August 22, 2007, - 3:30 pm

After FBI Release of Suspect Photos, Mysterious Package Found on Ferry; Muslims Angry (Shocker)

Earlier this week, the FBI released photos of two men who appear to be Middle Eastern and were traveling Seattle ferries, behaving strangely, and asking very suspicious detailed questions about the ferries. It sounded like they were planning for some sort of terrorist attack. And the Bureau asked for tips on the two men. Some mainstream media outlets–The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for instance–refused to cooperate and won’t post the photos. Yet, the release of the photos has led to lots of tips.

Did They Plant Suspicious Package Behind Ferry Toilet?

But, now, it appears that FBI suspicions were correct. This morning, a Seattle-area ferry was evacuated, after a suspicious package was found behind a toilet in the ferry’s bathroom stall for the disabled (where it would be less likely to have been found, since those stalls are used less than regular stalls):

A “suspicious package” was found at the height of the Wednesday morning commute on one of the largest ferries in the Washington state fleet, idling the vessel for about an hour.
The 460-foot Puyallup had just been emptied of cars and passengers after arriving at Colman Dock from Bainbridge Island about 8 a.m. when the package was found behind the toilet in the disabled passenger stall in the men’s restroom, said Marta Coursey, a spokeswoman for the ferry system. . . .
Patrol Sgt. Craig H. Johnson would not disclose any details on the object, describing it only as a “suspicious package,” but said investigators determined it did not pose any immediate threat and carried it off the vessel for further examination.
No arrests were made and no identified individuals were being sought, but “we’d like to find the person who left it there,” Johnson said.

But, hey, I’m sure the two men acting suspiciously and very likely Muslims from the Mid-East, had nothing to do with it. Right?
As the French would say, “Quelle Coincidence.” What a coincidence.
Too bad I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?
Thanks to Reader Duane for the tip. He doesn’t believe in coincidences either.
Oh, and by the way, Muslims are angry with the release of the photos. They’re sure the men in the photos are Arab Muslims. Since they insist on it, I guess I’ll have to believe them. Now, why would they think that, when there’s no evidence from the photos that the men are Muslim? Well, maybe because most Muslims know that the only men planning terrorist attacks on American ferries are Muslims. Thanks, Muslim community, for confirming what you continue to deny, but that which everyone else (and you, too) knows for certain:

The release of the photo has angered many in the Muslim community.
“These men look like Arabs,” said Aziz Junejo. “What most people would personify as a so-called terrorist and the fear that our government is putting into people right now.”
The FBI insists that it’s not trying to scare anyone and that they just want to talk to the two men and move on, and Aziz and Bureau officials agree that federal agents have developed an excellent relationship with the Muslim community.
But, as far as we know, agents never took the photos directly to anyone in the Muslim community to ask for help.

Gee, I wonder why.

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The muslims that are angry about this are just that way because the USA won’t take it laying down and submit to the pcness that they want to happen. Sorry to upset the angry muslims (well not really), but we are Americans first and we’ll report things that are suspicious even if it’s possible we may be wrong. We aren’t going to turn into the middle east and have ruins lay about and lawlessness as commonplace. We want peace, others have chosen they don’t. We will be vigilant and not lay down due to PC. While the libs may, the rest of us will not.
We are watching…….

Highrise on August 22, 2007 at 6:15 pm

Who really gives a flying shit what the moozlums think or feel?

newinnewark on August 22, 2007 at 6:30 pm

There isn’t a US citizen that cares about those idiot’s feelings!

redtop on August 22, 2007 at 8:05 pm

It is time that we round up and deport all Middle Easterners that are here on whatever visas. Declare all of them null and void and deport them. Then deport all those who are of the Muslim religion and deport them, no matter where they are from. Then declare the Muslim religion banned, just like we did with the Communist Party, since the aim of the Muslis religion is the same as was with the Commies: the destruction of the U.S. Then bring all troops home from Europe and Korea and the Middle East and base them on the southern and northern borders, and completely shut down the borders. Make it mandatory that all those US citizens on welfare take the jobs of those illegals whom we would deport. If the welfare people don’t want to work in the fields or in the factories or the fast food joints or wherever, then let them depend on the churches to feed and clothe and care for them. No more existence on taxpayer dollars. Then guarantee Israel’s existence by signing a mutual defense treaty with Israel. Any nation or terrorist group that attacks Israel gets hit by us. If any nation that does hit Israel has any oil fields, we seize them and destroy the rest of that country; man, woman, child, civilian or soldier. It is time for TOTAL WAR. This is the only way we will get rid of this problem.

sanantonioins on August 22, 2007 at 9:39 pm

sanantonioins, I like the way you put that. So eloquent.

Islamsnotforme on August 22, 2007 at 11:29 pm

Apparently, muslims in this country have come to believe when it comes to enforcing the war on terrorism, we must firt get their permission. This from the
FBI’s release of ferry passenger photos resented
“For Arabs and Muslims across the Puget Sound area, a rise in the nation’s threat level or a bombing halfway around the world often can mark a period of unease”
Unlike the potential victims of the attacks?
“Now the FBI’s release of photographs of two men of unknown origin, who the agency says were observed acting suspiciously aboard as many as six different Washington ferry routes in recent weeks, is creating new worries in the community”
Again, as opposed to the potential victims who use the ferry?
“Muslim- and Arab-American leaders are upset that the FBI didn’t consult them Ôø? as it has done in other instances Ôø? before releasing the photos on the Internet and to news organizations. They worry that the action may fracture the relationship the agency and the community have carefully built”
When did the war on terrorism become a game of Muslim may I? If someone overheard of a plot to bomb an abortion clinic, should the FBI on go to churhes to find the individual? Not only would that reduce the number of eyes looking for the potential suspects, but it is blatantly ignorant. If whites are overheard plotting an attack on a muslim mosque, should the FBI go only to the white community first before releasing their photographs?
“We need to get some type of apology from them and figure out how to get back to where we were,” said Rita Zawaideh, head of the Arab-American Community Coalition.”
The FBI owes them nothing. It is not their role to determine investigative policy for the war on terrorism. These men are being sought not for the fact that they are middle-eastern in appearance, but because of their suspicious actions.
“Both Zawaideh and S. Arsalan Bukhari, president of the Seattle chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), say their organizations have been receiving more reports lately involving allegations of discrimination.”
Given that CAIR is an un-named co-conspirator in an ongoing trial in Dallas, it is probably wise that the FBI not go to them first. Has it ever occurred to them that the FBI did not go to them first because they did not want them to put them into hiding before they were found?

eloopd on August 23, 2007 at 10:00 am

If the muslims are angry over this, then it shows me the FBI is doing their job the way its suppose to be done. I’m glad that the FBI didn’t feel the need to get consent from CAIR to release those photos to the public. Ibrahim will be going after the eye witnesses for audaciously exposing the nationality of these suspects.

Jew Chick on August 23, 2007 at 11:44 am

Just a reminder to people concerning suspicious middle-eastern men being spotted at explosions after the fact:
Suspicious persons spotted at another fuel depot before Whitley Fuel fire
SPOKANE — Could the person who started the Whitley Fuel fire last week have been looking for another target in the Inland Northwest? The FBI is now on the case after two suspicious individuals were spotted at a second Spokane area fuel depot before the Whitley Fuel depot caught fire.
An employee at the Petro Card fuel facility in southeast Spokane spotted some suspicious activity at their property located near the intersection of Sprague and Haven. The man was in the companyÔø?s yard when he spotted two men in a vehicle checking out the Petro Card fuel distribution center.
The men, who were described as having beards and wearing turbans, were driving a white Plymouth around the perimeter of the facility.
The employee reported the incident to his boss, and the information was relayed on to the FBI. Nothing happened at Petro Card, but the Whitley Fuel Depot was set ablaze and the incident at Petro Card took on increased significance for the FBI.
One of the things investigators are looking into is the surveillance video retrieved from several businesses that neighbor the Whitley Fuel site. In one of the videos released by Comcast, which has an office across the street from Whitley Fuel, a white vehicle Ôø? now being described as a Toyota Ôø? is observed stopping and a passenger getting out of the vehicle and heading into the yard, only to get back in the vehicle and speed away from the scene.
The depot went up in flames a short time later, causing an estimated $10 Million in damage.
Investigators so far have not made a connection between the incident at Petro Card and the fire at Whitley Fuel, and they want to make sure that the fire was not an act of terrorism.
Meanwhile the American Petroleum Institute is telling its members that fuel yards make an attractive target to terrorist because of “the importance of petroleum to national security and the economy and because the industry is a cornerstone of capitalism and western culture.Ôø?

eloopd on August 24, 2007 at 9:41 am

I believe that we endorse a ‘shoot now – talk later’ policy when anyone is caught committing an act of terror at our fuel yards. This bullshit of calling the police and going through the whole legal process makes us look weak. We are being led to slaughter by chickenshit politicans. Where is Chertoff on this incident? Why wasn’t some sort of ‘Amber Alert’ broadcast in the area so these scumbags could have been captured? Every mosque in the area should have searched. We need a group of true “Minutemen” to rise up and do what our leaders and law enforcement refuse to do. We didn’t win our freedom from the British without sacrifice and bloodshed. We will never restore our lost freedoms and gain true security without those same sacrifices and bloodshed.
We haven’t seen true war on our North American soil for 142 years. I believe that there is a war coming. When it finally gets here it is going to be ugly.
The American people are tired of being pushed by corrupt politicans, Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Moozlums, Mexicans and every other group of distorted a–holes.

newinnewark on August 24, 2007 at 3:37 pm

First let me say that I would toss every “sincere believer” (Muslim) out of this country.
That being said, I have a funny feeling that these two guys are my countrymen. I would be surprised if they turned out to be Arabs.

Miluimnik on August 24, 2007 at 3:58 pm

All racist speculation aside, perhaps Debbie you could try doing some research without a racial bias in mind for a change. The “suspicious” package found was a BONG!
No word if it was used to smoke Afghani weed though.

JediMindTrick on August 27, 2007 at 11:46 am

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