June 9, 2008, - 5:28 am

Whitewashing Chante Mallard

By Debbie Schlussel
Maybe you remember the story. If you don’t, political correctness is to blame.
The mainstream media simply didn’t give this racially-charged horror story the attention it deserved because the races of perpetrator and victim were inconvenient to the usual Jim Crow America narrative.
In 2001, just weeks after the 9/11 attacks–which the media told us would unite Americans of all colors against a common Islamist enemy–Chante Jawan Mallard murdered a homeless man in Texas.


The Real Chante Mallard v. Hollywood’s Whitewashed Version


Mallard, a young Black woman in her twenties, embodied everything wrong with the sleazy hip-hop, gangsta lifestyle–especially its inhumanity and insensitivity to the value of all human life. She was high on gin and Ecstasy–not Snoop Dogg’s proverbial “Gin & Juice,” but close enough–while driving home in the middle of the night after partying a club. Gregory Biggs, the homeless man she hit and ultimately murdered, was White.
Mallard drove home with Biggs’ body stuck half through her windshield. He was alive, but injured and bleeding to death from the injuries and shattered glass sticking into his body. Mallard, a nurse’s aide, knew how to administer first aid, and she certainly knew–like the rest of us without that training–how to drive to a hospital.
But she did neither.
Instead, Chante Mallard drove her car, with Bigg’s body writhing in agony and dripping blood, into her garage and shut the door behind her. Despite a promise to Biggs to call for help–the first of several such empty promises–she went inside her house and had sex with her boyfriend, while Biggs lay suffering and dying. Biggs returned to the garage several times to check on Biggs, each time promising help . . . and each time doing nothing. Finally, Biggs died.
After Biggs’ death, Mallard called two friends of hers, also Black, to help her dispose of Biggs’ body in a park. Mallard got away with it, until months later she bragged at a party, “I killed a White man,” and repeatedly laughed about it. Uh-huh, that’s “hilarious.” Yes, the life of a cracker or honky simply wasn’t worth that much to Chante Jawan Mallard. Neither was the fact that he suffered and died a slow, painful, bloody death at her hands.
And Mallard would have gotten away with it. But an enemy of hers was at the party and informed police. In 2003, a guilty verdict resulted in Texas v. Mallard, and she was sentenced to 50-years in prison for second degree murder. She stood to do life, but now she will be eligible for parole 25 years after she began serving her sentence. While Mallard’s victim, Gregory Biggs, died a cruel, cold-hearted death at her hands, she could be out of jail in her mid-50s.

Chante Mallard Murdered “This White Man,” Gregory Biggs

But now a second injustice has been done. It’s “Stuck,” a major motion picture just released in theaters. It is almost 7 years after the murder. Yet, 7 years later, Hollywood still cannot face facts when the race narrative is not the one they want it to be. If the evil White man convention doesn’t fit, we must acquit, er . . . lie in the script?
While the movie is almost completely faithful to the story, Chante Jawan Mallard–a racist Black murderer–is now Brandi Boski, a White chick played by the fair-skinned Mena Suvari. There is no racism in the on-screen story, no comments about “I killed a cracker. Hahahahaha.” But most other things are the same, from the nurse’s aide job of the perpetrator to the Ecstasy pills to the lengthy sex scene, while a homeless man is dying in her garage. Even the look of the house on set is virtually identical to Mallard’s.

Ironically, the few who object to the racial make-over sound like they are on the same Ecstasy pills Mallard was on the night of the murder. An idiotic, uber-liberal White reviewer writes that he is upset that make-up artists styled the obviously White Suvari with cornrows and made her look and sound “African-American,” which he found “insulting and completely racist.” Um . . . Hello? Several Black bloggers lamented that “yet another Black role goes to a White woman.” From White, guilt-ridden liberals to Blacks lamenting they don’t get to play murderers, these card-carrying members of DENSA would be hilarious . . . if they weren’t so sad.
Yes, there are a few other differences in this well-done horror thriller. But they are minor in comparison to the Mallard White-wash and help bring the story along.
Gregory Biggs is now Tom Pardo, a 50-something homeless man who has the day from hell, which begins with being thrown out of his dumpy flophouse efficiency to being given the runaround by government employment agency bureaucrats, and being roused from sleep on a park bench by police, to the horror of being hit and left to suffer by the newly-White version of Chante Mallard.
One appropriate embellishment is the scene in which an illegal alien mother and son find the dying man in the garage and endeavor to save him. But when they reach their home, the husband tells them to ignore him and let him die because, “it’s not our business. Beside that, do you want to be deported?” While it’s not the intended sympathetic-to-aliens sentiment, so much for the public image of illegal aliens as “loyal citizens” who just want to “do the work Americans won’t do.”
And the ending to the Hollywood version of this movie is far more satisfying than the sad, real-life ending to Biggs’ life, making it worth seeing.
But while “Stuck” is a great–though depraved–movie, and well done from almost every standpoint of suspense, misery, and just revenge, one giant injustice rings through:
Bleaching the perpetrator of this horrible murder doesn’t just bleach the truth. It adds insult to injury of the memory of murder victim, Gregory Biggs. If he were a Black man, his life might have been worth more to his racist Black murderess.
May he rest in peace, instead of turning over in his grave.

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NEWS FLASH but Slavery ended 150 years ago so please STFU! Ive done nothing to you or your people, neither has my family so stop your whining and move on with your life. You dont hear Jews hating on the Germans who systematically slaughtered them less than 100 years ago and you damn sure dont hear Mexicans and Filipinos hating on the Spanish who laid waste to their native people centuries ago either so really get over yourself! the truth is that history is laden with a shit ton of atrocities and in case you didnt realize it wasnt the blacks who were always the victim…
..Anyways about this movie I really had to comment because I understand both the director Stuart Gordons reason for what he did and I also understand where Debbie is coming from. If Stuart casted a black woman, lets say for shits and gigs Halle Berry than can you even imagine how pissed off the black community would be for seeing her go up in flames in all her ghetto attitude, drug use, cornrows and all? it would be disastrous for Stuart Gordons career, but I also notice that if stuart told it like it really was, than it would potentially be the first film to inspire black guilt and shine light on the hip-hop lifestyles insensitivity to human life and especially a white mans life. These are all messages that are very real but also too deeply complex for our emotionally primitive culture to understand in a way that doesnt inspire hatred. It shows me that even though we are technologically advancing at unprecedented rates we are also moving backwards on a cultural and emotional level. New questions now arise as in how do we deal with our power responsibly? I really do fear the worst for mankind…

Michael on November 12, 2012 at 3:38 am

    First of all, just because Blacks have not been slaves for 150 years doesn’t man shit. We were in bondage for 400 years so 150 years is a drop in the fucking bucket. Also, let’s nor forget the Jim Crow era, so to simplify our plight in suck a way just shows how simple white ppl are. Because the race conversation is uncomfortable for you all, we should get over it, deal with it, move on, etc. Fuck you. We suffer from a very deep set cultural ptsd and Stockholm syndrome. We are continually affected by white supremacy /white privilege and so much so that the only ppl who don’t see it are white ppl because it’s systemic and you all are the benefactors of this behavior. Fuck Crackkka’s and this movie. the only thing she did wrong was not keeping her fucking mouth shut. #fact

    you fucking dummy on April 7, 2013 at 9:22 am

      Let’s not forget that it was YOUR people who sold you to the White Man, and there were in fact Black Slave owners. My advice, get to know your own History before you start blaming others for the failures of your people. Here I will so kind to get you started, look up African King Ghezo, the African King that started the Black slave trade to the U.S. Also, look up Anthony Johnson, a freed Black slave that also took Blacks as slaves and made a fortune off their backs.

      Now this paints a different picture doesn’t it? Slavery was more about Economics at the time and less about Racism.

      White Supremacy and White Privilege? Don’t make me laugh. All because I was born White does not mean things were just handed to me. I came from a poor Family, and I busted my ass off to get to where I am. So fuck you on White Privilege.

      Let’s talk about Black Privilege shall we?

      1) I can’t use the Platinum Race Card to get what I want.

      2) I don’t have legislation that gives me precedence over another Race because of my skin color when it comes to jobs, College admittance, etc even though I am less qualified.

      3) I don’t have a power base like the NAACP, etc. to stand up for my rights when I am discriminated against.

      4) Black crimes rarely ever get National News by the MSM. A Black beats up and kills a White, no one hears about it. A white kills a Black in self defense it makes National News.

      5) 98% of all hate crimes are Black on White, I don’t see anyone stepping up and addressing that issue.

      6) Standards are not lowered for me when it comes to Education in Public Schools and in College. They are not lowered for me when it comes getting accepted for jobs, etc.

      You never lived during Jim Crow, and I bet you don’t even know anyone that has. So you are ignorant, and don’t have a clue what it was like. You just read about Jim Crow in some book and started hating Whites for it. If you have never experienced it, you are in no position to use it against anyone.

      You say that you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome? Really? Do you even know what that is? If you think that the cushy lifestyle and the technology that the ” Evil White Devil” has provided for you is too harsh, well no one is stopping you from moving back to the ” Muddalan”. I am sure that you and your people would be alot better off back in Africa, so leave all the evil White technology behind and the lifestyle that Whites have provided for you, and take the next plane back.

      I bet you wouldn’t, because you realize how fucking good you have it here, and despite how much you hate Whites, Whites have given you a lifestyle that you can not get in Black only Countries.

      Grendelwolf on February 2, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Holy shit you are Americans. You think you own all.
Filthiest scum on the planet.
Racism? Feck off. America IS racist. Niggers. Honkies. Chinks. Wetbacks. ALL of you. Get a grip you world destroying inbred filth.
You know sooner or later your country is gonna burn. From the inside out. Can’t wait! Reap the whirlwind. Best cable is watching you all go DOWN.

watchin' the fools on February 6, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Wow, this blog really struck a nerve with a lot of people! First off, I’m Black as well, and I do not like the fact that so many people generalize all Blacks as savages, welfare recipients, and crime-ridden culprits. I myself have MANY White colleagues, as well as Hispanic, Asian, and any other nationality you can name, so I know for a fact Whites and these other nationalities have certain percentages with their own races whom endure these same circumstances.

I too went to college, graduated, and made a better life for myself and have NEVER needed public assistance, nor have I ever referred to a white person as a “cracker” nor “whitey” as some of you think all Black people do. Furthermore I feel Chante was COMPLETELY in the wrong for her crime, whether the victim was White or not. Why is it ONLY in America, do we play the race card every time a situation like this happens? And btw SOME whites can be double-standard as well with the “Im not racist, but we have a Black president” bs. Some of you see an article on CNN that happens to be a black/white issue,Al Sharpton gets involved, and you think ALL Blacks agree with it, when in reality, it’s embarrassing.

And for the clown who mentioned “white college fund”, lets not forget blacks didnt always have the same opportunities to attend college like whites, hence the reason it was created in the first place: to create more resources that Whites have ALWAYS had, so NO, it wasnt for selfish reasons, just like Affirmative Action was created for White women to have equal opportunity. For some of you to be so “educated”, your spew justifies you really don’t know shit!!

WTF?? on April 1, 2013 at 3:01 am

And another thing: why is it more racist people bring up slavery/whining/reparations than Black people? hmmmm. I could care less about”reparations” because I know its not gonna happen, or perhaps I am a pessimist. Anyhow, us as Americans have a LONG way to go. I hope you don’t raise your kids with this self-centered rhetoric

WTF?? on April 1, 2013 at 3:06 am

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www.aboutus.org on July 26, 2013 at 7:31 pm

Reading over some of these comments has reminded me just how many black people in America are blatant Racist. They are the only race on this entire planet as far as I know. That claim themselves to be completely powerless in the face of things that happened to other people 150 years ago. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be pretty damn funny. I mean seriously, the one guy on here said that he, his fellow Black Racist and all Black people, are suffering from PTSD.

Yup, that’s right, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You know, like what some our brave soldiers unfortunately come home from active war zones with. While being surrounded by people trying to kill you, actually being shot and blown up, seeing your friends bodies torn apart in massive IED attacks and being forced to kill others in defense of your life, is what lands our soldiers with a diagnoses of PTSD. Apparently all you need for blacks to be stricken with a debilitating case of PTSD is a few history books. Absolutely Pathetic!

LIBERTYSINCURSION on September 19, 2013 at 11:17 pm

You are a terrible, terrible writer.
I understand you’re trying your hardest to create some “just bigoted enough to not get sued” polemic, but you really aren’t covering your Nancy-grace-fake-indignance enough. It’s fine to be angry that an innocent man died needlessly, but you seem more concerned with the race of the person responsible.
I think you should put your dreams of “jernalism” to bed and return to yelling in small-town council meetings about how the Jews are to blame for everything.
That’s where you belong, hack.

J Wilson on September 30, 2013 at 6:52 am

    I totally agree with you j wilson this writer is only interested in the skin color of the person ….. I don’t care what your skin color is you commit a crime your wrong chante mallard did soooo wrong with

    kesha on February 8, 2014 at 7:26 pm

J’ai pas eu l’occasion de finir de regarder cependant je passe demain

SéDuctrice sex toy on June 24, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Multi-millions of Hispanics are being allowed to enter the USA. As the Los Angeles police chief publicly proclaimed a few years ago Black USA citizens were undergoing genocide at the hands of invading and citizen Hispanics because of the hatred for Blacks by so many Hispanics. And rightfully so according to many who believe that the Black populace has lost what little welcome they had in the USA.

The great culling has started. Hispanics are now the largest USA minority and their numbers are growing fast and they are spreading across the USA. The Black populace will have to huddle together for safety against a stronger, meaner and more intelligent foe. What is happening in southern California will happen across the USA. The Blacks are running in fear. They can only run so far. I now understand why the powers-that-be are ignoring the Hispanic invasion for those folks will settle the Negro problem that has sullied the USA for far too long. Eventually, the Blacks will be begging for a new Return to Africa movement so that they will not be mowed down by the much-needed Hispanic onslaught.

Ob Bop on July 17, 2015 at 8:57 am

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