May 25, 2011, - 2:26 pm

Dick Morris, Americans for Prosperity, GOP & Michelle Malkin Taking Illegal Alien Bridge Cash

By Debbie Schlussel

Why is Americans for Prosperity taking big money to jeopardize America’s national security and oppose secure borders?  And why is a paid FOX News contributor also taking this money?  That’s something you’ll have to ask Dick Morris and AFP, both of whom have received lots of cold, hard cash from a Lebanese Arab who repeatedly helps Muslim illegal aliens sneak into the United States through his bridge from Canada.  If you contribute to Americans for Prosperity–a force behind much of the Tea Party movement–you are helping illegal alien Muslims, some documented to be part of Hezbollah, get into America.  Oh, and Michelle Malkin–who claims to be for secure borders–gets tens of thousands of dollars from AFP and supports and helps promote the organization.  Hey, it’s an illegal alien bridge circle jerk.


Dick Morris & AFP’s Phil Kerpen: One Used to Pay Prostitutes, Now They ARE Prostitutes for Matty Moroun, bottom, & his Illegal Alien Bridge

One of the biggest national security problems in Michigan is our border with Canada and the private ownership of the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Canada.  There is too much traffic for one bridge, and the owner, a Lebanese Arab Manuel “Matty” Moroun–who is Christian, but very sympathetic and supportive of Lebanese Muslim groups–has frequently forced Customs and Border Protection inspectors to stop doing their inspections in order to move traffic along.  And he’s hired lobbyist, Clintonista toe-sucking hooker patron, and paid FOX News contributor Dick Morris to protect his fiefdom and run lying ads on TV to prevent competition.  Moroun has also given big money–reportedly hundreds of thousands of dollars to Americans for Prosperity to mount a similar campaign.

There have been dozens of in-depth reports–including in the Detroit Free Press, by an Arab reporter who is hardly on the side of national security–about Moroun’s refusal to let the feds do their national security job and instead wave suspicious trucks and cars on.  Moroun controls the bridge and has personally ordered the feds to either rush, curtail, or altogether waive inspections of drivers, cars, and trucks arriving from Canada.  As a result, there have been several federal criminal cases involving Muslims, including fugitive, indicted Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine, using Moroun’s bridge to smuggle Muslim illegal aliens, terrorist-related money, and weapons into the U.S.  And that’s just the people we caught–the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more we haven’t caught because Moroun, not Customs and Border Protection, decides who gets in and how quickly when it comes to his bridge from Windsor.  Federal agents I know who work and/or have worked at the bridge tell me it is a weak point in America’s northern border because the government is forced to bow to bridge owner Moroun.  It’s incredible–they can take the Kelo lady’s house in Connecticut, but they allow this guy to continue to own the bridge and let illegal aliens get in easily.

The State of Michigan wants to build a second publicly-owned bridge, which would be financed entirely by the government of Canada and bridge tolls.  It would not cost taxpayers a dime.  So, Moroun, to keep his monopoly, has hired Morris, the guy who worked for the Clintons and hired hookers to suck his toes, to mount a campaign against it.  And Moroun has paid off virtually the entire Republican roster of the Michigan Legislature and the Michigan Congressional delegation with hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars.  The pay-off has worked, as sleazy Republicans–many of them tea partiers–have blocked the second bridge, known as the DRIC (Detroit River International Crossing).  To his credit, Republican Governor Rick Snyder is pushing the second bridge and ignoring Moroun’s pressure.

Moroun has also given lots of money to Americans for Prosperity, to the point that opposing the second bridge has become the group’s ONLY issue in Michigan, NOT cutting taxes, spending, and waste in government, which the group pretends is its agenda.  AFP Michigan chief Scott Hagerstrom, today, refused to answer my questions regarding how much money Moroun gave him and AFP.  So did AFP Vice President and columnist Phil Kerpen, who’s made frequent appearances on Glenn Beck’s and Neil Cavuto’s shows.  Reportedly, AFP is receiving between  several hundred thousand and several  million dollars from Matty Moroun, his family members, his employees, and other Moroun-connected entities, enough to pay Hagerstrom’s and Kerpen’s enormous salaries for a while.  And it’s enough money to buy off Kerpen, Hagerstrom, and AFP and get them to lie and claim that tax money is paying to compete with private enterprise.



AFP’s Scott Hagerstrom & Michelle Fraudkin Both Gettin’ a Lotta Moola From Matty Moroun & His Illegal Alien Bridge

Oh, and there are a whole lotta whores around. Michelle Malkin, who claims she’s for secure borders–but is mostly for a secure bank account, is a frequent paid speaker at AFP events, collecting tens of thousands from the group per speech. Yup, the Matty Moroun money that goes to AFP to shill for his Illegal Alien Bridge to America is being funneled into the Malkin Family retirement fund. Don’t expect Fraudkin to be the principled person she pretends to be and tell AFP she won’t do another event for them until they stop shilling for the illegal alien bridge from Canada. The two million she got for selling Hot Air isn’t enough. Some people are only about, “No Dolla, No Holla.”

Here’s a reality check on the second bridge many of us are seeking: The Moroun Bridge cannot handle the traffic. It is the most trafficked entrance to the U.S. Auto companies support a second bridge because they cannot get their supplies in time with hours and hours of holdups, even when Moroun forced CBP not to do adequate inspections. So much for free enterprise and prosperity that AFP claims it’s all about, but isn’t. Moreover, the government gives Moroun unfair advantages against private enterprise, as he gets to sell subsidized, tax-free gas at the border for sixty cents cheaper than everyone else nearby.  But, don’t worry, you won’t see Americans for Prosperity whining about that government monopoly given to Moroun.  After all, small gas stations aren’t paying off Phil Kerpen and Scott Hagerstrom to lie for them, like Moroun is.

And even if tax money were helping pay for a bridge, so what?  A bridge between Canada and the U.S. is infrastructure–important national security infrastructure.  If that isn’t a domain of government, nothing is.  If protecting our borders and our citizens from harmful invaders isn’t a federal interest, what is?  That Moroun is allowed to own the bridge is a fluke and a special advantage conferred upon the original owners and Moroun by the federal government.  Competition–normally a cherished attribute of people who claim to be for free enterprise–is great for the consumer and would bring bridge tolls down.  But that’s not what Americans for Matty Moroun’s Monopoly, er . . . Americans “for Prosperity” wants for you.  Oh, and a little side note:  Matty Moroun screwed his sisters out of the family business, reportedly because one of them married a Jew.

The Republican Party of Oakland County’s women’s auxiliary, which could prop up Depends and several nursing homes on its own, recently hosted Moroun’s son to speak about his opposition to the second bridge.  I guess they figure that by the time the Muslim illegal alien and anchor baby population hits critical mass, they’ll be long gone, so why not keep the bridge a monopoly in the hands of a man who helps these malefactors get into the U.S.

Now, the “family values, national security” Republicans in the Detroit-area Oakland County Republican Party are hosting Morris, the john of toe-sucking hookers and national security jeopardizer Matty Moroun, as the keynote speaker at their Lincoln Day Dinner, tonight.  Morris was also the scheduled speaker for another Republican group’s dinner, which was canceled after representatives of Gov. Snyder asked the group to put the kabosh on Morris.  It’s interesting that Dick Morris has rarely been seen or heard from before in any Michigan Republican circles.  But now that the Michigan GOP (but for Gov. Snyder) has endorsed Matty Moroun’s open borders and bridge monopoly, as well as subsidized, tax-free, subsidized gasoline sales at the bridge, he is their new favorite toe-fetish son.

In a phone conversation today, I asked Michigan AFP chief Hagerstrom why he supported a man having a monopoly on an international crossing and subsidized gas, when the man helps dangerous illegal aliens get into the U.S. and pushes Customs and Border Protection to either curtail their inspections or not do them at all.  He couldn’t answer and was clueless that this was even going on.  But, hey, he has a salary to protect, a salary heavily subsidized by large AFP donor Moroun.  And, as a proud graduate of one of the lowest rated law schools in the United States, Cooley Law School (which one of my friends aptly calls, the “Mo-Tech Community College Law School for the Admission-Challenged”–you get in, if  you have a heartbeat), he’s  hard-pressed to find another job.

A bridge–the only bridge–between Detroit and Canada should not be privately owned.  It is a national security issue, especially when the owner, a Lebanese Arab sympathetic to Muslims, successfully orders federal officials not to inspect incoming vehicles from a country, Canada, where we know anything goes from extremist Muslims.

The next time you see any article, any statement, from Dick Morris, decrying Muslim influence or funding in the U.S. of this or that–and he’s written many of these–remember that Morris will change his tune in a New York minute, if the price is right.  Just like the toe-sucking hookers did for him . . . at a much lower price.

Americans for Prosperity has the same hooker behavior when it comes to our borders.  Remember that the next time you think about going to one of its Tea Party rallies.

Dick Morris used to patronize prostitutes. Now, he and his friends at Americans for Prosperity and the Michigan GOP are the prostitutes.

Sadly, they are pimping out America’s borders and national security.

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27 Responses

I find it amazing that it took less than two generations to destroy America, by financial and moral bankruptcy. The destruction corresponded with the growth of Big Government, and big budgets.

We have whored and pimped ourselves to death.

Jonathan Grant on May 25, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    “The destruction corresponded with the growth of Big Government, and big budgets.”

    Wait… what? It seems like the problem is that “big government” won’t use that “big budget” to build a publicly owned bridge. Right?

    Or do you just knee-jerk off a “big government” statement in response to every problem?

    Sammy Spade on May 25, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      You are confusing “budgeting” with “big budgets.” We were always able to build publicly funded bridges, when the government was smaller, and actually budgeted. In an age when the government is trying to something for (or to) everyone, in order to buy votes, there is not enough money for the essentials, like building bridges. More correctly, bridge building gets squeezed out of the budget.

      Jonathan Grant on May 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm

      Did you even read the article Sammy? Specifically, did you read this: “The State of Michigan wants to build a second publicly-owned bridge, which would be financed entirely by the government of Canada and bridge tolls. It would not cost taxpayers a dime.”

      Or do you just knee-jerk off a “big government” statement in response to every problem?

      Just sayin…

      Mia on May 25, 2011 at 5:18 pm

I’ve never met a man that likes the sound of his voice more than Dick Morris. Well Jesse Jackson, but I never met him.

Todd Loehr on May 25, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Michelle Malkin — a credit to her bank account.

Seek on May 25, 2011 at 3:41 pm

How can he have “frequently forced Customs and Border Protection inspectors to stop doing their inspections in order to move traffic along”? I’ve heard horror stories of harassment by our border agents towards our own Michigan citizens, and the power they have to take a car or motorcycle apart, leave it in a pile, and tell you to put it back together yourself!

DD: That happens at the other places which are publicly run and NOT owned by Matty Moroun. Read the linked article. Moroun does this. DS

Dr Dale on May 25, 2011 at 4:04 pm

EEK. Sorry, Deb, but other than attending Hillsdale college, or possibly glimpsing from afar the aura of your Genius, is there any reason for a sane person not using your legal services to step foot in Michigan? My wife doesn’t think so, and I must agree.

Occam's Tool on May 25, 2011 at 4:42 pm

I would agree that no bridge crossing an international boundary should be privately owned. Private property rights are not sacrosanct when someone like Moroun has such an obvious conflict of interest. Mr. Moroun should be given just compensation for his bridge, and then at least a portion of the problem would be solved. We do not need trolls controlling such choke points.

Worry01 on May 25, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Worry, there’s eminent domain. And since the bridge connects two countries, that makes it makes an object of international commerce, which Congress can regulate. You can bet the Ontario side of the bridge is owned by Canada’s federal government. Why isn’t ours?

    I’m all for capitalism and profit but in a case like this, national security and the public interest trump private ownership and individual profit. Its obvious that its not even a close call there.

    Even if Matty Moroun was still a principled American patriot, it still wouldn’t be right to allow him to retain complete control of a structure critical to our national security.

    But you can’t find the GOP having the integrity to do the right thing for our country.

    NormanF on May 25, 2011 at 6:09 pm

I’ve been on that bridge and its makes no sense to leave an international bridge under private ownership.

But no one has the cojones to do the right thing in Michigan.

If there’s a future 9/11, no one will claim responsibility for not putting the Ambassador Bridge under federal management as it should have been in the first place.

NormanF on May 25, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Something tells me that the AFP is a front organization for Jihadists operating under the guise of free enterprise and individual rights.

And when is a Christian Arab more trustworthy than a Muslim one?

And the Fifth Column rolls on…

The Reverand Jacques on May 25, 2011 at 6:04 pm

As for Michelle Malkin, she has a mouth on her, but not much else. In terms of credentials, she has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in English, and never bothered to go beyond that. I can only guess that Michelle lingers on as a conservative pundit due to her ethnicity. If she were to stand on her own merits, she would be a couple of rungs below even Sarah Palin in terms of knowledge, intelligence, and general credibility. Michelle Malkin has gone the distance, despite her manifold deficiencies, as a result of conservative groups trying to bulk up their non-white ranks. The left will not give you credit for such tokenism, and the target audience is likely to be offended by such flagrant pandering. Many ethnic minorities, such as Hispanics and Asians, do have many conservative tendencies in the areas of family and faith. However, the Republicans all too often address their appeals to Rotarian types. and eschew divisive social issues that would be of far more interest to such groups. No matter how often it is trotted out and pushed, libertarianism is not a mainstream political movement. It is a strange fusion of leftist ethics and nineteenth century economic theory. Government functions are to be reduced to what existed in predominantly agricultural societies with low and dispersed populations. Libertarians are not conservatives, and never have been. There should be no real surprises when one sees Morris and Malkin engage in what would be anomalous behavior for conservatives, since they are merely impersonators.

Worry01 on May 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Quite a few Christian Arabs are spear-carriers for Islam.

One man and his family should not have a monopoly on a public bridge.

If people don’t understand that, then they understand nothing.

And my view would make no difference if he was Muslim. It still isn’t something the federal government should condone.

NormanF on May 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Bully for Mia on her acing the dope Silly Sammy right in his “boys”.

Seems like Michelle Malkin is very much like her pal Scamela. She equivocates when it benefits HER. How sad. It seems that every seemingly strong Conservative is a charlatan these days.

Malkin has done her job well…she has the morons at Hot Air constantly dismissing THIS site as crack-pottery. Those dopes are pathetic. It has devolved into Conservative on Conservativ flaming and those tools are NOT hip to the REAL DEAL here. I knew she was a fraud when she wouldn’t hold Vannity responsible for his scams. She can say NO to that beast O’Reilly, but not to the most unimpressive conservative known.

They all WISH they had the passion, drive, integrity and smarts to do what DS does here. If they actually read the posts and see how much investigative journalism a full-time attorney does HERE, they’d see this is no site to dismiss. Frauds!

S: The Hot Airhead readers are mostly nutjobs, ignoramuses, and fogies who are jealous that I have a lot of traffic and influence and they can’t keep me down. They also can’t stand that they are morons, and I actually am smart, knowledgeable and break stories. That’s why they attack me. Believe me, if they didn’t think this way, they wouldn’t constantly mention me and try to bring me down. DS

Skunky on May 25, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Skunky, since you mentioned “Hot Air”, you & I and everybody else on this site knows that Hot Air sucks and is a joke. I have a question for you Skunky, what do you think about this website, “Gun Toting Liberal”?

I know the dude who runs his site is a liberal, but I’ve posted a few messages on his site and to me GTL is pretty honest and knows what’s going. Hell, he even gave kudos to Debbie Schlussel over a year ago when DS called out Sean “Wallbanger” Hannity’s freedom concert scams. GTL even bought up Michael Savage being banned in GB three years ago and took the side of Dr. Savage (he’s a fan of Savage BTW) and GTL pittyed the British government for what they to Savage.

“A nation is defined by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on May 25, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Sean, I never heard of that site, but from what you have described, he sounds like a gun-totting conservative!

We need more intellectually honest sites. I appreciate that. It is hard to always find out someone you think is true blue isn’t. I used to be a Lib years ok, so it’s easy for me not to get so caught up if the truth is presented…even if it hurts.

DS is spot on about Hot Air. Those dopes get their knickers in a twist if one dares to present the truth about PAWNN (Fox News). They get all emotional for a stupid news network!!!

Skunky on May 25, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Debbie, wish you would not wait til the day of to posts this stuff. Maroun likes to sue lots of others til they cant afford to defend themselves to get their land. Hope all those Christians at the dinner are having fun thinking of Morris’s behavior. Previous Morris dinners have had him telling sex jokes.

dadb on May 25, 2011 at 9:36 pm

To Skunky and Sean R. – the irony is that the conservatism that we like (or more succinctly, would like it to be) is derived from classic liberalism, and that today’s liberals are more laissez-faire fascists than true liberals.

Remember, just as a Republican had banned slavery, a Democrat nuked a fascist country to end a war.

Politics and ideology make people stupid. (Organised religion doesn’t help matters much either, but anything can be construed as an ideology these days, eh?)

The Reverand Jacques on May 25, 2011 at 10:30 pm

My god – a privately-owned bridge connecting the USA with Canada, the only such bridge in the area. I had no idea. Outrageous.

commonsense on May 25, 2011 at 10:36 pm

Glad to hear that Snyder has the right position on this, but as has been discussed before, you never know with him. He is an opportunist, and can change his position at the drop of a hat. The entire Michigan GOP is one of the worst in the country, and won’t even lower taxes with the strength they now have. If they had any guts they would do something about the anti-American state universities that plague Michigan. Cut their appropriations until they start supporting Americanism.

Little Al on May 25, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    This site has documented how the GOP cannot be pressed to do things out of principle.

    But money talks. Like Debbie said on here, there’s another name for it.

    NormanF on May 25, 2011 at 11:56 pm

What has happened to our wonderful country? When did the Arabs become so powerful? The greed and corruption has brought this country to it’s knees. Is the beginning of the end? Look what has been elected to hold the highest office in the land. We need to wake up before its to late and we have become an third world nation. Pity the ones whom have given they best and to now avail. G-d bless the USA and Israel .. DS. Keep up the great job of keeping us informed of all the scum dogs. Semper fi

Figgy on May 26, 2011 at 10:33 am

What has happened to our wonderful country? When did the Arabs become so powerful? The greed and corruption has brought this country to it’s knees. Is this the beginning of the end? Look what has been elected to hold the highest office in the land. We need to wake up before its to late and we have become an third world nation. Pity the ones whom have given they best and now to no avail. G-d bless the USA and Israel ..

DS. Keep up the great job of keeping us informed of all the scum dogs. Semper fi

Figgy on May 26, 2011 at 10:36 am

I am going against some of the grain here. 1. I’ve been following the DRIC/Ambassador Bridge situation since mid-90s. 2. Matty Maroun OWNS the bridge…PERIOD. 3. Isn’t the Ontario/Canada offer to pre-pay the $500M and then Michigan repays it later? 4. DO ANY OF YOU REALLY KNOW HOW MUCH COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC CROSSES THE BRIDGE EVERY DAY? 5. If Michigan government takes the bridge, what will they do about the BLUE WATER BRIDGE, Port Huron – Sarnia, owned by Matty’s sister?! 6. Does anyone really think the State of Michigan whose roads, bridges, tunnels,sewer systems, and water systems are in need of major repairs can successfully operate a bridge with this much traffic? (It’s political patronage!) 7. CBP/USC/DHS – These people are G*DS ON THE BORDER – can control it, but JIT Delivery, manufacturing production schedules require faster processing, i.e. a 2nd bridge, and if the Maroun family is willing to pay for it…OK with me.

I really think some of you would be happy for the FCC – maybe place it with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – to control the internet. Research and re-examine this situation, ok?

Dennis on May 26, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Michele Malkin is not as brigtht as she seems, chalk i tup ot stupidity. She was on Fox news last night spouting off aobut Medicare, the usual entitlement thing, and she said people expect to be taken care of from cradle ot grave. No one asked for Medicare, you get it when you retire at 65 whether you like it or not, your won insurance suddenly pays out 20% and Medicare kicks over 80%, no wonder they ar ebroke, iyuou also have the payment for medicare taken out of your social securrity money , a couple is usually 180,00 a month. Ther ewoudl be no problem with medicare if it was run right, no old immingrants put on it, no million sof dollars going to ppay for interpreters fo immigrants funneld out of your medicare money. She shoudl chek things out befor eshe spputs off. As for the bridge, from Cangda, I don’t knwo how they are getting in and out, mydaughter went on a cruise last summer to Canada, she had ot get a passport in order to get off the boat and sight see, yea few years ago you could just walk over the bridge from America on the American side of Niagara falls and go right into Canada, don’t know whats up with this. Matty was asked ot sell the bridge ot Canada for the North American Union and he refused, he said he would lose all of his toll money and he was keeping it, they must have made soem deal with him to get right of way, there are a lot of foreign trucks going in and out of there now, Arizona is keeping them from coming in through the mexican border, eventually they will bne coming through and anyoen from sounth SAmerica can wander n here and stay for 4 years and go homwe and return for another 4 years. We will have no borders and no country, thats the bankers plan, one world bank. Its going to suck. Obama has been wearing a blue flag on his lapel with star across it, that is going to be our new flag.Michele seems to be misinformed on a lot of things. The visit to the Queen has something ot do with finishing off the N A.Union, she is part of Canada.

Madhatter15 on May 26, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Thanks for doing more to expose that toe -sucking whore mongering Dick Morris;what a hypocritical fraud this guy
is;started off being senior political advisor for the Clintons;
Hillary caught him toe-sucking, fired him and do you know what?? All of a sudden ,overnight, he became a conservative
repulican and lambasted the Clintons every opportunity he got’
oh, and of course, False News swallowed him up….

Harold Shalett Tennessee

Harold Shalett on July 15, 2011 at 9:49 pm

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