August 18, 2008, - 11:00 am

OUTRAGE: Hezbollah Terrorist Who Trained in Dearbornistan Park w/ AK-47 Goes Free; May Be Medical Doc in Mich

By Debbie Schlussel
More Desperate But Not Serious America.
Remember Houssein Ali Zorkot? More on him here.
He’s the Hezbollah fanatic and apparent terrorist arrested last year, who trained in Dearbornistan’s Hemlock Park with an AK-47 and maintained a pro-Hezbollah website stating that he was going to take action on behalf of Hezbollah in the “start of my personal jihad (in the US)”. He wore camouflage face paint and was a medical student at Wayne State University.
Well, you may soon be saying Dr. Houssein Ali Zorkot, because Zorkot was sentenced to only two years probation. Free as a bird.


This was on Houssein Zorkot’s Now-Defunct Website . . .

Yup, this man who was obviously training for a terrorist attack, tried to flee police, and whom police thought was going to shoot them (they had to zap him with a taser), was given freedom. I have represented people on minor drunk driving offenses who’ve gotten way worse. And they weren’t training to kill anyone, announcing it on their websites.
Here’s a brief flashback from the Zorkot story:

Officers used a Taser, which struck Zorkot between his shoulder blades. The electrical jolt caused him to fall to the ground, where he began rolling back and forth while yelling “Ali Ackbed.” [DS: It’s “Allahu Akbar”–allah is the greater or greatest”.]
When Zorkot refused to comply with officers’ orders, he was stunned again and taken into custody. As police placed him into the back of a patrol vehicle, he allegedly said: “You think this is over? This is not over.”
Evidence technicians then searched his vehicle and found two pairs of cloth gloves; a military combat belt with a canteen and two knives; boots with socks; a receipt for the AK-47 rifle and ammunition; a gunlock and keys; a list of metropolitan Detroit shooting ranges; numerous photographs of Zorkot standing in front of a billboard depicting “various Muslim extremists;” a briefcase containing a laptop; and a cell phone.
Two cameras, a portable AM/FM radio, a pair of binoculars, four computer CDs, an Army surplus bag, a camouflage face paint kit, a Lebanese flag, a VCR cassette of “The Never Ending Story,” and eight prepaid international phone cards were also found inside the vehicle.

This is a huge moral victory for Hezbollah and its various operatives and supporters inside America–of which there are plenty who are a lot more discreet than Houssein Zorkot. And it’s a huge moral victory for the tens of thousands of Shi’ite Muslims in Dearbornistan and Dearbornistan Heights and throughout the Detroit area–all of whom support Hezbollah and most of whom were rooting for and defending this guy, Zorkot. None of them spoke out against Zorkot or what he did.
It’s also a victory for Dearbornistan’s corrupt, pan-Islamist Mayor John “Jack” O’Reilly, who withheld info on Zorkot’s initial arrest for three days, claiming this was to delay “panic” of another terrorist attack. Abu O’Reilly, who defended Zorkot as merely disturbed and not a terrorist, is laughing–in his case, probably all the way to the bank. O’Reilly, who voted for a lucrative, shady deal for Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine, is believed to have taken money from Chahine, just as his friend and predecessor Dearborn Mayor, Michael Guido, did.
Had Dearbornistan cops not stopped Zorkot, who knows how many people he might have murdered in an attack with his AK-47?
The screw-up in prosecuting this guy can be blamed wholly on the Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy–the woman who is garnering positive headlines for her prosecution of Detroit Mayor Kwame Malik Kilpatrick. While she was busy courting the headlines, her office–utilizing an Arab assistant prosecutor–bungled the case entirely (probably deliberately) and then agreed to this ridiculous plea deal with Zorkot. Interesting that while Worthy is tough on the Mayor of Detroit, she is soft on Hezbollah terrorists who want to become doctors and do who knows what to their patients.
I also blame Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Diane Hathaway, who agreed to this absurd plea deal and gave him the lenient two year probation sentence. Hathaway’s name was not mentioned in news reports, but I called around to the courts to get the details. She could have rejected the plea deal. She could have given him a tougher sentence. She chose neither of those options because, obviously, Judge Hathaway, is soft on terrorism.
Clearly, America is not only not more serious since September 11, 2001. It is less so. Ironically, Zorkot was arraigned last year on September 11th.
With the knowledge that Houssein Zorkot now walks free, the victims of September 11th are probably turning over in their graves.
Like I said, don’t be surprised if Zorkot finishes up medical school and is admitted to practice medicine in the State of Michigan. I will be following his “career.”
America . . . Desperate but Not Serious in fighting Islamic terrorism on our own soil.
When searching his home, police found photos of Houssein Zorkot in front of this Hezbollah billboard. We still don’t know who took the photos and was in on his jihadist plans. Since his telling that info to authorities was neither part of his plea agreement nor his sentence, we’ll now never know.


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I, for one, am personally very appreciative of the work you have done and continue to do in exposing these miscarriages of our laws in the way they protect these jihadist low-lives.
This guy even looks like a real creep with a face that would be best viewed over a front sight.
Please keep up the good work !!

Shootist on August 18, 2008 at 12:49 pm

The cops won’t always be able to catch these bad guys.
That means it’s up to you and me to be prepared, just in case.
Man up, America.

undaunted on August 18, 2008 at 3:36 pm

I keep revising my prediction for France-like violence in the US. It used to be 15-25 years.
Now – 5 years.
Its too late to change the outcome now. Civil war is absolute certainty.

robscottw on August 18, 2008 at 4:39 pm

Debbie, I went to HS with a Muslim guy who was openly anti-Semitic who got caught up in some peripheral crap and was let off the hook. That was years ago, and he is now a boring business type, but you couldn’t pay me to get on a plane with him.

Anonymous1 on August 18, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Debbie… this story is one of many we will likely continue to see until this S#$t just boils over and we end up fighting for our lives against this islamic filth saturating our beloved country in harat.
as far as the gun goes… I have to make a statement against the reporting of the firearm… we as right wing level heads doing fair and honest reporting must make a clear distinction between AK47 assault rifle with full auto and select fire… or an AKM semi automatic non assault rifle…
if we can’t even make these distinctions how can we bi@#h when the left doesn’t either.
sorry just had to say it.
the gun used in the omaha shooting was also reported as an assault rifle… but wasn’t it was a semi automatic SKS.
for a rifle to be considered by definition an assault rifle it must be select fire or full auto.
i know you didnt use the term assault rifle… but AK47 and AKM are two different rifles that look the same… the AK47 is full auto and select fire. but the AKM is a semi auto rifle you or I could buy at mc sports.

FireLion on August 19, 2008 at 2:50 am

Debbie, I believe you may be confusing Judge Diane Hathaway, who is in the Criminal Division of Wayne Circuit Court, with Judge Amy Hathaway, of the Family Division, who converted prior to marrying Judge David Groner.

RSS on August 19, 2008 at 3:22 pm

I knew Houssein casually as a fellow medical student at Wayne State. He seemed kind and gentle, albeit somewhat uncomfortable in his own skin. I don’t know any of the details of why he showed up in a park one night with an AK-47. I would suggest, though, that his actions could have come from depression and not a desire to hurt anyone. Maybe this was a cry for help and maybe Kym Worth’s plea bargain was the best thing for him and us? I don’t know.

JTT on February 24, 2012 at 5:46 pm

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John on June 26, 2018 at 2:15 pm

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