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Religion of Car Loan Fraud: Did the Money Go to Terrorists?

**** UPDATE: Private Investigator Bill Warner provides detailed info on how this scam works–and says is common among Muslim used car dealers, many of whom he’s tracked. This is Bill’s area of expertise, as he’s written a great deal on used cars involved in terrorist activities. ****
So, 11 men walk into a bank for car loans. Punchline: They all took out loans on luxury autos owned by someone else. And, oh yeah, they’re from guess where? The Middle East, including Jordan and Egypt. Maybe that means they’re Mormon or Buddhist. . . . or the “Religion of Peace & Car Loan Fraud.”
And where did the $300,000-plus that they defrauded from banks go? Well, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it was going to fund Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, or other Muslim Brotherhood-linked entities–since most Egyptians and Jordanians are Sunni and not Shi’ite (though that doesn’t mean the two don’t work together to help their terrorist groups against us).

Thanks to readers Debra and Duane who sent the Chicago Sun-Times article detailing one of the many fraud schemes of the “Religion of [insert anti-Infidel scam here]”. And, um, why would they call a grocery store, “Express Auto”? Do they call an auto dealership, “Krogers”? Yes, if they’re not in legitimate businesses.:

They had the car loans — but not the cars.
After a series of raids, prosecutors are set today [DS: this past Friday] to charge 11 people with defrauding a bank by obtaining car loans on luxury automobiles owned by other people, sources said.
Cook County sheriff’s police and other agencies conducted the raids Wednesday morning, hitting locations in south suburban Alsip, Oak Lawn, Palos Hills, Orland Park and Chicago. All of those arrested are of Middle Eastern origin, coming from such countries as Egypt and Jordan, a law enforcement source said.
Members of the fraud ring applied for loans at State Farm Bank, an arm of the insurance company, through a State Farm office in Bridgeview, the source said. The applicants provided the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number of each car, as well as other details.
The cars included Mercedes, Jaguars and BMWs, a police source said.
But while the applicants would seek loans, the cars in question were already owned by others.
“They were never owned by the purported sellers,” a law enforcement source said.
Members of the ring had ties to two auto dealerships and a third business on the South Side called Express Auto that is really a grocery store, according to the source. Members of the ring used the businesses as fronts to obtain the loans, sources revealed.
Of the 12 loan applications State Farm Bank received, 11 were approved. The fraud netted more than $300,000, said sources.

This whole thing sounds like the many mortgage fraud schemes I’ve written about, in which Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda operatives get multiple loans on the same day for the same property, which has been highly overvalued by corrupt assessors, or where they sell the same home multiple times for increasing prices, while still living there and collecting the ill-gotten cash profits.
As a certain ICE Special Agent in Charge, named Jim, once told me of terrorist money-launderers: If they can find a way to get money out of it, they will.
Not a shocker, since we know they can get halal blood from a turnip. All with the FBI usually looking the other way.

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And the names are:
Schererville auto dealer accused of fraud
Charged in Operation Sweet Ride were:
— Ahmad Zaghloul, 32, of Orland Park, charged with organizing a continuing financial criminal enterprise and financial institution fraud
— Lubna Abdallah, 36, Creston, charged with financial institution fraud
— Amar Al Wawi, 23, Oak Lawn, charged with identity theft, organizing a continuing financial criminal enterprise and financial institution fraud
— Karim Al Wawi, 19, Oak Lawn, charged with financial institution fraud
— Ahmad Ata, 63, Palos Hills, co-owner of Bridgeview Auto Mart, charged with organizing a continuing financial criminal enterprise and financial institution fraud
— Ahmad Deeb Ata, 30, Bridgeview, charged with financial institution fraud
— Faisal Ata, 43, Palos Hills, co-owner of Bridgeview Auto Mart, charged with organizing a continuing financial criminal enterprise and financial institution fraud.
— Hana Ata, 29, of Palos Hills, charged with financial institution fraud
— Tuham Ata, 63, of Palos Hills, charged with financial institution fraud
— Leila Issa Al Wawi, of Oak Lawn, charged with identity theft, organizing a continuing financial criminal enterprise and financial institution fraud
— Michal Nawrot, 25, of River Grove, charged with financial institution fraud and possession of a controlled substance

eloopd on August 23, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    screw you for exposing these people! more than half are innocent and the fact that you failed to mention that just proves your ignorance. karma will definately repay you for this dumb comment.

    Eloopd can F#$k themself on July 16, 2011 at 7:11 pm

So I’m confused?? Do you know these people to throw out to the world that they’re w/Hamas and Al Qaeda…..I’m so upset! I know firsthand that these folks aren’t w/any crazy group. Wow what writer’s will do to get a good blog, even if it’s a story filled w/lies. This story is all wrong, yes they took out loans, half forced to do this…these loans were either paid off or being paid for on time or in monthly installments. The media destroyed their reputation and I cant wait until these individuals sue!! So what if many people in America hate middle easterners. We’re not all bad! I was born and raised in America and now not so proud to be called an American. What more do you want? Do you want me to deny the place where my ancestors were born, that will never happen. Tell the Israelis to get out of our land and maybe we can go back to our beautiful country where we can live in peace and not be terrorized by the jews there or the hateful Americans here. Why are the Americans still in Iraq?? Aren’t the Iraqi people being terrorized in their own land by us Americans? They didn’t even leave their country. I’m not an Iraqi but feel bad for what’s happening to them during this almost 5 year war, I feel bad for the girls that are being raped by the American soldiers most of all. America needs the billions of dollars Bush is spending on the unexplained war in Iraq, we need the money for our own problems in the U.S. I’ve said enough for now, if only you know how hurt I am, I think the writer of this blog owes people like me an apology. God Bless the WORLD~~

Why Believe on August 27, 2007 at 11:19 pm

What does religion have to do with this story? When a white guy robs a bank do we say it’s because he’s a Christian or a Catholic?

Why Believe on August 27, 2007 at 11:20 pm

Hey Debbie, since we are talking about religion of car loan fraud and how you related it to islam and muslim’s in the state. Is Michal Nawrot muslim as well? is he supporting al qaeda or any other orginization? You Are only another raises laier israely who is highlighting and spicing up these stories , to make your people look good or look like victims so you could have the most support from the world. most of theses people in your list are palestenian ,you wouldn’t dare to mention that fact(which i am not Happy about) because you and your people are the real big thieves , you stole palestine and you terrorised the palestenian.
People with difrent background and religion commet these kind of act, and you only highlighted when its related to ana arab origin people or muslims. Debbie go do somthing useful and find who is your real dad?

shada on March 7, 2009 at 9:21 pm

This blog is most certainly a clarification to the term pathological liar. Majority of your information is FALSE. I wish you wouldn’t write such ficitious thing and then post it online and make yourself appear to be such a moron. You truly made yourself look like an ignorant idiot. If you were so smart and unbias you’d notice that none of these people are from Egypt. You failed to mention that the majority of the people listed above were PALESTINIAN! As well as AMERICAN, of course. A few other countries you clearly failed to mention were BRAZIL, POLAND, & CANADA. Now see, if you were so smart you’d actually remember to get your facts straight before posting something so hateful and biased. Now on to other things you failed to mention. Not all these people shared the same religion. If you were such a smart person, you wouldn’t be so ignorant. Only an ignorant person such as yourself would choose to relate a crime with a person’s religion. Does that seem to make sense on any level? Nope, but of course you failed to see the difference between crime and religion because you’re just bluntly DUMB. I wish people like you would have more sense then to post useless garbage like this on the internet. How do you expect people to take you seriously when you speak in such an ignorant manner. You clearly were brought up in a household full of dumba$$es like yourself. You’ve angered so many people with your idiototic comments and remarks. It’s so amusing how you claimed all of the people listed above were of Middle Eastern decent. You my friend are just full of $hit! Maybe if you put a little effort in to your research like you do in remaining ignorant, you might have a better blog!

Correct Statement on July 15, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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