August 15, 2008, - 12:54 pm

“The Dark Prince”: Most Famous American Bimbo Now “Dating” UAE “Milk” Sheikh

By Debbie Schlussel
You know how the Islamic world views most American women as slutty, ignorant bimbos? Well, now, an unnamed Abu Dhabi Prince has added to his harem an American woman who most fits that description: Pamela Anderson. Abu Dhabi is one of the seven United Arab Emirates.
Anderson calls the unidentified Sheikh, her “Milk Sheikh.” (The thing is that the “kh” at the end of the word “Sheikh” is not pronounced like a hard K, and more like the sound of clearing one’s throat. Not that anyone expects this anti-Einstein to know these things.)
I guess it doesn’t bother Anderson that the Abu Dhabi ruling family, the Al-Nahyans, funded anti-Semitic speakers and literature spreading Holocaust denial, 9/11 Trutherism (saying Israel, the Jews, and the CIA were behind 9/11).


Aging Baywatch Babe Finds Her Dark Prince:

Latest Concubine of Abu Dhabi Al-Nahyan Harem

I also find it interesting that Anderson–a strict vegan and outspoken animal rights activist and PETA spokesperson–isn’t bothered by the barbaric, strict Islamic halal slaughter of animals, to which the Al-Nahyans adhere.
Not, of course, that she has enough brain cells to comprehend these things. Or care.
Apparently Anderson met the unnamed Al-Nahyan family Prince when she visited Abu Dhabi for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Hmmm . . .I wonder what “Wish” she was fulfilling–“I want to contract Hepatitis-C before I die”?)
The Prince and his family then hired this siloicone-valleyed blow-up doll to design an “eco-friendly, green” hotel in the emirate. Don’t you love how a woman who lives in a Malibu mansion and wastes energy left and right, is going to “design” one of those? Who knew this aging Baywatch babe earned an architecture degree? (The same goes for fellow celeb-eco-hypocrite Brad Pitt, also “designing” a “green” hotel in Abu Dhabi and consuming more energy than 1,000 average Americans.)
This “match” is yet another example that betrays the BS Muslims claim about their need for modesty in America and at Gitmo. Nothing modest about disease-ridden Anderson or “dating” (euphemism) her. Maybe the Milk Sheikh can make a Tommy Lee-style porn video with her.
Oh, and on other thing: Anderson and the unspecified Sheikh Al-Nahyan have been spotted together in an L.A.-area gay bar, The Abbey. Homosexuality? Another no-no in Islam–including in the emirates, except when they’re raping foreign young boys. (Pam, keep your young sons at home.) Gays are persecuted and punished with death in “moderate” Abu Dhabi.
Pamela Anderson and the unnamed Milk Sheikh . . . Sounds to me like a match made in 72-sluts harem paradise.
First, Britney Spears, now Pamela Anderson. It’s the latest bimbo trend: “Dating” (euphemism) a Muslim guy. They can all of our bimbos (and their diseases), so long as there is no reproduction involved.
Would love to see ’em in burqas, for a change.
**** UPDATE: This is HILARIOUS. Reader Ari writes:

Wacky foreigner who hates Jews comes to America to get into Pamela Anderson’s pants?
Wasn’t that the plot of “Borat“?

Life imitates “art.”

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Pamela Anderson is CANADIAN, not American. Ask any Canadian, they will clarify this for you.

Katie on April 29, 2010 at 1:59 am

Your very biased in ur view about islam. These shiekh do NOT represent islam, what they do is totally wrong. But you as a writer should not blur the lines between religion and what some some people, i guess not. Go get ur facts right about the religion before you go on your hate rampage!

mjshaj on April 18, 2011 at 12:00 am

Very biased and really ignorant stuff.

dave on January 9, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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