September 2, 2011, - 7:25 pm

Jewish Media, ADL, Snopes Work Overtime Whitewashing Anti-Israel Whole Foods; Here Are the FACTS

By Debbie Schlussel

**** ACTION ALERT: Please send these FACTS about anti-Israel Whole Foods to everyone you know. Cut and paste this and send it on your e-mail lists far and wide. There are a lot of morons getting, believing, and re-sending false e-mails and links whitewashing Whole Foods.  And we cannot allow Whole Foods and its friends to win their propaganda war while they continue to engage in lies and anti-Israel, pan-Muslim behavior.  ****




Whole Foods Funds Scholarships to HAMAS’ An-Najah University



An-Najah University Stages Re-enactments of Sbarro Pizza Homicide Bombing & Israeli Bus Bombing

In recent days and weeks, I’ve been getting e-mails from a bunch of people about how Snopes, the ADL, and a series of Jewish newspapers have been working overtime to whitewash Whole Foods’ anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, pan-Muslim activities and my writings about them. Rest assured these reports are not true.  The facts I wrote about Whole Foods anti-Israel, pro-HAMAS products and behavior remain unrefuted because they are absolutely true.  Even Whole Foods admits to them when it comes down to it.  And neither Whole Foods nor the ADL will say how much money Whole Foods donated to the ADL.  Nor will the Jewish newspapers detail how much in ad revenue they get from frequent, lucrative Whole Foods ads during the Jewish holidays.  If anything I wrote were untrue, Whole Foods would have sued me by now for defamation.  They aren’t because what I wrote is the absolute truth.

Here are the facts I reported–facts which remain solid and unrefuted:

* Whole Foods dumped Israel’s best-selling product, Israeli olive oil, and replaced it with Palestinian Terrorist Olive Oil a/k/a Palestinian Canaan Fair Trade olive oil, which supports Muslim HAMAS and Fatah farmers and funds scholarships to HAMAS Terrorist University a/k/a An-Najah University in Nablus, which recruits for HAMAS, displays exhibits celebrating and mocking homicide bombings of Jews, where photos of Islamic terrorist leaders of Hezbollah, HAMAS, etc. line the walls, and where the American and Israeli flags are permanently affixed to the floor for students, faculty, and visitors to step on.  See more details here and here and make sure to watch this video of what Whole Foods anti-Israel terrorist olive oil is funding.  FYI, Canaan Fair Trade olive oil is headquartered in Jenin, the hotbed of homicide bombers and Jew-hating HAMAS supporters.  In America, the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, pro-HAMAS “Jewish Voice for Peace”  and all the usual anti-Israel, left-wing churches are helping to promote and distribute the Palestinian terrorist olive oil through Whole Foods.  Whole Foods isn’t just selling this olive oil, it is spending big bucks to promote it in partnership with the Jenin HAMAS Palestinians.

Whole Foods officially recognizes HAMAS’ “Palestine” as a state and said so in writing to people who complained about its anti-Israel stance.  When this statement brought more anger from Jewish and other consumers, Whole Foods deleted the paragraph about the olive oil and “Palestine” from the letter, to whitewash the issue.  In the original mass letter Whole Foods sent out to those who complained, Whole Foods “customer information specialist” Rachael Gruver wrote:

Ms. Schlussel mentions olive oil in her post. We do sell olive oil from Palestine under the brand name Canaan Fair Trade.

Since that only confirmed exactly what I wrote, in the next incarnation of the letter Whole Foods deleted the entire “Palestine”  and Palestinian olive oil paragraph, but continued its recognition of the HAMAS Palestinian state and continued to mention “Palestine.”

Whole Foods cannot dump all Israeli products or it would be in violation of federal anti-boycott laws, so it still carries less popular Israeli products, but dropped Israeli olive oil.  Whole Foods would be sued under laws preventing it from abiding by the Arab boycott of Israel if it dropped all Israeli products, which is the only reason it still sells obscure products from Israel no one buys.  Who goes to Whole Foods seeking “tuna fish canned in Israel”?  No one.

* Whole Foods Funded Radio Intifada on KPFK radio station.  Radio intifada glorifies, praises, and encourages Islamic terrorism and Jew-hatred.  And, yet, Whole Foods ran ads sponsoring the show and the openly anti-Israel, pro-jihad radio station for years, despite protests from Whole Foods customers and people in the pro-Israel community.

Whole Foods’ London store doesn’t carry Israeli couscous because it does not want to offend British Muslims.  Instead, Whole Foods London sells Palestinian Zaynoun couscous.

Whole Foods’ Ramadan promotion was not “just like any other holiday promotion for Christmas or Passover,” because it spent a lot of money from its foundation to promote Ramadan and never any other holiday.  Contrary to the chain’s claim because Whole Foods spent a huge chunk of money from its Whole Planet Foundation (which is supposed to feed the poor and promote healthy lifestyles in inner cities, not promote Islam) to finance free Ramadan food prizes and giveaways.  Whole Foods never used its foundation to promote Christian or Jewish holidays, only Ramadan.  Whole Foods won’t disclose how much money the Whole Planet Foundation spent to promote Ramadan.  Why not?

Again, NONE of these facts which I reported has ever been refuted by anyone or any source.  They won’t be and they cannot be, because they are facts.  Period.  If you have no problem with Whole Foods dumping Israeli olive oil, financing Radio Intifada, funding and selling Muslim terrorist olive oil used to finance Jew-hating HAMAS farmers and scholarships to HAMAS Terrorist University and with recognizing a HAMAS Palestinian state, then you are a jihadist sympathizer.  For everyone else, you should have a problem with this.  And you should have a problem with the ADL, Snopes, and the Jewish media, who continue to promote Whole Foods and worked overtime to whitewash the supermarket chain in a way they have never done.  Why?  What kind of money did they get for being Whole Foods’ kapos?  What kind of money would they lose without Whole Foods ads?

If you believe Snopes (a site which claims to be the arbiter of truth about rumors or claims, but is the exact opposite) or ever even consult that website, your head needs to be examined.  That you would trust verification of truth to a couple of married former folk dancer pro-Obama leftists (the owners/operators/writers of Snopes) tells me you are a moron.  And a lazy fool. Too lazy to do your own research and too foolish to have any critical thinking skills or even common sense to know better. Snopes lies and cannot be trusted.  I’ve written stories based on written documentation from companies themselves, such as when UPS sent me a written statement that it does not deliver beyond Israel’s green line, including to settlements.  And Snopes claimed the story was false.  When Target officials and the Wall Street Journal both confirmed in writing that Target cashiers  were forbidden from wishing customers a “Merry Christmas,” Snopes claimed the story wasn’t true.  If Snopes says something, you can be sure the opposite is in fact the truth.    And that’s the case here, in which Snopes merely repeated the ADL’s three-line BS.

The ADL, which refuted not a single fact I wrote, did not investigate the matter and won’t reveal how much money it got from Whole Foods as a donation.  ADL merely said it “doesn’t believe me.”  Guess what?  ADL is what shouldn’t be believed.  This is the same ADL, which hosted a member of Hezbollah as a “diversity and tolerance speaker” and which frequently co-sponsors anti-Israel movies and other events with the pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and its official, Palestinian terrorist, FBI award revokee, and marriage and immigration fraud perpetrator Imad Hamad, who praised teaching kids to blow up Jews on Palestinian TV shows.  ADL Michigan chief Betsy Kellman said that the “real terrorists” in America are Orthodox Jews.  She said she is worried that Orthodox Jews will commit terrorist attacks on Muslims and that this is the real terrorist threat to America.  This is the organization you trust to decide whether or not Whole Foods panders to Muslims and is anti-Israel?  Only if you’re a complete idiot.

And the Jewish newspapers get big money advertising from Whole Foods and have compromised their “coverage” of this issue accordingly.  The “report” running in many Jewish newspapers around the country, today and for the past week, is phony. The uber-liberal Los Angeles Jewish Journal (whose moronic editor, Rob Eshman, is a complete leftist and self-hater whose only Jewishness is making dumb latke videos) had a complete idiot named Ryan Torok do a whitewash piece on Whole Foods, apparently to protect ad revenue.  Torok wrote his  false report whitewashing Whole Foods without even interviewing me or reading any of the articles I’ve written on Whole Foods.  He admittedly still hasn’t read them or done any research on the topic, merely repeating Whole Foods’ denials, without doing any fact-checking.

When Torok finally contacted me a day after his phony report was published, it was a waste of time because he ignored all the facts and told me he found that Whole Foods sells an obscure olive oil by a Messianic Jewish group in one or two of its stores and, therefore, it is pro-Israel.  That should tell you what an absolute dummy this guy is.  He was not interested in the truth.  His editor, Rob Eshman (who blamed the Palestinian terrorist murder of the Fogel family on Jews, Israel, and settlers), refused to allow me to write an op-ed or to edit the story to include my side of it a/k/a the actual facts.  Now, that phony article appears in other so-called “Jewish” newspapers such as the Detroit Jewish News, owned by Islamo-panderer, Obama fan, and self-hating “Jew” Arthur Horwitz, a business partner of Osama Siblani, an open supporter and agent of Hezbollah, whose close relatives are executives at Al-Manar a/k/a Hezbollah TV. There is a reason none of these hacks is working in the mainstream media. Even those frauds thought these frauds too incompetent and unqualified.

I repeat:  NONE of these facts which I reported has been refuted by anyone or any source.  They cannot be, because they are facts.  Period.

Whole Foods dumped Israeli olive oil.  Whole Foods helped finance terrorist Radio Intifada on American radio airwaves.  Now, Whole Foods funds and sells Muslim terrorist olive oil which finances HAMAS farmers and scholarships to HAMAS Terrorist University.  Whole Foods recognizes the HAMAS Palestinian state.  And Whole Foods spent oodles of its foundation money to promote Ramadan, which it does for no other religion, no other holiday.

Those are the facts.  Your mind needs to be deSnoped.

Here are more of the FACTS:

Again, Please Remember to Cut & Paste This Post and E-mail It To Everyone You Can Think Of. THANKS.

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30 Responses

Debbie you said in you’re sentiment:

“If anything I wrote were untrue, Whole Foods would have sued me by now for defamation. They aren’t because what I wrote is the absolute truth.”

Agreed DS, I read just about all of you’re articles regarding Whole Food and them not promoting and selling products from Israel, etc. And you know that the ADL or any pressure group can’t and won’t try to file a suit against you for defamation, because what you wrote in all of those articles are complete PROVEN FACTS, and they can’t refute any of the articles you wrote about Whole Foods.

DS and everybody else who comments here, the bible reads, “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free (those were the words of jesus christ himself)”. Folks need to wake up and acknowledge the whole facts and also notice what’s happening around them and wake up and live in the real world!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on September 2, 2011 at 8:15 pm

Well, Debbie, what can you expect of scumbags whose patron Saint is St Rachel Corrie of IHOP?

Occam's Tool on September 2, 2011 at 8:40 pm

They make the Jerusalem Post look enlightened.

Will they cut their tries to the Islam Lobby? No, they won’t and they won’t investigate b/c they know what that would mean for their credibility.

Actually, the organized part of the American Jewish Community are the last people on earth who should tell us they care about present threats to Jewish survival!

NormanF on September 2, 2011 at 8:53 pm

I’ll pass this info to the people I know that shop at Whole Foods.

Ilan on September 3, 2011 at 12:28 am

That’s it. I’m gonna have to put my discomfort aside and try to see what I can do about this. My town is predominately Jewish and we have TWO Whole Foods patroned by many, many, Jews.

I’m gonna have to find someone in my community who is a strong, Conservative zionist to help me get the word out.

Because we know that there are many, many self-hating sorts who hate Israel and love the filthy Palestinians and happily shop there. The group I wanna reach is the un/mis-informed Liberal Jews who even though they are Liberal, REALLY support and see the significance of Israel. If I can get that group to see the truth, their ire at WF could really do some damage.

I have a lot of work to do. It just has to be done.

(I have spoken to some Liberal Jews who see themselves as Liberal and are fierce about Israel. Unfortunately, these sorts have a very loose understanding of politics and really don’t know much when you get right down to it. When I tell them how supportive Christian Consevatives are to Israel, they look at me as if I just spoke to them in Chinese. The truth needs to get out.)

Skunky on September 3, 2011 at 12:31 am

Debbie how dare you slander my Israeli canned tuna fish! J/k. To be fair Whole Foods London doesn’t sell Israeli couscous also because they prefer not being burnt to the ground by British Muslims, who are a big whopping hammer compared to the skinny little nail of British Jews, many of whom keep quiet about their religion. Pls call me after shabbes.

A1 on September 3, 2011 at 12:46 am

So how OLD is THIS story??

ANOTHER variation? NYC’s Park Slope has it’s own Yuppie TALIBAN: MANY of them self-HATING DNC jews???

EminemsRevenge on September 3, 2011 at 1:01 am

I’ve noticed some word-parsing going on by defenders of WF, such as denying Debbie’s accusation of pulling ALL Israeli products from their shelves, which they deny. Debbie didn’t say they pulled ALL, she said they’ve pulled PROMINENT ones such as Israeli olive oil.

An easy way for WF to clear this up is to disclose WHICH Israeli products they’ve pulled if any, and the REASON for the pull. They probably won’t do that because they know they would look bad.

Scott on September 3, 2011 at 1:45 am

Why does this not surprise me? (For the 755,289th time.)

3 reasons why WF and ADL would not strike back at DS for defamation…

1) The facts about WF’s selective marketing are there, and so-far someone hasn’t formulated a satisfactory response;
2) They are total cowards (appeaser -> coward -> KAPO/traitor);
3) They can’t afford a REAL lawyer to fight back (it takes a lot of money to crush an enemy, especially if you have no evidence that use could use to defend yourself).

Case closed. NEXT…

The Reverend Jacques on September 3, 2011 at 6:00 am

Good work Debbie, I think you have their back against the wall.

Lars on September 3, 2011 at 10:44 am

Well I know what makes Jews great is strength in industry. It’s too bad Whole Foods has signed up for the muslim-sharia agenda through their prejudice.

I wonder who the muslims who own the olive groves had to kill to get “ownership.”

The domain that you requested,, is still available!


In the mean time, I will be calling and faxing using the information below, asking why they are supporting terrorist groups and not selling any prominent Israeli food products.

Whole Foods Market, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX 78703-4644
512-477-5566 voicemail
512-482-7000 fax

JE on September 3, 2011 at 2:16 pm

I never shop at Whole Foods, over priced stuff that just isn’t any better than you can buy a good local market. But I know of people who will drive many miles out of their way to shop there. the whole organic movement is on the scale of global warming, in other words a hoax. Boycott Hollywood, Whole foods, read a good book & shop at local markets.

ChickasawMan on September 4, 2011 at 2:07 am


Are there any chains that sell organic produce and that genre of products that are not pro-Jihadi? You mentioned once that Trader Joes too advertizes on Radio Intifada, so what else is there that one could use, outside the usual local grocery chains? I find some items, like chicken, too fat laden, compared to when I bought from Traders Joe. So are there other alternatives?

Infidel Pride on September 4, 2011 at 8:03 am

ADL = Arab Defense League

I_AM_ME on September 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm

This blog post is super juicy. It looks like they are going to start fighting back. It’s about time somebody took on these counter-productive ignoramuses!

If FreedomWorks gets their way, President Obama is going to get re-elected… Can’t we all just allow the candidates speak and let people decide for themselves!

Dan on September 4, 2011 at 7:19 pm

WF is based in Austin, Texas. That’s one of the few cities in Texas that has a higher than normal concentration of liberals. That explains why WF is shunning Israel and hugging the likes of Hamas.

Oscar on September 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Sean R

Thanks. It’s not that I’m much into the ‘organic’ fad or care much about hens being cage free or being constrained in a small area w/ their own waste, but rather, the type of food I get in Safeway or Lucky gives me undesired results: when cooking chicken, I get plenty of melted fat as a result of cooking – something that’s not a problem w/ cornish game hen. As far as the veggies go, however, a lot of them, like cauliflower, are pretty bland, but I can live w/ that, as opposed to the imported ones w/ exotic flavors (since they are not bio-engineered).

I shopped primarily @ TJs, and usually got their meats, as well as some other stuff, such as their lemonades, their cheese and some veggies. With Whole Foods, I liked the fact that in their meat section, they had people who could cut your meat any way you wanted. Since I live in the Bay Area, the other place where I can do that (for fish) – Ranch Market, I’d have to learn Mandarin first, unlike @ Whole Foods, where English would work. But I don’t normally shop there, primarily b’cos it’s too expensive, but now even b’cos they are pro-Islamic. But I do miss it sometimes, since I had the option of buying things like Muscovy Duck, which I’d not get anywhere else. If one is vegetarian, I guess one will not miss much.

The places you mention are on the East Coast, whereas I live on the Left Coast, where they don’t operate. Anyway, I’ll keep my distance from Whole Foods, and only rarely buy TJs

Infidel Pride on September 5, 2011 at 4:46 am

We have to take a stance against the enemies of good which includes Whole Foods

Wake up before it’s too late

Jules Tabak on September 5, 2011 at 6:44 am

Everything I’ve read about WF here is true. They are overpriced.
Their stuff really isn’t that good. The big HQ store in downtown
Austin has many different stations that make their style of Italian, Mexican, etc. It all tastes like cardboard – cold cardboard that is. And the women who shop or work there don’t look very healthy, much less hot.

CornCoLeo on September 5, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Oh, one other thing about WF that I think I commented on before. I drove an 18-wheeler for a short time. I’d pick up “organic” lettuce and spinach in California. It would all be pre-packaged in plastic tubs that weigh a couple ounces each. The cases with the tubs would be stacked on pallets and then loaded top to bottom of the trailer all the way from front to rear. I’d then haul the product to a WF cold-storage site all the way on the East coast.

The rub is that the trailer could haul around 44,000 lbs., but, due to the way the product was pre-packaged in plastic tubs the fully loaded trailer would only be hauling about 9,000 lbs. The cross-country haul would then occur in a Kenworth T2000 that gets a 6 MPG.

Whoa, that’s really “going green” huh?

CornCoLeo on September 5, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Spread far and wide via my Facebook page!

Michelle on September 6, 2011 at 5:43 pm

My shopping days at Whole Foods are over. I noticed only two weeks ago that kosher chicken was no longer available and had wondered what this was all about as the the location of this WF is positioned to serve many Jewish patrons and others who believe kosher has value for numerous reasons, one being the more humane treatment of animals.

How sad that the lobby is so strong against Israel. I will now switch back to Stew Leonard’s and make it again number one for groceries and products for my family.
The economic war rages on. Little do most people understand the consequences of supporting a supposed underdog – the trumped up phony Palestinian movement the tip of the iceberg of terrorism, repression and global upheaval. Hinda M

Hinda Matuszinska on September 11, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to grasp a lot about this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I think that you can do with a few percent to power the message house a little bit, however other than that, that is excellent blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

get ripped techniques on December 22, 2011 at 5:35 pm

What is the difference between Israeli and Palestinian terrorism and which came first the chicken or the egg. As someone an arms length from this dog fight I see neither side as having the moral high ground…However, Israel is definitely the bigger bully and perpetrator of violence..just look at the numbers…no heat, just light and facts. A wise man once said you are allowed your own beliefs but not your own facts.

Hank T on April 20, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Israel is no friend of the U.S. – the Jews of Israel just use the U.S. to fund its own terrorist operations against Palestine.

PJ on January 8, 2014 at 5:43 pm

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