shiite family and thank God for Lebanon, for the U.S and for the whole world that not every Lebanese Shiite person is a supporter of Hezbollah. You might want to research and read about that.
And make no mistake about this, I certainly think he is stupid, no doubt about that, stupid to acquire and travel with fake identities, stupid to have committed whatever crime he has committed, stupid to transport drugs regardless of its quantity, very STUPID.
There is obviously more than mere misdemeanor offenses in this case, Beydoun was in possession of a fraudulent U.S passport!!!
He might well be a terrorist, but if such was the case and he had at the least watched one episode of “24” then he would certainly not travel with all his fake identities at once within the U.S!!! Neither would he party and spend lavishly since terrorist are supposed to be as low key as can be (and no I am not a terrorist sir!! It is just pure common sense and research!)
As much as you or Miss Sclussel are entitled to your opinion, I am as well entitled to mine and I do think that in this case he is just a STUPID person and not a terrorist, and if he were a terrorist, then he would sure be a very very stupid one!
Finally, I sure hope this matter is being looked at by all agencies and experts and trust they will do their jobs properly, and sure hope that justice will be served.
I think that Ms Schlussel was to say the least very bias in her article, and I do not think the tone I used in my posting was hyperbolical or uncalled for.
Allow me to say that I am very well aware of the lengthy history of illegal Hezbollah activity in the U.S and in Lebanon as well and I fiercely condemn it.
I am also very well aware of cases where Middle Eastern descent nationals have been caught using Hispanic identities. I am sure they wouldn’t use African American,Irish or Swedish identities, it seems quiet logical, don’t you think? And I do think that it a serious problem that has to be dealt with accordingly by the appropriate agencies.
I just think that in order to best fight terrorism in this world, we all have to be very careful in doing so and I certainly do believe in presumption of innocence, I mean it still is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ now isn’t it??
As a final remark, I just never read or heard of a terrorist that parties with people from Bahrain or the Gulf in South Beach clubs, spending a lot of money, drinking alcohol and using cocaine then traveling to Los Angeles to party on.
This guy just does not fit the profil! I guess we will have to wait and see.

Marwan on February 29, 2008 at 4:59 am

you are so stupid and ignorant!!!! faid is a christian not a jhadist u stupid idiot!!!!!!! u have no idea what u r talking about, ur a racist!!!!!

cristina on February 29, 2008 at 9:04 am

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