March 19, 2008, - 4:13 pm

Ad Absurdum: Animal Rights Trumps Spousal Abuse

By Debbie Schlussel
This item is yet another “Pets–The New People” alert. . .
So you’re a battered wife (or husband–yes, it does happen that way) and you’ve been beaten and abused until you can’t take it anymore.
But you don’t leave because you’re also a cat lady and you can’t bear to leave the cat–whose life is apparently infinitely far more important than your own.
Enter one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve heard of yet–PAWS–the Pets and Women’s Shelters. Note which noun–Pets–comes first. And there are many others like it:


The New Priorities:

Better to Endure Spousal Abuse Than Give Up Cat Lady Status

When Rose Terry finally resolved to leave her abusive boyfriend, she knew she’d have to live in a shelter for a few weeks before she could start life anew. She had no reservations about that.
But she anguished over Byron, the cat who had seen her through the awful times. None of her friends could take the female feline (the family was first told she was male, hence the name), and she couldn’t bear the thought of placing her in an animal shelter until she got back on her feet. “I was desperate, weeping,” Terry says. “She’s my family.”
When Terry learned one Las Vegas domestic violence safe haven, Shade Tree Shelter, had just built a pet-boarding facility on its grounds for residents’ animals, “I was in such relief.” . . .
Domestic abuse shelters have long recognized that abused families, often kept so isolated that pets are their only friends, won’t leave the abuser. . . . So shelters have worked with animal-welfare groups that provide temporary pet care to ensure that everyone gets out of the situation.
Today, the emerging alternative is for domestic abuse shelters to provide on-site pet boarding. So far, fewer than a half-dozen such shelters exist, says Allie Phillips, director of public policy for the non-profit American Humane Association. But the numbers are certain to increase, as efforts are afoot on two fronts.
American Humane has just compiled and distributed a how-to guide, and Phillips’ goal is that by year’s end, at least 15 shelters will offer or will soon offer on-site pet boarding. Doorways for Women and Families Safehouse in Arlington, Va., will be the first to use American Humane’s Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS) Program start-up guide – officials there are in final planning to provide pet housing later this year. . . .
“We had the experience with several women who would arrive with a garbage bag full of possessions and a pet in tow and refuse to check in when they learned that we would find a safe place for the animal, but it couldn’t stay here with them,” Columbo says. “We’ve known of women who lived in their cars so they could keep their pets with them and women who stayed in a shelter but kept their pet in the car parked on the street, and, of course, women who wouldn’t leave their abuser because of concern for the safety of their animals. . . .”

Well, as I’ve often remarked on this site, the PETA a/k/a PUTAh (People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals and humans) folks have won. When American women who are being beaten and abused are more worried about the safety of animals than that of themselves, they’ve won.
Just think how many more battered and/or homeless people could be sheltered for the cost of doing so for pets. This is ludicrous.
It’s one thing to be against the abuse of animals. It’s entirely another to put animals’ welfare before that of humans.
And we’ve now surpassed that threshold. Congrats, America!

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5 Responses

That doesn’t shock anymore than the fact that animals/pets are treated with more dignity and TLC than children are.More children have been sodomized and solicited than animals have ever been.You can imagine how much respect is given towards humans.It shouldn’t also suprise you that PETA are staunch suppoters for pro-choice and the legaliztion of partial birth abortion which has been abolished much to their dismay.Its not to hard to figure out the correlation between the increase of domestic violence and the increase of the promotion for “animal rights”.The safety of animals will take precedent over abuse towards humans.
PUTH/PUTC(People for Unethical Treatment of Children) ought to hang their heads down in shame, if they have any, for being such a menace and disgrace to society.Notice how they are cold silent over the maltreatment of animals in China where they cook their pets alive and eat them. How come those galant brave hearts never utter a word of castigation towards the Chinese,huh?

American Sabrah on March 19, 2008 at 5:25 pm

we slide towards barbarism. Just like in India: burning a widow alive was/still is ok but beating a cow is not. Great

Schlusselfan on March 19, 2008 at 8:42 pm

I think that the Paws is a wonderful idea. Why leave a poor defenseless, innocent animal at the mercy of the anger of a bully. If somebody will displace anger onto a person, imagine what they would do to hurt an animal. They would hurt or even kill it to get back.
The unconditional, faithful loyalty of the cat or dog may be all a person has. A co-dependent relationship can make one feel trapped.
Animals are G-D’s creatures too, they deserve respect too.
Correlating the rise of domestic violence and animal rights stinks on dry ice and is lower than whale dung. Domestic violence is conditioned aggression over time. It’s displacement of anger. What’s that got to do with respecting animals? Frequently, animals are the objects of the aggression. The article is obviously about people who do not have children. There are many places for abused people with children to take refuge. Why begrudge a place for those who have nothing else to turn to but a pet. Why would they leave behind the only thing in the world that hasn’t hurt you or abused you to be hurt itself?
That doesn’t sound very american. See you in church, sabrah.

marcat on March 19, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Actually among younger people it is women that more often initiate violence then men. Just look at TV women slap or hit men to make them obediant. Women are more likely to be injured they represent 2/3rd’s of the injuries but this idea that men just come and beat their wives is in 99% of the cases nothing but propoganda. See the site Respecting Accuracy Toward’s Domestic Abuse Reporting. I also wrote to them about how much propoganda exists in so called Orthodox Jewish newspapers which have seem to have tremendous hatred towards their own Jewish men that are not Rabbi’s which includes most Rabbi’s although not all. I have had virtually no good experiences with so called Orthodox Rabbi’s. They let Jewish mothers abuse their Jewish son’s and will blame the son. Anyway they wrote back to tell me that Jewish men have the lowest rate of abuse among all ethnic group and only about 1% engage in physical violence that could significantly injure the other. Jewish women on the other hand had a rate of 7% which was double the average of engaging in physical violent behavior that could injure the other. Jewish men are known more for being too wimpy then being too aggressive. But the Rabbi’s continue to just say horrible things about JEwish men that seem completely unprovoked to make the Jewish women happy.

adam6275 on March 19, 2008 at 9:11 pm

You’ve made a good point… the a large part of the world is becoming crazy, upside down, hilarious! what’s next?? pet rights to dignity and preservation; anti-harassment laws for kitties; ban or vice taxes on dining at KFC, Burger King??

zet on August 13, 2010 at 11:40 pm

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