May 12, 2008, - 9:03 am

Just Ask Mayors O’Hare & Branson: Illegal Aliens Still Big Issue in Elections

By Debbie Schlussel
The Open Borders crowd–including the Wall Street Journal–were singing with glee that the illegal alien issue is “no longer an issue.” Since all three major candidates left in the Presidential race favor amnesty for illegal aliens, they said, America no longer cares about the 20 million-plus (and growing) illegal aliens in our midst.
Tell that to Tim O’Hare. Make that Mayor Tim O’Hare. Ditto for new Mayor Ron Branson. Oh, and don’t forget re-elected Irving, Texas Mayor Herbert Gears. All three made secure borders and cracking down on the illegal alien epidemic their main platform. And all three won.


O’Hare, Branson, Gears:

Three Cheers for Texas’ Secure Borders Mayors

On Saturday, O’Hare was elected mayor of Dallas suburb, Farmers Branch, Texas. And Branson was elected mayor of Dallas suburb, Carrollton. And both were elected for their tough stands against illegal aliens.
Not only that, but O’Hare beat a businessman who was against getting tough on the aliens and served as treasurer of a group opposed to clamping down on the alien problem. It was a clear race, and the man who took the stand against helping those who invade our country won handily.
O’Hare steered the Farmers Branch City Council to pass one of the most sweeping anti-illegal alien measures in November 2006, barring apartment rentals to illegal aliens. His opponent was an officer in the group opposed to enforcing the ban.
Tim O’Hare won the election, and that’s a lesson for John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. They might think the nation is willing to ignore the millions of illegal aliens in our midst who add immensely to economic pressures and tax burdens. But, in places like Farmers Branch, where residents are feeling the heat of the alien problem, they’ll have problems.
Both new mayors, O’Hare and Branson, say they intend to get tougher on illegal aliens in their cities’ midsts.
Incidentally, as with most cities that pass anti-illegal alien measures–Farmers Branch’s law was endorsed in a city-wide 2-1 vote–the ordinance’s enforcement has been tied up in court by open borders advocates and a federal judge who’s blocked its enforcement.
The trend is other than that the Wall Street Journal and others are claiming. There will be more and more Tim O’Hares elected in localities and on the state level, nationwide.
The problem is that it is already far too late.

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The Irving election is especially significant as there is a lot of corporate & upscale presence there. It shows that people everywhere are against the infestation of illegal aliens.

c f on May 12, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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