July 8, 2008, - 12:23 pm

Bad News for Centrist-to-Conservative Pro Football Fans

By Debbie Schlussel
The good news is that they’re making changes on the NBC Sunday Night NFL studio show. The bad news: uber-leftist Keith Olbermann continues to infect the air . . . and the airwaves on the show.
Dan Patrick, who formerly teamed with Olbermann in his mustache days at ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” will rejoin Olbermann. Reacting to the news, Olbermann made an obnoxious comment about there being too many people on the show already. Well, you can always leave, Keith. Many of us wouldn’t miss you or the hot air:

Dan Patrick, the longtime ESPN anchor, will this season join NBC’s Sunday night NFL studio show – where he’ll reunite with Keith Olbermann, his on-air ESPN SportsCenter partner between 1992 and 1997.


Patrick will also join a big cast on a show wrapped around NBC’s Sunday primetime game.
He’ll be the show’s third co-host – along with Olbermann and Cris Collinsworth – on a show hosted by Bob Costas that includes analysts Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber and reporter Peter King.
Said Olbermann Monday: “My concern is that we didn’t have enough people on the show. We really needed that 19th guy.”

Again, we really don’t need the 19th guy if his surname is Olbermann.

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Olberman is a BLOWHARD COWARD who hides behind his “superiority grin”. He is a condescending LIBERAL who thinks that he has “all the world’s answers”…if anyone would just…ask him.
His CNBC (aka: part of the NBC – National Bama(like in O-bama) Convention) “show” is full of annonying comments 99.9% consist of “Fox bashing”. His guest are 100% LIBERAL and (in most cases) full of Communist propaganda with a HUGE distortion of history and…current events.
Olberman is a JOKE and why ESPN, or anyone else, gives this JOKE a “forum”…is appalling.
Olberman needs to go back to his prior job…hawking info-mercials at 3am for “enhancement products”.
By the way that annonying sound that you hear, whenever Olberman is on the “tele”, is NOT distortion…it is Olberman whining…and whining…and whining. Nuff said.
NOSTRADAMUSLIVES by Jeffrey Schrembs.

Nostradamus on July 9, 2008 at 12:25 am

Usually football is a great way to escape and have fun but NBC ruined the Sunday night game with Olberdork.
Olberdork plays to the loony fringe, the Michael Moore crowd. He’s not a liberal, he’s a kook. I really do think he’s insane. He’s just a wannabe, an intellectual lightweight. He’s like one of those comedy/action actors that wants to take on serious parts to prove they can “act.” He’s like the teenagers who try to hang around with the cool crowd to be accepted.
His only appeal on ESPN was to the Northern elites who like sports, such as sissy boys like Mitch Albom, Lupica, and the other liberal Nancy boys on Sports Reporters.
The best thing about Olberdork was he helped me break away from watching SportsCenter on ESPN. I couldn’t take that smarmy smirk.
Real men don’t watch or like Olberdork.

Jeff_W on July 9, 2008 at 8:46 am

In his ESPN days,Olberman was famous for saying “Real men don’t taunt” when showing footage of some basketball or football player celebrating like a psycho after a slam dunk or sacking the QB.But as his true personality and style shows on his own shows, he never practices what he preaches.
The only hope,is that the ratings for his parts of the broadcasts go in the toilet, and NBC has to kick him out.
This hateful devil must have very powerful friends in all the right High Places to stay employed at what used to be a much classier network.

OldSchoolW on July 9, 2008 at 10:18 am

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