May 8, 2008, - 12:48 pm

ACTION ALERT: When the Guy Running for State Rep. Funded Hezbollah, Took Money From Iran, Helped Enable Medicaid Fraud

By Debbie Schlussel
Many people have asked me about Paul Welday, a Republican primary candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives from the Detroit suburbs of Farmington and Farmington Hills. They know I own the websites, .net, and .org.
Knowing his disturbing record, I bought those domain names for the day when Paul Welday ultimately fulfilled his dark dream to run for public office. Now, sadly, that day has arrived.
I have known Paul Welday for over two decades, and he is a political hack who is in the back pocket of Islamists in CAIR (HAMAS front-group, Council on American-Islamic Relations) and an Iranian terrorist group. He’s a well-paid lobbyist for a number of organizations that don’t have America’s best interests at heart (and he’s played the other side, trying to get Jewish lobbying money, too).


Paul Welday, Hack: The Islamists’ Candidate for the Michigan Legislature
* Paul Welday & Muslim Alien Medicaid Fraud/Islamic Anchor Babies
Welday’s brother, Doug Welday, is the Chief Financial Officer of Oakwood Hospital, the hospital raided in 2002 by the FBI for knowingly engaging in Medicare fraud, helping Muslim aliens deliver their children here courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Surprise!–Welday’s the lobbyist for Oakwood.
That Medicaid fraud continues to this day, and thanks to Paul’s brother (and Paul’s lobbying), you continue to pay for this, and these Muslim aliens get American birth certificates and citizenship for their children, which they can sell on the open market. Doug Welday has performed well in conducting Oakwood’s “finances” because he continues to perpetrate Medicaid fraud for pregnant Islamic alien women at his hospital and to cheat you, the American taxpayers. Millions and possibly billions of dollars involved.
Oakwood Hospital was never prosecuted for this continuing crime, of which Welday’s brother is well aware (in a court, he’d be called a “co-conspirator”). And, sources say, that has something to do with the fact that Paul Welday sat on the Republican selection committee that helped recommend to President Bush candidates for U.S. Attorney and the Federal Bench (Welday raised over $100,000 for Bush). A man Welday helped recommend, U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III, is the only man who can prosecute Oakwood Hospital. And–shocker!–so far Murphy has declined to do so. Yesterday, Murphy had his U.S. Senate Confirmation hearings for the Federal Judge nomination Bush gave him.
You know how political hacks operate: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. In Welday’s case, it’s kept his brother in the cushy life and out of prison and lined Welday’s pockets with hefty Oakwood “lobbying” fees.
* How Paul Welday Got Millions in Tax $$$ for Hezbollah
Welday has a long past of pan-Islamism. In 2000, I asked him why he got his then-boss, pan-Islamist Congressman Joe Knollenberg–for whom Welday was Chief of Staff–to introduce a bill seeking $268 million for “South Lebanon” a/k/a Hezbollah. He told me, and The Detroit News, that he was doing it at the behest of the openly pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute.
In the end, Welday and Knollenberg succeeded in getting $86 million. All of it went to Hezbollah, and Welday never conducted any oversight. Why would he? His boss received thousands of dollars from Hezbollah agent Nijad Fares (whose father was the Hezbollah-backed Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon) and from the Hezbollah-allied American Task Force For Lebanon, Fares’ PAC.
* Paul Welday & His CAIR Buddies
In 2004, I went undercover to a CAIR-Michigan election event. It was open to the public, and I went to see who in Michigan would be appearing and what they would say to get extremist Muslims to vote for them. I was “outed” at the event, but not before most people–including Paul Welday–spoke. For the most part, I wasn’t surprised by who appeared and what they said.
I wasn’t even mildly surprised when I saw and heard Welday speak on behalf of the Bush re-election effort and told the CAIR crowd that they were the most democratic group of people he’s ever seen. And when he morally equated Israelis victims of terrorist attacks with Yasser Arafat, I can’t say I’m surprised that this two-faced well-paid lobbyist did so. He thought he was “among (Muslim) friends.”
On that day, I decided to buy, .net, and .org, because I knew of Welday’s dream–and America’s nightmare–of his running for Congress, where he still ultimately wants to end up. And, on those site, I wrote up my little “experience” hearing the real Paul, or at least seeing yet another of his many faces. Here’s a little taste:

Is President Bush really the anti-terror President?
Then, why was his campaign honcho, Oakland County, Michigan Republican Chairman Paul Welday, praising a HAMAS front-group as having “shown the most commitment to democracy of any group I’ve ever known”?
And why did Welday ( equate Israeli efforts to eliminate terrorists with mass homicide bombings in pizza shops and coffee houses?
Welday isn’t just anybody. He was one of the few Bush “Pioneers” in 2000, raising over $100,000 for the campaign. In the important swing State of Michigan, Welday, a lobbyist, regularly appears on Michigan television on behalf of Bush and the GOP.
On Sunday, Welday, appeared on behalf of President Bush (at the White House’s and Congressman Joe Knollenberg’s request) at the Michigan candidate forum held by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).
“Appeared” is a loose term. “Pandered” is more accurate. . . .
In his remarks, Welday, told the CAIR-Michigan audience:

This group – many of you – friends of mine – does a great job of showing the balance of the Muslim community as committed Americans . . . . You have shown the most commitment to democracy of any group I’ve ever known.

Even more nauseating, Welday went on to equate efforts to fight terrorism with the terrorism attacks themselves. “We need to stop the [Israeli’s] sending of missiles into the Gaza Strip. We need to stop the violence on both sides.”
Israeli missiles in Gaza were directed specifically–and successfully–at HAMAS and other terrorist leaders. The latest was in response to Palestinian terrorists’ murder of two young Ethiopian Israeli boys while they were playing outside.
Paul Welday apparently thinks those leaders deserve to live to continue masterminding their mass murders of women and children eating pizza, drinking coffee, and playing ball. In Welday’s world, terrorists and their victims are morally equivalent. . . .
Welday, who hopes to run for Congress, isn’t new to the terror-pander industry. As chief of staff to Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-Michigan), he sought $268 million in tax-funds for Hezbollah-controlled Southern Lebanon, at the request of Jim Zogby of the Arab-American Institute (who also heads up Arab-American Democrats and was a Gore campaign senior advisor). That’s almost a million for every U.S. Marine Hezbollah murdered. Welday’s boss, Knollenberg, was repaid for this effort, receiving big campaign dollars from Nijad Fares, son of Hezbollah-backed Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares.

Read the whole thing.
* Paul Welday Paid Off by Iranian Terrorist Group That Held Americans Hostage
In September of last year (2007), Welday wrote a guest opinion column in the Detroit Free Press, asking for America to take Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) off the State Department Terrorist List. According to the column, he is a paid lobbyist for MEK’s American front group, Iran Policy Committee. But MEK was not only part of Khomeini’s Iranian revolution, it took part in the 1979 seizure the U.S. embassy in Tehran and the 444-day kidnapping of U.S. hostages. And in 1991, MEK helped Saddam Hussein murder Shi’ites and Kurds who rebelled.
This is who is lining Paul Welday’s pockets.
* How Paul Welday Spent Your Tax $$ . . . @ the Gym
I saw first-hand what kind of “public servant” Paul Welday will be. When he was on the taxpayer dole, as Chief of Staff for Congressman Knollenberg, we worked out at the same gym. I kept track of how I regularly saw him there, working out for hours during the business day on the almost $150,000 per year salary paid for by American taxpayers. Yup, you paid for him to work out. Predictably, when he left Knollenberg to make even more money as a lobbyist, he stopped spending the workday at the gym and got back to his old, corpulent self. Because he was no longer on your dime.

Richard Lerner, a longtime Republican and a strong candidate, is running against Paul Welday in the Republican primary. Unlike Paul Welday, he has spent his life in the private sector as an economist and businessman. Also, unlike Welday, Mr. Lerner is endorsed by local and community leaders and residents, whereas Welday is endorsed by the same old, tired, career hacks, including the anti-Semitic, drunk Brooks Patterson, the “county executive” who has taxed and increased my county government spending geometrically.
I urge you to help him and to donate to his campaign.
Regardless of where you live, if you are a U.S. citizen, you can donate to Richard Lerner’s campaign and can give up to $500, the Michigan campaign finance limit. Again, you do not need to be a Michigan resident to donate. This race has important implications for our entire nation.
And, of course, if you live or know anyone who lives in the Detroit suburbs of Farmington or Farmington Hills, Michigan, please tell them to vote for Richard Lerner in the August 5th Republican primary. And tell anyone who lives nearby to volunteer and help out in his campaign.
This is so very important.
We cannot afford for Paul Welday–enabler of Medicaid fraud and friend of CAIR, Hezbollah, and Iranian terrorist group MEK–to get elected to the Michigan Legislature . . . or any legislature.


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Another great investigative report by you.

West Dearbornistan on May 9, 2008 at 8:14 am

A very good investigative report! I will pass this on!

Yellerr on March 22, 2010 at 3:31 pm

He is supportive of a pro-Western Iranian groups that want to return to TRUE Iranian democracy, not the stuff witnessed in the last election. ds. ha.

qwertyuiop on May 2, 2010 at 6:15 pm

FYI…Paul is running for US Congress!

Bob on May 19, 2010 at 6:32 pm

At least Welday didnt throw his very own guest speaker, Phyllis Schlafly, under the bus like Rocky Raczkowski did. How spineless can Rocky be? Welday’s Rambo commercial was awesome.

Plus, I think the flaming liberal Taryn Asher of Fox 2 is eager for a job at MSNBC. Fox 2 News is incredibly off-the-charts liberally biased. I heard Fox 2’s Tim Skubic actually suggest to Alan Lee this morning that pro-life candidate Andy Dillon pick a pro-abortion running mate. HELLO! If you’re really pro-life, and believe that abortion is murer, you’re not going to pick a pro-abortion running mate.

Schlussel wrote an excellent article on Fox 2’s Franchon Stinger. Read it!

UnbiasedVoter on July 30, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Actually Welday was the one who called for the Denouncement of Phyllis Schafly. Paul is an oppurtunistic establishment HACK!

    Lance Brannigan on January 5, 2014 at 5:23 pm

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