July 7, 2008, - 10:46 am

Dumbest CongressChick Calls For Even Dumber Investigation

By Debbie Schlussel
I’d ask you if you remember Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, but a far better question would be: How can you forget her? I like to call her “Sheila Jackson Crazee.”
Lee, in a sea of brain-cell-challenged Members of Congress is the dumbest chick in the House, among stiff competition. After all there’s Barbra Lee, Cynthia McKinney, and a host of other airheads led by Nancy “FaceLift” Pelosi. Yup, they’ve broken the marble ceiling and they did it without a brain.
Now, this Congressional Einsteinette is calling for a Congressional investigation into Harris County, Texas (Houston are) and its legal system. She’s mad that a grand jury chose not to indict a White man, Joe Horn, who shot dead two Black, Hispanic illegal alien robbers who broke into a neighbor’s house.


Sheila Jackson Lee: “Yeah! My Team From Mars Won the WNBA Title”

Do you even wonder if she’d be squawking if the man who shot them was Black? Why didn’t she call for an investigation into Los Angeles’ legal system when O.J. was acquitted?
Jackson Lee’s also upset that some personnel in the Sheriff’s department sent e-mails that some perceived as “anti-Muslim” (and for which they already profusely apologized to Jackson Lee’s CAIR cronies).
Some “Debbie’s Notes” on Sheila Jackson Lee from my November 2006 post on her:

Jackson Lee is the one who asked whether the Mars Pathfinder would be able to get a picture of the flag the astronauts planted there. Yup, she actually thought that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars, not the Moon. And don’t forget her other utterances of absurdity. A Black woman, she once complained that the names of hurricanes were “too lily White.” One Hurricane LaToya, comin’ right up.
And Jackson Lee is a fan of HAMAS-front group CAIR, always taking up the Islamist cause.


Sheila Jackson Lee & Her Friends

Check out the LoneStarTimes’ Priceless Sheila Jackson Lee photo gallery–well worth a look.

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I think we need to have congressional investigations into how these idiots get elected in the first place. That’s a far greater abomination in my book.

1shot1kill on July 7, 2008 at 2:35 pm

There’s a reason some of us down here refer to her as Sheila Jackass Look-at-ME!.
Besides, in reaching her conclusion, she ignores the police report from a cop who witnessed the shooting — he noted that the perps were running straight at Horn until he leveled the gun, and that they turned as he pulled the trigger.

Rhymes With Right on July 7, 2008 at 3:37 pm

I thought the dumbest member was Lynn Woolsey

Infidel Pride on July 7, 2008 at 3:57 pm

I swear, Sheila Jackson Lee’s clueless brain size must be that of a BB in boxcar. Sad part is, she’s on the congressional public dole.

Jackson Pearson on July 7, 2008 at 6:37 pm

Debbie, if anyone dares mention the real FBI statistics on interracial crime, they would probably be voted off the island. I take no joy or pride in telling you that I don’t know anyone, of any color, who isn’t generally fearful of young black men.

Anonymous1 on July 7, 2008 at 8:06 pm

Her dumbness re Neil Armstrong is all the more striking because NASA and related contractors have a big presence in her district. But highly principled as they are, I’m sure they don’t care about her treasonous attitude as long as she keeps voting for them to get money. She’s also dumb about her timing, suing this gentleman right after the Supreme Court decision.

c f on July 7, 2008 at 8:20 pm

her defense, not much related to NASA is in her district. Indeed, virtually all of it is in Nick Lampson’s district that was drawn for Tom DeLay before he betrayed the voter’s here in 2006. Queen Sheila has run down slums and wealthy liberals in order to guarantee a minority Democrat wins the seat.

Rhymes With Right on July 7, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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