March 4, 2008, - 1:41 pm

Shocker: TV Show About Smart Muslim Immigrant vs. Dumb Americans is on Life Support

By Debbie Schlussel
I predicted exactly this result last May, when I first learned of and wrote about “Aliens in America.”
Executives at The CW television network and the American Muslim community are shocked–shocked!–that the show is getting very low ratings and is about to be canceled, despite massive promotion. But not me, I said then:

Here’s hoping–and predicting–that “Aliens in America” is a big flop.


CW’s Faltering “Aliens in America”

May rigor mortis set in soon. The show is about an idiotic White Christian family in Wisconsin (aren’t all American non-Muslim families idiotic?) that brings a Pakistani Muslim exchange student to live with their loser, unpopular son because he needs a friend. The show is unbearable. No surprise that CAIR and every other “mainstream” Muslim group applauded this groanworthy sitcom. Every single character–from the high school principal to the parents to the fellow Americans students–are coarse, uncultured, boorish idiots, save the brilliant, civilized, kind, generous, easily-adapting Muslim foreign student.
When I first learned–and wrote on this site–about this show, early, last year, I predicted the show would be bad. And it met my worst expectations.
And, again, they’re shocked–shocked!–that this anti-American show, in which Americans are a lesser life form and Muslims are G-d’s gift to humanity, is not appealing to the American TV-viewing public.
Gee, I wonder why. The show’s co-writer/producer David Gaurascio claims that his unfunny, stupid show is good because “these are not stereotypical characters at all.” Really? I’d say they fit the propaganda in the newspapers and media throughout the Islamic world to a T. No surprise, since CAIR was consulted for the show.
This show can’t be canceled fast enough. But TV “critics” can’t handle it that this uber-PC show is tanking. The Detroit Newsistan’s Makeisha Madden Toby and E!’s Kristin Dos Santos are begging people to watch this horrid show and contact the CW’s owner, Warner Brothers Pictures.
Good luck. But this show is so stinky, agenda-laden, anti-American, and substandard, I predict none of that will save it.
One other thing–When I first wrote about this show, I did agree that Muslims are the smart ones and we Americans the dumb ones in one respect:

The only comedy is that perpetrated on America. Reportedly, the show will make fun of Middle America and positively portray Muslims here on student visas as far smarter.
To some extent that is true, as we allow so many Muslims from all over (but especially from the Middle East) to come here, and we never see them again. They are the smart ones. And we are truly dumb, though not in the Homer Simpson way that this comedy will portray Wisconsinites. But dumb in the sense that we allow this and look the other way when the students suddenly disappear in to the great American abyss to plan and perpetrate jihad against us.
So many Muslims here on student visas overstay never attend or even enroll in school and overstay their visas, disappearing into oblivion. But you won’t see that in “Crossing Over,” or in “Aliens in America.”
In both, we are either evil or stupid (or both), and they are the smart, sympathetic ones.

Now, if they made a show about that, more people–including me–would certainly watch.

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6 Responses

Muzlums, intelligent?! If muzlums were intelligent, they wouldn’t be muzlums.
If muzlums were intelligent, then how come every muzlum nation is an economic basketcase, including the oil-rich nations?
If muzlums were intelligent, then how come every muzlum nation resembles what the Stone Age must’ve looked like?
If muzlums were intelligent, then how come almost every muzlum nation is at war with its neighbors?
If muzlums were intelligent, then how come every muzlum nation treats its people like the barbarians they are?
If muzlums were intelligent, they wouldn’t act like a bunch of blood-thirsty savages every time one of them feels “offended” by something some Infidel says or writes?
They only things muzlums have going for themselves are how to:
1. Scheme,
2. Steal,
3. Intimidate,
4. And build explosives to murder innocent people.

Thee_Bruno on March 4, 2008 at 4:46 pm

I saw the trailer for the show, and the funny thing is, thats NOT what American classrooms look like. If students knew he was a Muslim they would bow to his feet. moreover the idiocy of students displayed is sickening.

d2eux on March 4, 2008 at 6:36 pm

And that’s why people don’t watch TV or go to the movies anymore. Everything has become just another tool to force a political viewpoint on you. It’s not about pure entertianment anymore.

Squirrel3D on March 4, 2008 at 7:50 pm

Remember “Little House on the Prairie”? Great show. How about “Little Mosque on the Prairie”? Another great show and Canada’s favourite, at least according to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Go ahead and google it.
All I can say is “holy sheep shit Batman, this leftist crap is all over the place” (hey, lefties, if Islam is the way to go, move your sympathizing arses over to Iran. I’ll pay the plane fare for you).

canorth on March 4, 2008 at 8:32 pm

I wonder whether the show’s writers are catty gay men, like with those of other (ahem) superb mass entertainment fare like Sex in the City and American Beauty, with their (ahem) great persectives on American values and American community.

Jeremiah on March 4, 2008 at 11:23 pm

I think I missed something, what on earth is the “CW Network?” I will definitely avoid this “Hate America First” show. Thanks for the warning!

HelyeahWinnie on March 5, 2008 at 4:33 pm

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