April 24, 2008, - 11:34 am

Racist Sharia Bankrupts Black Maryland Couple, Shuts Down Their Restaurant

By Debbie Schlussel
I’ve been following First Islamic Investment Bank a/k/a Arcapita (it’s new and sanitized name to hide its Islamic goals) ever since I wrote about its anti-American, pro-HAMAS corporate executive, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi. The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, oversaw the Sharia compliance for the company, specifically the halal nature of food products sold at the Islamic Bank’s coffee chain, Caribou Coffee.
After I wrote about Qaradawi’s oversight of the Caribou Coffee chain in the New York Post and discussed it on FOX News’ “O’Reilly Factor” and MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Caribou had its worst sales quarter ever and fired its then-CEO Donald Dempsey.


Arcapita Imposes Sharia Racism on America

To combat the bad publicity about this sharia-led company’s coffee chain, the Islamic bank hired a Jewish CEO for Caribou, Michael Coles, who gave pay-off donations to buy off Jewish Federations in markets where it had Caribou Coffee stores (including the Detroit and Chicago Jewish Federations). That worked. Soon, rabbis like Rabbi Paul Yedwab of Michigan, and other unelected community leaders like Jay Tcath, who heads the Jewish Community Relations Council of Chicago and Don Cohen, a sleazy then-reporter for the Detroit Jewish News, were giving the “kosher” seal of approval to Caribou in newspaper stories. (Cohen even accepted free coupons from Caribou and served as a marketer for the chain by sending out the coupons in e-mails, urging Jews to patronize the chain.)
The thing is, Arcapita/First Islamic Investment Bank, is owned by Saudi and other Gulf state sheiks, some of whom are believed to have donated to homicide bomber telethons, and one of whom is from the family that owns Al-Jazeera. And Arcapita/First Islamic still employs another Islamic sharia authority with ties to Al-Qaeda.
Now, fast forward a few years, over which I’ve been following Arcapita. The company threatened to sue a friend of mine for writing about Caribou and repeating what I wrote about its extremist Islamic ties. As his attorney, I wrote a long letter back to Arcapita’s lawyer about records and individuals we’d depose if sued. Needless to say, Arcapita’s lawyers sent us a quick letter of contrition and went away.
Still, Arcapita has acquired businesses and important installations all over America for its wealthy Islamic sheikh owners. As I’ve noted, Arcapita recently acquired an energy plant in Texas. And, as I’ve noted over the years, they continue to own Church’s Fried Chicken.
And that’s where our story begins. A few months ago, Fred Taub of Boycott Watch, brought to my attention an ongoing federal lawsuit between Marcus and Denise Beasley, an entrepreneurial Black couple, and Arcapita. Their race is important to the story.
I wanted to write about it then, but the Beasleys told Fred they wanted to wait. I deferred to them. Apparently, they’ve since talked to other parties, because the story is now out.
The Beasleys owned a Church’s Fried Chicken franchise. They planned to offer breakfeast dishes, including pork and bacon. But, once Arcapita acquired Church’s, Arcapita’s strict sharia compliance requirements were foisted upon the Beasley’s and they were restricted from selling the breakfast items. They say this is the reason their business failed and that they were driven to bankruptcy. They lost everything, including their home, as a result. In their lawsuit, the Beasleys claim that Arcapita allowed White-owned franchisees to continue to sell the non-halal offerings in their stores.
If this is true–and I imagine they must have some proof of White-owned Church’s that sell non-halal meat and poultry–then it is emblematic of a part of Islam that is rarely broached in America: Islam’s racist attitude against Black people. We all know what happened in Sudan, and I’ve written many times over the last decade about how Blacks are called “Abed” (slave, in Arabic) or “Abeed” (slaves) throughout the Muslim world. This worldview is now, apparently, the basis for doing business at Arcapita/First Islamic-owned businesses.
Here are excerpts from the Beasley’s story of how Sharia put them into bankruptcy from Black Enterprise/The Baltimore Daily Record:

A Baltimore couple has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Islamic investment bank that owns the Church’s Chicken fast-food chain, alleging their franchise failed because the bank’s strict adherence to the religious code of Shari’ah prohibited the couple from selling pork.
Marcus and Denise Beasley, who are black, claimed they were treated differently by the bank, now known as Atlanta-based Arcapita Inc., than non-black franchisees who were allowed to continue serving breakfast dishes containing pork after the chain was acquired by the bank in December 2004.
The couple did not benefit from the grandfather policy allowing the sale of pork even though their contract with the chain’s former owners, AFC Enterprises Inc., to open a location in Baltimore/ Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport’s new terminal predated the takeover and policy change, according to the suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.
In the lawsuit, which seeks $5 million in actual damages, $5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages, the Beasleys contend the bank’s “stated reason” for disallowing the sale of pork in their case — they had not yet opened for business – – was “pretextual.”
“Arcapita permitted all of the other breakfast franchisees, which were approximately 30 Church’s Chicken restaurants, to do so, all of which were owned by persons who are non-African American or Caucasian,” the complaint states. “Of the Church’s Chicken breakfast franchises that existed when Arcapita acquired the chain, plaintiffs are the only ones who are African American.” . . .
Church’s Chicken, which serves American Southern comfort food, was founded in San Antonio in 1952 and has approximately 1,500 franchises worldwide, some of which trade as Texas Chicken, according to the company’s Web site.
On Dec. 26, Crescent Capital Investments Inc., the U.S. affiliate of Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank BSC, bought Church’s, according to the suit. First Islamic changed its name to Arcapita in March 2005, the compliant states.
In April 2005, the Beasleys entered into a sublease with BAA Maryland Inc., the developer of retail and concession space in the airport, to operate their restaurant in the Pier A/B Core Food Court, according to the suit. The franchise’s menu, which included pork items, had to be submitted for approval and became part of the sublease, the suit states.
According to the complaint, the Beasleys had been assured they would be receiving the same letter Arcapita had sent to other existing franchisees, which said the parent company would not be collecting royalties on pork products.
But “approximately one week before” the Beasleys’ May 18 opening, the suit states, Arcapita informed them that, as new franchisees who had not yet opened, they may not serve pork, which Islam considers unclean.
The restaurant opened on schedule — but never served pork — and closed in late July 2006.
Part of the “substantial economic losses” the Beasleys suffered was the loss of their house, according to their attorney, Paul M. Vettori of Kenny & Vettori LLP in Towson.
“As the result of the failure of their business at the BWI airport, they were unable to repay the bank for the loan they took out and the [home] was sold at foreclosure,” Vettori said.

I have looked at the pleadings in this case, and based on what I’ve read, I believe the Beasley’s version of events and case against Arcapita is solid. I hope they are victorious.
But, whatever happens in this case, it is an important example of the harms that come from forced sharia imposed upon America: racism, bankruptcy, and extreme financial difficulties.
The Beasley case is only the beginning. Expect much more of this to come as more and more Muslims insert themselves and their mores upon America, because President Bush and future presidents and politicians allowed it to happen.
America, still asleep at the wheel.

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Seems to me that it’s time for Christians and Jews to stand together against the mohammedans…shame we can’t get the government on board with that. Also a shame that so many blacks want to convert to that miserable, racist system…you’d think they could spot a scam from a mile off, but apparently not.

Sharps Rifle on April 24, 2008 at 1:14 pm

Convert your credit investments to hard gold and silver in your own possession. Keep your investments under tight control, and grill your bank or credit unions often.
Banks and credit unions are frightened now of being run on. This bank is obviously not in business for just financial incentives – they’re using finances to manipulate culture. Yes; it’s possible to do this, and it’s happened before.
Don’t trade capitalism for sharia.

bhparkman on April 24, 2008 at 1:44 pm

HOME RUN girl:)
IF you know a bit about Islamic history, then you’d know that one of the main reasons for their antagonism towards Judaism was because Mohammed couldn’t sell his “revelations” to the Jews.
A quick perusal of the American/New World slave trade will show you that almost all the slave traders on the west coast of Africa were Muslim…Allah apparently don’t like niggers!
Even more so than the integration-mad Nigroes, Arab-Amerikkklans WANT to wake up Aryan—blonde haired & blue eyed

EminemsRevenge on April 24, 2008 at 2:26 pm

Where’s the NAACP?
Where’s Al Sharpton?
Where’s Jesse Jackson?
Where’s all the other black groups??

Squirrel3D on April 24, 2008 at 2:48 pm

You can also ask, Where is the ACLU and The Southern Poverty Law Center to your list.
Islam = The Religion of Submission, threats, violence, and murder.

Thee_Bruno on April 24, 2008 at 3:53 pm

Thank you Debbie for posting this story, very important. The National Pork Board & National Pork Producers Council should be very concerned; this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Beaslys’ were clearly taken advantage of because of being disadvantaged business owners, however, this could also be the first test case of an attempt to impose Shariah law in the U.S. on Americans without the wherewithal to fight back. The other franchisees who still continue to sell pork products for breakfast were well-established prior to Crescent Capital Investments purchasing Church’s and subsequently changing their name to Arcapita in 2005. Does anyone know if in addition to the racial discrimination suit, they may be able to file a separate lawsuit claiming religious and business discrimination? As more Islamic entities purchase American companies, we will see more and more of this. We need to get this into the MSM.

MI on April 24, 2008 at 4:22 pm

And to add to what Deb said in the comments….I too am black as well.
This is example of true racism against blacks, but the reason why it gets no play in the mainstream media is simple:
The only blacks that are suppose to be reported on when it comes to racism, are blacks who act in the way our death buster culture wants you to think they act. When blacks think outside the box, they are considered “not black”. The cuple in this story is an example of it. Becuase they don’t “act black”, this story is ignored.
Another reason…it has to do with radical islam showing their racist ways against ALL RACES. If the average people knew of this story..they would actually wake up and see radical islam for what it is.
Double standard anyone? The black community has to be informed of this story….if I have to do it alone.

Squirrel3D on April 24, 2008 at 4:24 pm

quoting Debbie==>The Beasleys owned a Church’s Fried Chicken franchise. They planned to offer breakfeast dishes, including pork and bacon. But, once Arcapita acquired Church’s, Arcapita’s strict sharia compliance requirements were foisted upon the Beasley’s and they were restricted from selling the breakfast items. They say this is the reason their business failed and that they were driven to bankruptcy. They lost everything, including their home, as a result. In their lawsuit, the Beasleys claim that Arcapita allowed White-owned franchisees to continue to sell the non-halal offerings in their stores.<==end quote
Admitting up front that I have no understanding of why the bank has any authority over the franchise business practice I ask the following . . .
Is it possible that the other non-black owners of Church’s Fried Chicken franchises either
(1) don’t have loans through sharia compliant banks
(2) don’t have loans at all?
Are all Church’s Fried Chicken franchises financed ‘only’ through Arcapita – if so, is this legal? Was there an opportunity for the Beasley’s to re-finance their debt to Arcapita through another bank?
Or am I simply misunderstanding this whole affair?

justamomof4 on April 25, 2008 at 1:05 pm

It seems to me that whenever I hear the likes of al sharpton and “shake down” jessie jackson spew their filth, they aren’t in it to help blacks, just their pocketbooks. Take away their pocketbook and they’d sell out blacks in a second to the highest bidder, in this case…islam. I get disgusted with their interviews as I can see right through them.
I love listening to Bill Cosby and other black strong figures that actually seem to care about the lives of blacks and enabling them to become better people in their communities, not treating them like victims and creating a victim mentality that gets no one anywhere but a spiral down.
So it comes as NO surprise to me that the pompous arrogant people that want to call themselves the “black leaders” won’t touch this one. If they keep hush about it, they don’t alienate the muslims and the muslim groups that they meet with such as the muslim brotherhood.
After what al sharpton has done time and time again, I’m also done watching shows on fox/bill o’reilly or elsewhere that will have this shyster on. Done with it I say!

diaphanous on April 27, 2008 at 3:50 pm

Great background on the Muslim Bank. I too have no doubt that the world’s largest owners of black slaves would have acted differently if it were white owners, especially since the process was started before the bank takeover.
Just FYI, I linked to your article from Church and Islam do not Mix, the link is at the url at Planck’s Constant

planck's constant on April 29, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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