March 24, 2008, - 11:08 pm

Israel’s Folly: Parallel Headlines That Don’t Make Sense

By Debbie Schlussel
Every day it’s published, the front page of the Wall Street Journal has two columns running down the news headlines of the day. These headlines ran on Saturday, and they illustrate with vigor the folly of Israeli policy.
Israel–with U.S. encouragement, and Olmert’s gushing willingness–is pulling no punches to help Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah group, because they “rival” HAMAS. But while Israel allows Russian tanks to go to its “former” (and, actually, current and eternal) enemy, Fatah, in the Palestinian Authority, Fatah is in reunification talks with HAMAS. Yup, it’s not such a “rivalry.” And while this particular set of reunification talks failed, sooner or later–probably sooner– they will reunite. The only thing they hate more than each other is us–Jews, Christians, Westerners, Israelis.
And when they re-unite, guess who will have those Russian tanks to use against Israel–the tanks that Israel just allowed in to the Palestinian Authority? HAMAS. That’s who. So when a headline says Israel is allowing tank delivery in “a bid to aid Abbas,” aid him for what? He’s clearly trying to get back with his old boyfriend, HAMAS. And like a jilted lover of a diseased paramour, Israel keeps courting him for yet another case of crabs. Or is that, syphilis?


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Hey Debbie,
I believe my heart just stopped. So who’s going to save the Israelis from themselves. Did they not learn anything from the United States history on supplying your enemy with weapons, ie. We armed the Afgans, Osama bin laden, in their fight against Russia, and now they have used that weapondry to kill thousands of Americans. We also armed Saddam Hueissen, looked how that turned out. UNBELIEVABLE.

wolf2012 on March 24, 2008 at 11:59 pm

“…for yet another case of crabs. Or is that, syphilis?”
More like AIDS, I would say.

yonason on March 25, 2008 at 3:18 am

There does not seem to be any major political figure in the US that I know of who really comes right out and says that we should stop funding terrorists, i.e. the PLO. Nita Lowey quietly withdrew her opposition to a $150 mm payment recently, and is now noisely opposing the next payment. I’m sure she will withdraw her opposition to that one also. In the meantime, people like VP Cheney are saying that peace cannot be achieved (?!) unless Hamas recognizes Israel, and that Hamas is an obstacle to peace.
This is a strange statement. It seems like saying in 1939 that Nazi Germany must decide to get along with France and England in order not to be an osbstacle to peace and agree to recognize all Central European countries.
Is that all Hamas has to do to become part of the peace process? The PLO recognized Israel in 1993 and that clearly didn’t intiiate peace. All of this is just appeasement of terrorism, and it is getting worse.

c f on March 25, 2008 at 6:23 am

Debbie, I think this could be a good thing. Can you imagine how big the Israelis’ eyes are going to get when they see one of these trucks loaded with Hamas guys? It would be great if they could squeeze a bunch of guys into a nice convenient truck for the IDF to blow up. That way the IDF won’t have to waste so much time and money hunting them down one by one.

Anonymous1 on March 25, 2008 at 9:56 pm

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