March 21, 2008, - 3:19 pm

Bait & Switch @ The Movies

By Debbie Schlussel
My weekly movie reviews will be up, shortly (I LOVED “Drillbit Taylor”). But first, check out this Gelf Magazine feature about something I’ve been miffed about for some time–the misleading and false quotes movie posters and movie marketing materials use to promote movies. (Gelf Mag is a very interesting site with cool articles and features about pop culture and politics.)
As Gelf points out, movie studios often use “positive” quotes from movie critics that are actually from movie critics who HATED the movie. There’s a great rundown on the crappy movies that suck you in and how they do it by twisting critics’ words.
Not noted in the piece, but a warning from me: another hint a movie stinks–it has a comment praising it from “Earl Dittman, Wireless Magazine.” No joke, this guy is not a critic, but praises any and every movie. He’s like “Mikey” in the old “LIFE cereal” commercials. He likes it, no matter what.


In my view, you should never believe the movie critics anyway . . . unless, of course, the critic is me.
Also interesting on Gelf, Kosher Jordan Comes Home, an interview with the “Jewish Michael Jordan,” Tamir Goodman–hoops player extraordinaire . . . in a yarmulke.

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