August 22, 2008, - 1:21 pm

ICE Shocked-Shocked!: Voluntary Self-Deportation Program a Complete Failure, Dumped After 3 Weeks

By Debbie Schlussel
The incompetents who head Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are shocked–shocked!–that only nine people out of about 500,000 illegal aliens with final deportation orders turned themselves in for a voluntary, self-deportation program.
“Operation Scheduled Departure” is now off the schedule and has ended after three weeks of complete failure.
That’s not shocking. You don’t have to be Einstein to predict–as I did–that this would fail. Who–in their right illegal alien mind–would voluntary leave America, when they know their chances of being arrested and deported is slim to none? Only an idiot. And apparently there were either eight idiots or eight people who planned to leave anyway and wanted America to help finance the trip.
What is shocking is that ICE officials are shocked it failed:


A pilot program allowing illegal immigrants to surrender to authorities and have more control over their deportation has been dubbed a failure.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it is ending its “Scheduled Departure” program when the three-week trial concludes Friday. Only eight people participated in the program, officials said.
“Quite frankly, I think this proves the only method that works is enforcement,” Jim Hayes, acting director of ICE’s detention and removal operations, told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Ya think? Boy, this guy Hayes is a regular rocket scientist. Duh. This guy needed this wasteful, “genius” Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess” to prove this obvious point.

The eight volunteers included an Estonian man in Phoenix, a Guatemalan man and Indian couple in Chicago, a Salvadoran man in Charlotte, a Mexican woman in San Diego and a Guatemalan man and Lebanese man in Santa Ana, according to ICE.

One illegal Lebanese Hezbo-supporting alien down, a gazillion to go.
ICE claims it only spent $37,000 on advertising the program, but don’t believe it. ICE wasted a lot more than $37,000. They advertised on Hispanic (but not Muslim or Arabic) radio stations and other media outlets and printed up fliers. ICE “accounting” is very good with faking the numbers, better than Tony Soprano.

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Now what we really need is volunary taxes.

c f on August 22, 2008 at 3:38 pm

ICE which really stands for INCOMPETENT CORRUPT ENTITY.
For anyone at ICE, or anywhere in the United States for example, to be “shocked” that Illegals would not voluntarily leave America…should not be in ANY positions of authority and/or entrusted with the well being of United States Citizens.
Why would they leave free health care? Why would they leave free education for their children? Why would they leave free benefits (federal, state and local) for their children and themselves? Why would they leave when they can make an income…TAX FREE?
Why would they leave when they can FRAUDULENTLY take over the name/ss# of an American Citizen?
Why would they leave when the liberal media provides them with “talking points” and says that they are just “doing jobs no one else wants to do”? Hence, they are protrayed as “victims” deserving of sympathy.
What has happened, and been allowed to happen, at our borders is nothing short of an…invasion. If there were 12-20 MILLION white Europeans crossing our borders ILLEGALLY it would be an invasion as well…but it is NOT white Europeans (well, there might have been 1 or 2 over the past 20 years).
The “mindset” that “they are here” and “they are just trying to better their lives” has NEVER been (constistenly perputrated/mantra) applied towards any other “DEFENSE” for illegal (yes ILLEGAL) activity.
Yet, these ILLEGALS and their “support groups” (i.e. ACLU, LaRaza, etc.) continue to reap MILLIONS of dollars (even Mexico itself is not hiding it’s monetary legal representation here in the US anymore) while accusing “American Employers” of being the “real criminals”.
I would NEVER dismiss the role that the Employers play in this “let’s cheat American Citizens out of their jobs/benefits/American Dream” so here is a NOVEL IDEA…Let’s put ALL of them in jail…together!
That’s right all of the Illegals, along with their family members who consorted/conspired with them to break our laws, in Jail with all of the Employers/Co-workers who KNEW and/or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN they were breaking American Laws.
NO Country in this World would allow 12-20 million people to ILLEGALLY INVADE it…except the United States (oxymoron when it comes to this issue).
To “compound the issue” you have the Democrats (for the most part), and California (aka: we take Billions of Dollars in Federal Money but we will “pick and choose” which Federal Laws we adhere to), not only providing SANCTUARY for these ILLEGALS but also encouraging VOTER FRAUD (some of which does involve ILLEGALS) to take part in our Elections (see ACORN for examples.
This Country is (literally) being surrounded with “quick sand” on all sides (New York, Mexico, California) as it pertains to Illegals and the deterioration of Laws/Rights/Enforcement.
In some ways we have brought it upon ourselves by not standing together and YELLING “over and over” for this to stop. However, the fact that we have not YELLED “over and over” does not excuse/dismiss the Congress (and all Elected Officials) who KNOW what is happening…to turn a “blind eye” and allow it to continue.
When Counties like Prince William crackdown (here in Virginia) on ILLEGALS guess what? Crime drops! Housing market rebounds! Schools are less crowded! Hospitals, and their Emergency Rooms, are able to treat…real Emergencys instead of having to deal with “no speake engle” (yeah, but 5 minutes earlier in the parking lot when you were emptying your wallet/purse of all ID your English was JUST FINE) when it comes to actually PAYING for the Hospital Care.
Why should they pay for it when they know that the American Taxpayer…will (ultimately) pay for it?
The “GUILT RECEIPE” needs to stop!
Being the MAJORITY is not always a…bad thing. Nor, is it (contrary to every show on MTV and magazine and liberal press) an “uncool thing”.
If you state fact(s) you are protrayed as…racists. If you prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that when you crack down on ILLEGALS that things improve GREATLY then they come up with 1001 “other reasons” besides the ILLEGAL CRACKDOWN (funny how those same 1001 reasons never apply to those SANCTUARY CITIES).
Liberals espouse their “diversity” except when it deals with white people, Christians, Jewish People, the South, Conservatives, etc.
They hide behind their MANSIONS (see Pelosi and Finestein – if spelled incorrectly so be it), that are GATED/FENCED by the way and protected by people with GUNS (oh my why would they have fences and guns…oh yeah….because they WORK) diving out the “spoils” of “no bid contracts” and “bundled millions” brought in by “everyone other than US Citizens”.
I would WELCOME busloads of US Citizens to come to DC and try to get 5 minutes with their Senator and/or Congressman. They would “soon” find out that unless you are a LOBBYIST and/or ILLEGAL ADVOCATE and/or NON-PROFIT ATTACK DOG that the odds are “remote” that your presence would warrant them taking time away from…”the peoples business”…what a crock!
There should be a CAMPAIGN put forth starting today entitled…PROUD MAJORITY (t-shirts, decals, bumper stickers, etc.) and it should encompass ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS.
I would “bet” that once “word got out” that these PROUD MAJORITY t-shirts were actually being sold/worn that the LIB’s and the ILLEGALS would yell….”racists/discrimination/etc.” and the PC crowd would get them “banned” from Schools.
Do you know why? Well, I will tell you why and that is because (sadly) it has become a “dirty little secret” that American Citizens ARE the Majority.
I equate this to the movie where the “grasshoppers” were putting the “ants” to work to provide them with food…year after year. The ants did what they were told, and lived underground so scared of the grasshoppers, until one day they realized…hey, we are the MAJORITY and if we stick together…anything/everything is possible.
The movie then has a HAPPY ENDING.
Perhaps one day AMERICAN CITIZENS will realize the same thing and quit taking orders/demands from the “minority” (other than anything/everything that is reasonable of course) and quit being SCARED. Until that day happens then “all H-LL will continue to break loose” as it has over all these years.
Nuff said.

Nostradamus on August 23, 2008 at 12:03 am

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