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Yeah, So . . .?: Olmert’s Impending Departure Will Bring New Cockroach

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Read my late Dad’s 2006 column on Ehud Olmert–Right on the Money ****
Many right-minded thinking people are happy that corrupt, left-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced yesterday he’ll soon be gone.
I applaud it too, since Olmert, his left-wing hag wife, lesbian activist daughter, and draft-dodging expatriate artist son who lives in France, are the kinds of Israelis who will bring and are bringing Israel’s destruction. (His bitchy wife and daughter made a career in “Machshon Watch,” a group which harasses Israeli soldiers at checkpoints, so they can’t adequately do their job in searching and catching Islamic terrorists trying to enter the country.)
On the other hand, the reason Olmert is going is not the right reason. And that’s why I’m not celebrating too loudly.
Yes, he’s corrupt and he took money and bribes and did other improper things. But those are like a technicality, compared to the horrid things he’s done to his own country and its people.


Ehud Olmert, Almost Gone:

Israel’s Visionless Prime Minister Attacked his Own Citizens

(Amona Attack Photo Courtesy of Sultan Knish)

Olmert supported the Gaza giveaway and with Ariel Sharon, helped the Palestinians set up a HAMAS terrorist state to Israel’s west. Olmert sent armed police on horses to brutally beat up the people of Amona and two Israeli Members of Parliament, including a Brigadier General (vivid pics of which were taken and posted to the world by Sultan Knish)–all to remove Israelis from their homes to give it to Islamic terrorists.
Then, he started the ball rolling on giving up the Jewish capitol, Jerusalem, to Islamic terrorists. And he started the ball rolling on giving up Israel’s Golan Heights to Islamic terrorists. (Yes, the Jerusalem and Golan Heights deals were always whispered about, but Olmert pushed them into real play.) Then, he released a child-killer terrorist (Samir Kuntar) and four other terrorists for two Israeli soldiers mutilated bones from Hezbollah. That was after a few other outrageous, lopsided terrorist trades he made with the Palestinian terrorists.
And how can we forget the failed war against Hezbollah, in which Olmert went to war to fail and to strengthen its most fierce Islamic terrorist enemy to its north? Olmert–the first Israeli Prime Minister without a serious military background–could have won had he taken the proper steps to win the ground war, steps his Generals all urged him to take but he ignored. He could have defeated Hezbollah once and for all. Instead, he turned it into Israel’s Vietnam, giving up right after he started, losing a lot of Israeli lives, and leaving in defeat and embarrassment with a UN agreement that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.
None of these things was bad enough for the Israeli people to dump this guy. None of it–none of the systematic self-amputation and self-suffocation of Israel by its own leader was enough to get Israel to throw him out of office. Instead, it took a minor bribery case to make him go. How likely is it that the next sado-masochist, self-mutillating left-wing Israeli Prime Minister will have a bribery scandal sufficient to get him to resign?
Not very likely. Meanwhile, whoever is at the top will be systematically destroying Israel, because not enough Israelis have the guts to say, “NO, We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!” They will elect another Israeli Jimmy Carter.
I hope I’m wrong. But sadly, right now, I know I’m right.
The problem is Olmert–and the rest of the Israeli leftists of his ilk–are like cockroaches and Muslims bent on our destruction. You get rid of one, there are gazillions in waiting to take over. People like Tzipi Livni–who was mentored and brought up through the ranks of Israeli politics–will replace him. Livni is what we call a “doompa“, a/k/a dumbass. She’s as left as Olmert, and a whole lot more stupid. Golda Meir she ain’t. The chick is truly vapid. She’s Olmert in a skirt with slightly better hair. Yes, she turned on him, but not over policy. That was a bitch power grab move.
So, am I glad to see Olmert go? Hell, yeah. But I know it’s just an ephemeral personnel change, with little substance or policy change at the top of the Israeli government.
Shalom, Ehud. Hello, next Israeli Jimmy Carter.

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I had the same thoughts after I heard the news yesterday. Israel’s intelligentsia is also infested with a passel of Jewish Anti-Semites. Saving Israel from its own home-grown Fifth Columnists will be a huge challenge. Ehud Olmert was merely symptom of a larger illness of treason and lack of national will that is eating away at the Jewish State. If Israel fails to survive, it won’t be because the Arabs defeated her but because the people of Israel gave up on doing all that is necessary to maintain the country. We’re entering the “three weeks of Av” thar have traditionally brought nothing but disaster upon the Jewish people. And Tzipi Livni, who is a female version of Olmert minus the corruption, is the last kind of person who should be running the Jewish State. In the meantime, Israel has to do with the least harmful of a mediocre leadership class and that’s not saying much – about the post-Olmert Era.

NormanF on July 31, 2008 at 12:38 pm

Debbie –
You stated what I have been thinking for a long time. With Livni you are only trading in pants for a skirt.
As it is, Olmert is not the only Israeli leader with black sheep as family members. Moshe Arens son, Yigal Arens (Who on the internet once stated it was OK if money was donated to the Hitler memorial fund), is a notorious self hater.
One can only hope for new elections. While he would not be great, Netanyahu would be a tremendous improvement. Until there are new elections, we can only hope for two things:
1) Olmert does not do too much damage before he leave office.
2) Mofaz wins the Kadima primary. Mofaz is the one who about a month ago (I think) single handedly caused world oil prices to rise one day by threatening an attack on Iran. I just hope he is not “all bark and no bite”.

I_am_me on July 31, 2008 at 1:26 pm

To me, the departure of Ehud Olmert was good news for Israel. I’m not Jewish, nor do I fully understand all of the complexities of the Middle East, but from what I do know, Olmert was way over his head, and way to soft. IMO, to survive in that situation, Israel’s going to need a much more dedicated, and street smart person. Also, I hope Israel doesn’t give up an inch of territory to the Arabs. Fact is, they never should have given up Gaza.
Just a thought, let other world governments welcome, and give up their lands for Palestinians. /Sarcasm

Jackson Pearson on July 31, 2008 at 1:30 pm

The only thing that has even half a chance of saving Israel is a revolution. Even with BiBi Netanyahu at the helm we’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic – the basic government structure, given to Israel by the Bolshevic Zionists like Weitzman and Ben-Gurion, just won’t cut it any more (not that it was even so hot way back when).
The worst possible situation you’ve described – Kadima stays in and Livni becomes PM. If that happens, kiss Israel goodbye (especially if we here in the U.S. are stupid enough to elect that empty suit Obama). At some point though I would hope the IDF would grow some gonads and do what needs to be done (yes, I DO mean a military coup).
Being realistic, the best we can hope for – Netanyahu figures out some way to force an election. I’ll bet next week’s paycheck Likud is working on this – I just hope they can pull it off.

BillBowen on July 31, 2008 at 1:53 pm

Netenyahu has to figure into the equation some place. He’s been talking about running and it should be a no brainer. WTF?

samurai on July 31, 2008 at 2:05 pm

Sorry if “back to back” comments are bad form, but after I composed my posting above I saw the link to your dad’s 2006 piece.
I’ve just read it and I must say he is RIGHT ON the mark.

BillBowen on July 31, 2008 at 2:06 pm

It’s hard for me to understand how the likes of Menachem Begin and Golda Meir and so many other great people of strength could strive so hard to re-establish the nation of Israel with the banner of “never again!” (to suffer another holocaust), and yet this “re-birthed” nation seems so beaten down under such impotent weasel leadership as Ohlmert and previously Ehud Barak and other libs like Peres and so forth. How does this happen?
I guess I should know how this happens from seeing where all this education in the USA has gotten us in our politics–from the great heritage we came from to Obama and McCain and Pelosi and the kinds of dreadful losers we have our guides today.
As a Christian who studies/accepts the propehetic words of scripture as totally inspired by G-d and authoritative–I offer the following as where this mess is leading. If you abhor such thoughts, skip over this post. I don’t know exactly how we get there–just that these things are included the program:
1) Israel and Jerusalem will continue to present the world’s biggest perplexing conundrum –how to achieve “peace” the middle-east with the way the muslim peoples are set against Israel–along with most of the other nations of the world hating her. (Zech 12 ff)
2) A leader will arise with “answers” to this enigma and the other great world problems and he seemingly will bring peace to the situation by flatteries and conniving (a Clinton type). Israel will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. There will be an element to this that will include a seven year treaty seemingly to guarantee peace to Israel. (Daniel 9-12)
3) (this one could be before number 2)–An attack will take place upon Israel that will be catastrophic– especially to those who start it. It will be launched by Russia in an alliance with several Arab nations–and amazingly, it will be put down and Israel will have a great deliverance. The depictions of this seem to be of a nuclear exchange plus conventional forces with Israel coming out on top. (Ezek 38-39)
4) The great leader that makes the peace for Israel will turn out to be it’s worst Haman/Hitler ever and there will be world wide persecution/prosecution of Jews and Christians resulting in mass genocide. Those who bow to this tyrant will be spared death–but it will be like a Faustian deal with the devil himself. (Daniel 9-12)
5) World wide, there will be wars, famines, plagues of all types–the crisis will affect the whole world. This is the time period called “the day of the L-RD” in prophecy–it is written about all over the prophets–much like when Egypt was hit with the 10 plagues in Exodus before the Passover.
6) At the height of the crisis, Israel’s true Messiah will deliver her–in a great deliverance even greater than the parting of the Red Sea. The outcome will be a fully redeemed Israel and a messianic age will ensue–finally a redeemed world in which he will rule with a rod of iron.

BB on July 31, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Just for historical accuracy, even though many, but not all, Zionists were left-leaning, Zionism and Bolshevism were opposed to each other. Zionists around WW I frequently presented themselves to European rulers as an alternative to the Bolsheviks in order to get support (e.g., many people believe, the Balfour declaration). All Bohsheviks condemned Zionism. For instance, Lenin said that Jews were not a nation. The Jewish (in origin) Bolsheviks such as Trotsky and Luxemburg were no different.
Sometimes I think it is worse if a sellout leader is intelligent. A stupid one might box themselves in, and lose power faster. Also, although there are many confused currents in the Israeli electorate, the sellout role of the Winograd Commission, and similar maneuvers also played a big role in keeping Olmert around as long as he was.

c f on July 31, 2008 at 11:23 pm

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