May 5, 2008, - 2:20 pm

UPDATED: English Language EXCLUSIVE: Hezbo Media Claims Israelis Targeted Hezbo’s Nasrallah–Is Story Propaganda Against Leb Govt?; Meet the New Hezbo Heir Apparent–Detroit Connection

By Debbie Schlussel
In advance of Tuesday’s Martyr’s Day in Lebanon, Hezbollah and pro-Hezbollah media sources are claiming that an elite Israeli unit attempted to assassinate Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in Al-Dahia Al Jounoubiah, the Southern sector of Beirut, over the weekend, according to Arabic media–Hezbo media site Wa’ed (“Promise”), Cham Press of Syria, and the anti-Israel Filkka site (sadly, based in Israel, and to which I will not link). And they claim that the Israelis failed.
But my friends in Mid-Eastern intelligence say not necessarily to believe these reports and that they are Hezbollah propaganda. They say that if Israel truly had Nasrallah in their sites, he’d be dead. And I agree.


Nice Lipstick: Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah’s Girlie-Man Terrorist Leader, Lives for Another Day

(Sheikh–or, rather Sheikha–Nasrallah Artwork by David Lunde)

So why would Hezbollah make this up? To turn the rest of the Lebanese people against the government of the country and to help Hezbollah continue and complete its takeover of the country. Hezbollah and its allied media claim the Lebanese government, under Fouad Siniora, was working with Israel to help identify the whereabouts and target Nasrallah. The Lebanese government does not help the Israelis.
Tuesday is Martyr’s Day in Lebanon. Although it is meant to remember the hanging of Lebanese nationalists by the Ottomans in Beirut on May 6, 1916, Hezbollah and other allied Lebanese Muslim terrorist organizations view the day as an opportunity to celebrate terrorism as a noble cause. And they are doing everything they can to make themselves martyrs and the honored ones on Tuesday. This story goes in that vein.
Even if the Israelis had, indeed, targeted, and succeeded in assassinating Nasrallah–which would have been a huge victory–many Arabic media reports say that Iran has already picked the new leader of Hezbollah, in the event of Nasrallah’s demise and/or removal.

Hachem Safieddine, Heir Apparent/Lookalike/1st Cousin to Hezbo’s Nasrallah

As I noted, last week, on this site, Sayyed Hachem Safieddine, Nasrallah’s first cousin (their mothers are sisters)–who sits on Hezbollah’s seven-member ruling council, the Shurah Al-Karar–has been chosen by Iran as Nasrallah’s heir apparent. As you will note, the two look very much alike.
As I also noted, Mr. Safieddine’s relatives, the Safieddine family of Dearbornistan (which owns many Detroit area gas stations), are related to recently deposed John McCain campaign finance committee member Ali Jawad. Jawad’s brother is married into the Safieddine family, to which he is related.
In related news, over the weekend, Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt called for a ban on all flights from Iran, saying that they were likely carrying arms and cash to Hezbollah. He noted that the head of airport security, General Wafik Shqier, was linked to Hezbollah and showed security communications from Lebanese government officials citing surveillance cameras near the airport used by Hezbollah to look for arriving foreign dignitaries to kidnap.
I believe that ultimately–and soon–Israel will, indeed, be successful in sending Mr. Nasrallah to Jehenim (no, that’s not paradise and the 72 re-virginized; it’s hell). But he will be immediately replaced by a man equally as vicious, bloodthirsty, and hateful.
Lebanon is an extremist Shi’ite cesspool that Israel and America allowed to fester and metastasize, instead of remaining there (both countries abruptly left–and Hezbollah took over the void) and obliterating Hezbollah once and for all in the bloody, nasty way that was called for.
When Nasrallah is ultimately assassinated, it will be a case of one down, many millions more to go. . . just like with Bin Laden (if we ever catch him).

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Better luck next time. Most good things in life are accomplished one step at a time, or one by one.

c f on May 5, 2008 at 4:09 pm

What’s needed is to Dresden Lebanon. Its a much more humane and long lasting solution to the Hezbollah threat to Israel. Assassinating a terrorist chieftain is not going to remove the danger. If Israel plays by Marquis Of Queensberry rules, the danger remains.

NormanF on May 5, 2008 at 4:38 pm

“…Shurah Al-Karar–has been chosen by Iran as Nasrallah’s heir apparent. As you will note, the two look very much alike.”
It appears that His cousin has a better rack and make up–they may need to send Al-Karar to the shiite salon.

BB on May 5, 2008 at 11:14 pm

In that case, the Israelis, if they decide to take out Nasrallah, should take out his successor as well. In fact, if they can take out the top Hizbullah leadership, the better.
The problem of Syria remains. If Assad is overthrown, you’ll have a Sunni Muslim Brotherhood regime in its place, which will be akin to Hamas and al Qaeda. Maybe the Israelis should capture and annex Damascus, and drive all Syrians out of there.

Infidel Pride on May 6, 2008 at 11:09 am

What a bunch of look-alike hairbags. Yes, they ALL look alike. Debbie, spot-on, we NEVER should have left. If anyone wonders what happens in Afghanistan and Iraq if the left-wing crap-weasels win the White House, just look at the mistake of leaving Lebanon. That is exactly what will happen, except on a much grander scale. Combine that with the nuclear ambitions of the mad mooolahs in Iran and you have a great recipe for the end. I agree with NormanF, sometimes you have to do something heart-wrenching to a few to save millions. A clear message needs to be sent and understood. Also, in case anyone else isn’t paying attention, every nation that has attemnpted to destroy Israel has itself been defeated violently. The tea leaves aren’t that hard to read. Israel must be allied, defended, protected and supported at ALL costs. Our very survival as a nation will utlimately depend on that. I say we send a clear message to the Iraeli’s: DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO – AS SOON AS YOU ARE READY TO DO IT – TO WHOMEVER YOU FEEL NEEDS IT!!!

FreeAmerican on May 6, 2008 at 1:01 pm

First you are dreamers…. Second you should Learn From your history , Much messengers been sent for Jewish but they denied them and the truth of ALLAH. God punished JEWISH by seperating their race allover this world until the date. But your greed ambitions and the barbarian beliefs will be your end it is your but not to live at but to DIE in. for once on your ugly life be smart and accept your fact. Bon VOIAGE

The Arrivals on October 11, 2010 at 10:19 pm

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