February 15, 2007, - 10:44 am

SICK!: Harpers Hates America . . . & Amputee Soldiers

This cartoon, by “Mr. Fish,” was posted on the Harper’s Monthly website, where it remains. While Harper’s and Fish pretend they are merely making fun of President Bush, these consistent America-haters are actually making light of this maimed soldier who gave his limbs while serving. Sick.
But Harper’s loves the Islamist enemy. Harper’s Washington Editor, Ken Silverstein, has a new piece telling us that Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood will not force Islam or Sharia down the throats of those who don’t want it. Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that, Ken.

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Bully for the Harpers!! If this displayed cartoon is supposed to be funny, well, I don’t find it a wit amusing. In fact, its rather downright repugnant and treacherous which tells you a lot about Harper’s common decency but what else can you exspect from a gauche cartoonist with no art ability? He is just a generic b.s. artist, a mere stooge for radical islam. I’m sure his throat-slitting companions a good kick out of his cartoon. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be promoted to work for Al-Jezeerah if they really like him. So much for their exquisite taste of art and humor.

Jew Chick on February 15, 2007 at 11:29 am

Is Ken Silverstein Jewish? If he is, his attitude towards Islamists is insane. His Islamist friends would cut off his head in an instant as they did to Daniel Pearl. Leftism is a mental disease.

FreethinkerNY on February 15, 2007 at 2:13 pm

I don’t get it.

Dan on February 15, 2007 at 7:10 pm

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