April 21, 2008, - 5:35 am

Meet “Qaeda Morgan”: Where in this Fantasy is Osama Bin Laden?

By Debbie Schlussel
You’ve heard of Tokyo Rose. You’ve seen Hanoi Jane. You’ve joked about Baghdad Bob.
Now meet Qaeda Morgan.
Osama Bin Laden has found in Morgan Spurlock the embodiment of all the previous enemy propagandists. Except this one has a major film production deal.
The fake-umentary maker who lied about McDonald’s in “Supersize Me,” lies about Islam, America, Israel, and Jews in “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?” in theaters, this past weekend.


In 2005, Spurlock made a pro-Muslim episode of his F/X series, “30 Days” for which he won predictable awards and accolades from the pan-terrorist Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR. I was asked by Spurlock’s people to be in it, but I refused and wrote about it in the Wall Street Journal. Carefully orchestrated, Spurlock already decided his favorable conclusion about American Muslims, before he even began filming. He’s making the same case for extremist Muslims worldwide in this deceptive movie and working with the same crew of propagandist filmmakers.
In this silver screen version of slant, Spurlock presents Osama Bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda terrorists as animated baseball players on cards and in music videos, and terrorism as some sort of video game. And it is, indeed, all a game to him. His fellow left-winger, vegan chef girlfriend is pregnant with his kid, and he’s worried about his kid being born into an “unsafe world.” Therefore, feels the need to track down Bin Laden. Whatever. For the first ten minutes of the movie it’s all “me, me, me.” We watch Spurlock go through myriad stupid counterterrorism training and exercises while donning a wife-beater tank top.
And it’s all downhill from there.
In this so-called documentary, the most hostile people are not Muslims, but Israeli Orthodox Jews. The most menacing terrorist threat in Israel is . . . a bikini. Almost all Muslims love America and Americans. They only dislike our foreign policy. They are just like us with the same hopes and dreams for their children, and they almost universally deplore Bin Laden. Terrorists and terrorism are created not by Islam or Bin Laden, but by America propping up pro-American dictators, instead of letting, say, the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt democratically to become the latest Al-Qaeda state. Christians are not persecuted in the least in any Islamic country (except Saudi Arabia).
Oh, and America must force Israel to acquiesce to the Palestinians and give them a state (which they de facto already have) to “take away an argument” from Al-Qaeda. Plus, HAMAS doesn’t really have anything against Jews, per se, just Israel. And terrorism–as we were also told by everyone else after 9/11–that’s not Islam.
These and other fantasies and Brothers Grimm material make up the crux of Morgan Spurlock’s foray into high quality Bin Laden cinema. And although Spurlock’s deliberate selectivity and prompting of Muslims to say what they think will please Americans on film, a minor detail he forgot to edit out was very telling and subtly betrayed his message to the few who know better.
In denouncing the fence that Israel has been forced to erect to try to keep Islamic terrorists out, Spurlock shows carefully edited shots of graffiti on the fence that make the Palestinians look sympathetic. The irony of part of the graffiti he showed was lost on him. It was a picture of a young, beautiful Muslim woman in a kheffiyeh with the quote underneath: “I Am Not a Terrorist.”
Problem is, that picture, near the Ramallah checkpoint, is a photo of Leila Khaled, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group. The famous picture of her doesn’t include the AK-47 she actually held in the real-life portrait. Khaled, carrying grenades, hijacked TWA Flight 840 in 1969 and tried unsuccessfully to hijack El-Al Flight 219 in 1970 (also with grenades). Even though she failed to hijack the El-Al flight, her hijacking partner shot El-Al flight crew member Shlomo Vider at least five times, seriously wounding him.
As I’ve noted on this site, Khaled planned the hijacking operation in 1970, which included the successful hijacking of three other planes, and she uttered the code “go” phrase, “Labnah Sandwich,” which set off the attack. Details of the hijacking operation are well laid out in the book, “Terror in Black September,” by David Raab, which I am currently reading and which will be reviewed soon on this site. Raab was a hostage on one of the flights that was successfully hijacked by Khaled’s gant.
One of the reasons Khaled was so attractive was that she had massive plastic surgery to conceal her identity in order to carry out more Palestinian terrorist attacks. Her face has graced pro-Hezbollah rallies in Dearbornistan, and she has the dubious distinction of being the first known female Islamic terrorist.
Now, she’s “Not a Terrorist”?
That’s symbolic of the lies and fraud throughout this movie. Everywhere Spurlock goes–whether it’s Egypt or Jordan or Gaza or the Palestinian Authority or Afghanistan or Morocco or Pakistan, everyone is nice and friendly, hates Bin Laden, and loves Americans . . . again, just not our foreign policy. We are shown a HAMAS city councilman from Gaza, who apparently never read the HAMAS Charter calling for the elimination of all Jews. He claims that he and the rest of HAMAS aren’t against Jews. They just don’t like Israel. Riiiight.
The only bad places in this movie are Saudi Arabia . . . and Israel. The most hostile people Spurlock encounters in the entire Middle East are ultra-Orthodox Jews in the religious Meah Shearim section of Israel. Unlike the friendly hijab-encrusted Palestinian Muslim women and HAMASniks and even extremist Saudi Arabians (the only Muslims Spurlock portrays accurately), these men won’t talk to Spurlock. And he shows endless footage of them refusing his inquiries. Smart men. But, of course, as we know, there are plenty of Israelis who would talk to him. They just didn’t make it on film because that wouldn’t serve Spurlock’s propaganda purposes (but for an anti-Israel far left Israeli journalist, Yair Lapid, whom he briefly interviews). One of the Orthodox men shouts

Get out of here, you filth.

My sentiments on Spurlock, exactly. Great minds think alike.
Oh, and that’s after he shows a “frightening” bomb scare in Israel. After showing us the alleged damage Israelis did to Gaza and denouncing the fence bordering it, Spurlock shows us scared Israelis and a robotic team out to defuse a bomb. The “bomb” turns out to be a bikini in a plastic box. Spurlock shows lots of Israelis laughing at the “over-reaction” (to what is often actually a bomb, not a bikini, in Israel), and then starts talking to the robot, inserting C3PO sound effects. Haha, funny.
You get the point. Terrorist “attacks” against Israel are just bikinis and comedy. In contrast, the poor “Jew-loving” Palestinians are prisoners of these bikini-blower-uppers. And then, we are told by Spurlock that, even though giving the Palestinians a state won’t end terrorism, we should do it, anyway to “take away an argument” from Bin Laden. Hokay.
And in case you didn’t know–just as the Muslim propagandists and Bin Laden say–so does Spurlock. He wants you to know that Israel built the fence between it and the Palestinians, not to protect against terrorists. Nope. He wants you to know that it was

built to expand the Jewish presence in the region.

Hmmm . . . giving up the Sinai, Gaza, many Jewish settlements from which Jews were evicted from their homes in the West Bank. If that’s “expanding the Jewish presence,” someone got their addition and subtraction confused.
And don’t forget: Palestinians hate Bin Laden. Forget about the hundreds of them you saw dancing in the street on 9/11, including that lady passing out candy on the streets of Ramallah and the rest of them honking their horns in celebration of the extermination of 3,000 Americans. That wasn’t real. Because Morgan Spurlock, er . . . Qaeda Morgan, says so.
But these poor, peaceful Palestinians, despite their support for terrorism–which we don’t see a lick of in Spurlock’s whitewash, are “terrorized” by Israeli tanks patrolling the perimeter of Gaza. He implores us:

Imagine living like that and having that come near your house every day.

Um, imagine the tanks not being there and those people rushing through the fence from Gaza to brutally attack and murder Israelis. That’s what would happen. He shows a bombed out classroom in Sderot, but doesn’t seem to have a clue that the missiles that constantly hit the poor, working class Jewish suburb come from Gaza where those “awful” tanks are patrolling. Hello . . .?
Spurlock interviews Father Nabil Haddad of the pan-Islamist Greek Orthodox Church, who says, “I have no problem [being a Christian] in Jordan. We all worship Allah.” That should tell you all you need to know. Christians are particularly oppressed in Jordan, our “moderate” ally. Anyone who says otherwise on camera is living a fairy tale (or worried about living another day if he says the wrong thing). Ditto for Christians, who’ve been mass murdered and forced to flee their homes throughout the Islamic world. Figures that Spurlock chose not to interview the few Chaldeans left in Iraq, or the few remaining Christians in Afghanistan, Gaza, etc.–all of whom live in fear for their lives.
America is evil, Mid-East Scholar Spurlock tells us, because we propped up the Shah and didn’t give the Iranians democracy. Aren’t you glad they have democracy now? Spurlock doesn’t address the splendid post-Shah, Khomeini-esque consequences. And he interviews many Egyptians who are mad that we support Hosni Mubarak. Because a terrorist-ruled state would be so much better there, right? Spurlock forgot to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood–out of which HAMAS, Al-Qaeda, and Arafat all emerged–is the most popular political group there. Just as he declines to mention and inclines to gloss over so much else. That’s what a propagandist does.
This movie–1.5 hours of Al-Jazeera lite–is old hat. We’ve heard and debunked the myths that dominate this movie, for the last 6.5 years. Ditto for Spurlock’s claim that economics drives Muslims to become terrorists. How many times must we point out the rich families from which Mohammed Atta and his 18 colleagues, many Palestinian homicide bombers, and assorted others of the 72-virgin-obsessed club, emanate?
And how many times will our military contine to participate in helping anti-American propaganda films like this. It was bad enough when then-Marine Josh Rushing (who now works for Al-Jazeera) sympathized with the enemy in “Control Room” (the pro-Al-Jazeera documentary). But our soldiers in Afghanistan hang with Morgan Spurlock, risk their lives to take him on interviews with Muslims, and even let him waste a rocket-propelled grenade to see what it’s like to shoot one. Why are American tax dollars helping this guy make an anti-American movie?
In the end, Spurlock tells us his pre-conceived conclusion to which he carefully tailors this movie:

We want the same things for our family [as Muslims do]. We [America] create these demons, and we create these visions [of Islamic terrorists] that, you know, are so beyond reality. What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of world do we want it to be?

I want it to be a world where propagandists like Qaeda Morgan aren’t funded by Hollywood film producers, and where America stops patronizing celluloid BS like his.
Ironically, Spurlock ends the movie with the Elvis Costello song, “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?”
Unfortunately, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda isn’t funny at all.
It’s an outrage.
One more thing: Spurlock doesn’t find Bin Laden. Shocker.

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I’m gagging just reading your review? Seriously, why would he do this? It’s one thing to make amreican muslims sympathetic, but to portray terror sympathiezers in a good light is jsut wrong. I guess if you make propaganda for a living, it becomes hard to see what the truth is.

mindy1 on April 21, 2008 at 6:43 am

I am not surprised in the least when I read things like this. The best way to deal with people like this moron and that fat-ass Mikey Moore is NOT to go see his movies or give them any coverage. You are going to have people believe their garbage no matter what you do or say. So say as little as possible and not point people in their direction.
On the other hand there are a lot of people who believe that our support for Israel is one of the biggest contributers to the Middle East despising us.
If we cut our support of Israel it would have no ill effect on us and might be worth considering if it OPEC would be willing to cut fuel prices in return.
Marty Fee

mfee01 on April 21, 2008 at 7:26 am

When I saw the “super size” crackumentary I was extremely embarrassed that this individual calls NYC home – my personal opinion of this guy is he’s mikey moore in training and needs to gain some weight before he can be recognized as a true propagandist
he is a smug, sanctimonious, condescending socialist with a clear agenda to promote lies and misinformation in order to further the cause of “progressivism” ie “liberalism” ie “socialism” ie “communism” -> totalitarian stalinist rule by the left wing appeasing capitulators – he should actually change his name to
Joseph Chamberlain Goebbels Spurlock

pitbull on April 21, 2008 at 8:30 am

What we need to counter this idiot is propaganda of our own!
Didya ever see the anti-nazi/anti-jap propaganda during WWII? Where have all the filmmakers and true American journalists gone?
Trouble is, the leftist jihadists have so much control in the MSM, a truthful movie would never get widespread exposure unless there were BIG bucks behind it.
I saw this moron on tv the other night, and he is as described– a sanctimonious, elitist buffoon (say, reminds me of a certain presidential candidate).
And of course, most Americans will think his movie is God’s honest truth.

ConnectTheDots2006 on April 21, 2008 at 8:50 am

have any of you gone to see Ben Stein’s movie Expelled? None of the usual nonsense you see in the propaganda films from the left – they actually rpesent some very intriguing information backed up with factual evidentiary documentation in support of his argument of how the left wing socialists are destroying free thought and debate in what they refer to as “enlightened” higher education
perhaps more producers and directors will take their lead from Mr. Stein?

pitbull on April 21, 2008 at 9:10 am

And to think that its dorks like this that I let call me a loser when I came home from basic to brimingham. they got to tell me that I was joining “Reagan’s Army” to die for corporations..
Spurlock is the product of these people. He hasnt done a damned thing all his life except line is nest, so in his red guilt he has to do what? Make a movie about how grateful he is to live in country and be so free and safe? No, in his calculus you have to serve America by showing how close we are to making it to utopia if we could just give all our power to our enemies. THEN we would really be living up to our obligations.
They are just sickening cowards that only have money and power in places like hollyweird where they can yard up with all the other dorks that never served or have enough dark energy to work 80 hour weeks to make movies that assuage their guilt for two hours and then go on talk shows like the Rollins show to bash America and act oh so above it all.
I just dont have the energy to counter these clowns by myself. that’s why I really need the synergy Deb throws out. I am just so beat down by these scumbags that I have almost given up trying to save them from themselves, they are so ignorant.
If the people of Pontiac sat on the north side of square lake raod and fired missiles that reached downtown Detroit, we would have flattened Pontiac years ago. But for some reason, these morons -with thousands of jews among them- feel that its perfectly fine to force Israel to accept the same treatment or be found racist. i call bs to that.
Isreal is the size of the tri county area. Its actually THAT small, but we allow scum like this to even think of letting the Arabs use it as a excuse. They control everything else from morocco to the philipines, but combined they cant exceed the GNP of Spain. Even with the trillions of dollars we give them for what? the oil they pump out of the ground?
Liberals are suckers and liars and its just sad that they persist in trying to divert attention from that by diverting our attention away from the same aspects of muslim society.
That is NOT to say that all muslims are headchopping bomb throwers and that is why we must try and complete the liberation of Iraq to create an alternative model for the muslims. Istead of being forced into just two choices: jihadi or suck up the killer elite, we need a third reality that the libs will never ever forgive us for. We tried with the ARVN, now we have the IA.

playertwo on April 21, 2008 at 9:29 am

Dumb movie for dumb people made by a dumb guy.
I wish we had a president who would finally bite the bullet and have the guts to try these traitors for treason.
Fortunately, most Americans are too much asleep to care about this trash.
Unfortunately, the lazy hippie pinkos will gobble up this swill like Spurlock ate McDonalds in “Supersize Me”, still the most laughable trash ever produced with the so brilliant premise that eating fast food every day actually….TADA!!!…makes you fat!!!

Jeff_W on April 21, 2008 at 9:39 am

Excellent work!
When I saw “Supersize,” I immediately wondered why he did not also go after Ben & Jerry’s, Cheesecake Factory, etc etc.
Here’s why–
Those other places serve high calorie food, but cater to the liberal elite, and essentially all of Leftism is little more than masturbatory feel-good oligarchy on the backs of the poor and third world.
Sadly, many of the people who DO go to McD’s frequently cannot afford healthier food, which, in general, is more expensive than junk food.

Red Ryder on April 21, 2008 at 10:39 am

Great job on this article, Debbie. I can’t believe somebody as stupid as this jackass can even find his own rear end to wipe in the morning.

samurai on April 21, 2008 at 12:23 pm

Another point – these folks didn’t even create the technology to drill the oil out of the ground. The Brits did. Shell Oil invested billions of dollars in the Middle East, only to have the tyrants nationalize oil production after the heavy lifting was completed. As a matter of fact, Yasser Arafat was originally hired by the Brits at Shell Oil as a civil engineer to build derricks, pipelines, etc. in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud were basically a bunch of camel-humping Bedoins before the oil started pumping.

JasonBourne81 on April 21, 2008 at 2:03 pm

I wouldn’t say Spurriouslock is stupid, just part of the limousine liberals who worship money and themselves.
Except for the radical left of religions, money and self worship is the only answer I can come up with for these looney liberals.
Spurlock and the Hollywood should be the #1 voice in the world against radical muslims. They treat women like trash, they are anti free speech, and are intolerant of others who don’t follow their religion. I have no doubt if Spurlock met Bin Laden that Bin Laden wouldn’t hesitate to kill him on the spot unless it served Bin Laden’s propaganda.
The only thing I can come up with why the Hollywood traitors are on Bin Laden’s side is because of money and because they are cowards only worried about themselves.

Jeff_W on April 21, 2008 at 3:01 pm

I remember seeing this guy interviewed on TV before Supersize Me was released. I remember thinking that he wasn’t really too bright.

bouzouki on April 21, 2008 at 3:40 pm

I’ve been to Israel several times on projects and I have to say they are the most friendly and grateful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting
I worked on a few jobs in Jerusalem and it was a little unnerving to see blood stains on the sidewalk because a homicide bomber had killed some teenagers at sparro’s pizzeria the week before – and for what?
the entire population of Israel is and has been under siege from the scourge of the world – to espouse that these creatures promoting murder in the name of God is somehow “noble” or worthy of our understanding is lunacy and madness – this guy spurlock needs a mental enema – hey maybe if we’re lucky next time he ventures off to the middle east his new friends will make him a little shorter by relieving him of his head

pitbull on April 21, 2008 at 5:16 pm

I saw this movie over the weekend and Debbie, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. You are missrepresenting almost everything that is in that film which is one of the most fair and balanced I have ever seen on the Middle East.
And its not just me, this was written on FOX NEWS today:
“DonÔø?t complain that there no movies out for adults. Run, donÔø?t walk, to see Morgan SpurlockÔø?s hilarious and insightful non-fiction film, Ôø?Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?Ôø? Spurlock obviously doesnÔø?t find bin Laden, but in looking for him Ôø? and he does in some dangerous places Ôø? we learn a lot about the Middle East, the American government and about the bin Laden family. Smart stuff for smart people. …”
FOX NEWS!!! Now that’s a company whose opinion we can trust!
Here’s the link:
Thanks –
Moe Green

Mahoosier on April 21, 2008 at 5:22 pm

To ConnectTheDots2006,
I’m in! Let’s actually do it.
A good DV camera with a Firewire connection costs around $745.00; tape is another $100.00; Adobe After Effects, Soundbooth, Premiere Pro, and Encore runs about $2300.00.
For a series of documentaries, this would work.
Do your research, get a sponsor, and go do it. Lots of film festivals in Utah would show it for a fee (around $400.00-$3000.00).
I will.

bhparkman on April 21, 2008 at 9:57 pm

For the benefits of pro-American movies and such, I’d say the cost is worth it.

bhparkman on April 21, 2008 at 9:58 pm

Even Roeper hated it.
Spurlock is a flash in the pan.

PJ on April 21, 2008 at 10:19 pm

Well, the weekend results are in, and Spurlock’s movie brought in a grand total of (drum roll please) $149,000 on 102 screens! That’s $1400 per screen or about $500 per showing. So, guess what, the average audience was 50 people (at $10 per ticket). And, that was the opening weekend. Even art house leftists don’t want to see this crap.
We also learn (again) that the Weinstein brothers fall into the self-hating Jew category. What is wrong with these people.

sonomaca on April 21, 2008 at 11:26 pm

“Spurlock interviews Father Nabil Haddad of the pan-Islamist Greek Orthodox Church, who says, “I have no problem [being a Christian] in Jordan. We all worship Allah.”
I have been an avid fan and reader of yours for a long time. And I am also an Orthodox Christian, and I can ASSURE you that we are in NO WAY “pan-Islamist”. You are WAY too quick to slap that label onto entire groups of people based on ONE person’s statement.
I have no explanation for what that priest said. Arabic Christians DO call God “Allah”, but they mean the Triune God of love as revealed in the Holy Bible, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, not the mono-natured moon god of Arabia that the Muslims worship.
Most of the Middle East was at one point Orthodox, til Islam took it by force. We know better than anyone that Islam teaches violence. You just lost a lot of credibility with me, Debbie, by painting my entire Church as “pan-Islamist” over the statement of ONE priest, a statement you’ll find most of us highly disagree with.

Orthodoxy on April 22, 2008 at 4:27 pm

To connect the dots 2006@bhparkman. Hey You need a trio I’m in.–I have ideas on a documentry on the wall.You know the one that in most places looks lik a sound wall on the freeway or alittle fence in most parts in Israel

gordito on April 22, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Oy gevalt!
I am sooooooooooooooo glad I did not go see this. The preview actually (grimaces) looked funny. I was going to go but I thought I better check reviews first…and I came in here. Actually, I come in here anyway, but I specifically hoped you would write your thoughts on the film.
So now I know.
I won’t be seeing this. I don’t even have mild curiosity. If I went I would set it off in that movie theatre…and get arrested!

Madame Vengier on April 22, 2008 at 8:40 pm

This is horrible. Some satire is funny, and is worth a laugh. This however, is propoganda, and is not funny.

d2eux on April 22, 2008 at 9:09 pm

Not all Orthodox support the Israeli state, no. That in itself is not a crime or a sin, but you seem to assume it automatically means supporting HAMAS. A lot of Orthodox Palestinians were kicked out of their homes or otherwise persecuted in the creation of this state. Why would anyone support someone who did that to them? Would you? We have a Palestinian immigrant fellow in our parish that Israeli troops shot a cannonball at for no real reason, and broke his leg. He has stories of other cruel things Israeli troops have done to Christians there as well.
However, I’m not going to denounce ALL Israeli troops based on the actions of some or slap a label on them. I just don’t work like that and I’m sorry that you do.
But just as some Orthodox rightfully are not in love with a state that kicked them out of their homes, neither do we support HAMAS or their wicked methodologies. It IS possible to believe that Israel was created unfairly but that what HAMAS is doing is criminal and they absolutely need to be stopped.
You’re claiming our patriarch was transporting homicidal bombs to HAMAS and that a spokesman told people to bomb Israel? This is news to me. Have a link? That’s a pretty outrageous statement. At this point I do not believe it, but even if I see proof, there are dozens and dozens of patriarchs around the world, thousands of bishops, over 250 million faithful. People who would potentially be on your side that HAMAS are complete scum, but whom you are alienating with a ridiculous judgment based on a few people when you have no knowledge about the rest of the Church.

Orthodoxy on April 24, 2008 at 1:09 am

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