July 28, 2008, - 11:14 am

Pro-Life?: Don’t Try Speaking at Wayne State U

By Debbie Schlussel
Wayne State University–the tax-funded school based in Detroit–funds various speakers and events held by student groups . . . unless they are pro-life.
That’s the subject of a lawsuit filed by pro-life students against the politically-correct school:

A student group is suing Wayne State University over the denial of money for a week of anti-abortion events, saying its free-speech rights were violated last spring.
Students for Life said it is a registered campus organization. And like other groups, it believes it should be entitled to a portion of student fees.


The group said it sought $4,000 from Wayne State’s Student Council for snacks, T-shirts, fliers and publicity, but the request was rejected. A smaller budget also was turned down.
A lawsuit filed this week in federal court in Detroit said the initial request was rejected because of “spiritual and religious” references. But the anti-abortion group said it doesn’t have a specific religious affiliation.
“Access for these groups to funding and facilities must be provided without regard to the group’s viewpoint. When a public university enforces a viewpoint-discriminatory policy, the school violates the Constitution,” attorney Joseph Martins said in a statement Thursday.
A message seeking comment was left with Wayne State’s public relations staff.
The events included an opportunity for students to have their picture taken with a model of a fetus.
The group wanted to hold a “pro-life trivia game” on a stage at Student Center North Commons, a busy area, but was told by campus officials to use another area, according to the lawsuit.
“Some people would no doubt likely find it difficult to eat lunch if they have strong opinions either for or against your group,” Christina Basso of the Student Center staff said in an e-mail attached to the lawsuit.

Well, then I guess Wayne State, in the future, will deny funds to the various extremist Islamic groups that it funds on campus. They’re opinions make it difficult to eat lunch, too.
The pro-life students are represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a good choice versus the in-state and incompetent Thomas More Law Center, which typically takes and loses these cases and which recently employed Emily Zanotti a/k/a E. M. Zanotti, a mentally unstable, anti-Semitic “conservative” blogger who defended anti-Semitic, Muslim death, rape and torture threats against me, my parents, and grandparents (more about her soon).
Bad luck for the pro-life students, though. They drew far-left Jimmy Carter appointee Avern Cohn as the federal judge who will hear the case. He’s the same judge that gave Hezbollah spy/FBI agent/ CIA agent Nada Nadim Prouty a fine of a few hundred dollars as her “sentence” for spying on America on behalf of an Islamic terrorist group and ruled that Islamic illegal aliens who paid off an INS inspector should be re-admitted into the U.S. after they were deported.
He won’t be on the pro-life students’ side, though if they lose with him, they can win on appeal.

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Anything named after Thomas More (one “o”) should never be trusted with Constitutional matters and/or freedom of expression! For goodness sake, the man’s history has been whitewashed. He virulently persecuted men like William Tyndale and fiercely defended the “infallibly-decreed” Catholic doctrine of the superiority of the church over the state.
Over at hotair.com they have a “Blogging the Quran” series… what about a “Blogging the Popes” series? I’m not equating the two in modern terms, but the Papacy (even in very recent history) has a hate-hate relationship with American liberty.

bleechers on July 28, 2008 at 12:33 pm

Will they let me give a lecture about Jihad, polygamy and wife beating in Islam?

Independent Conservative on July 28, 2008 at 1:41 pm

Yeah, we can’t possibly have anyone’s bag lunch interrupted by being made aware of the murder of 50 million American infants since 1974. THAT would be cruel.

dm60462 on July 28, 2008 at 1:58 pm

[More]… supported the burning of heretics such as Tyndale: “and for heretics, as they be, the clergy doth denounce them; and, as they be well worthy, the temporality doth burn them; and after the fire of Smithfield hell doth receive them, where the wretches burn forever.”
source: http://www.williamtyndale.com/0sirthomasmore.htm
Naming an organization supposedly dedicated to free speech after such a man is comical. The man burned more books and approved of the burning of more men that almost anyone in England.

bleechers on July 28, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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