March 2, 2008, - 2:26 pm

Schlussel TV Guide, “Slap Shot” Edition: Son of the Hanson Brothers

By Debbie Schlussel
If you’re a hockey fan like me, or even just a fan of “Slap Shot” one of the two greatest hockey movies ever (the other is “Miracle“), you’ll love this story. Christian Hanson, son of the only real Hanson among “Slap Shot’s” brawling “Hanson Brothers,” is profiled tonight on ESPN (see full video below). A dead ringer for his father and “uncles,” Hanson didn’t even know about his father’s stint in the 1977 movie until he saw it on the team bus. At almost 22, he plays hockey for Notre Dame.
Reminds you of the good old days before hockey was sanitized of fighting and became extremely boring:

Christian Hanson, now a junior center on Notre Dame’s hockey team, was 13 when he happened to see the 1977 cult classic Slap Shot. As it aired on screens in a bus carrying his youth hockey team, he was stunned by one of its stars – his father Dave. And, as Christian says in an ESPN feature airing Sunday, his father’s acting seemed way out of character: “I’m just sitting there watching, and I’m actually befuddled. My dad is up there hackin’ and whackin’ and beatin’ guys up – and swearing. I never saw any of this at home.”
But Dave, who hadn’t planned to show Christian the film until his son was older, says the action wasn’t choreographed: “We weren’t acting. … I left everything on the ice. That often meant dropping the gloves and knocking the snot out of the other guy.”


The Hanson Brothers, Their Son/”Nephew”, Christian Hanson

Dave played one of the film’s three Hanson brothers – the other two were actual brothers and not related to Dave – who are hard-nosed enforcers.
For Dave, who had NHL stints in the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons, it was art imitating life: He also played in the now-defunct World Hockey Association — racking up 497 penalty minutes in 103 games.
After his playing days ended in 1984, Dave worked at a ski resort and managed ice rinks. Christian says his friends can’t guess at his dad’s past: “They say, ‘It’s amazing with Mr. Hanson, he’s just so laid-back and so quiet and such a nice person.’ “

Visit the Official Hanson Brothers Website.
My previous work on “Slap Shot” and the Hanson Brothers: “Feel Old?: Hanson Brothers Turn 30.”


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5 Responses

One of the best movies period. Yes, it does make me feel old seeing this big college version of the dad. Too good. It’s great that the son is the proud owner of the most penalty minutes of the team.

samurai on March 2, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Reggie Dunlop’s one liner’s are some of the funniest ever. I love Slapshot.

JasonBourne81 on March 2, 2008 at 10:57 pm

While Canadians INVENTED AMERICAN football and HOCKEY, and BASKETBALL, and LACROSSEÖ those lofty accolades alone are not enough to decide the “best hockey movie” question.
But since CANADA is, and has always been, the FIRST NATION of hockey, only Canadians can really decide what the best hockey movie is.
And that movie would be the “The Rocket”.
Wow, even the IMDB called that one!
C’mon DebbieÖ don’t be sillyÖ you’ve never even seen the “The Rocket”, so how can you really decide what the best hockey movie is of all time?
“Canada Russia ’72” would then be the second best hockey movie because it is also factual.
Long before the Cold War was won, and that Berlin Wall fellÖ in the far off year of 1972, Canada, a small but proud democracy, beat Russia (the evil superpower) in an ugly eight game series.
RUSSIANS had bragged in international media, before the whole world, of Canada’s impending loss.
Niet, Soviet. Didn’t happen.
“Miracle” however makes the Top Ten.
“Slapshot” That’s a joke.
Man, you really missed the boat on these callsÖ

The Canadien on March 3, 2008 at 4:14 am

Hockey is boring without the fights? Sheesh. To me, all the fighting ruins it. Football and basketball and even baseball are exciting in their own rights without seeing two guys try to pulverize each other. Myself, a great game with lots of saves, slap shots, cross checks is good enough without some goon getting into it.
It really irritates me that some go to hockey games and want to see a team’s top enforcer pick a fight with someone–even if it’s someone who clearly doesn’t match against him. If you want to see fights that bad, watch boxing. At least there, the referee is more likely to stop it if he sees a guy getting beaten badly enough.

richardzowie on March 3, 2008 at 9:12 am

The ’72 series gave rise to the best chant ever:
Da, Da, Canada !!
Nyet, nyet, Soviet !!

stevecanuck on March 3, 2008 at 11:34 am

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