February 19, 2007, - 1:29 pm

Why is the Salt Lake PD Changing Its Story on Trolley Square Terrorist’s Computer?

As I , the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Salt Lake City Police Department spokeswoman Robin Snyder said that police entered the residence of Trolley Square Islamic Terrorist but

did not take any computers or video games.

After I wrote about and questioned this dumb move, the Salt Lake PD suddenly changed its story, at least as reported by AP on Saturday, in which Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank claimed:

He left nothing behind — no notes, no journals, no computer — that might explain his motives.

Muslim Trolley Square Terrorist Sulejman Talovic

So, let’s see. On Thursday, there was a computer, but they didn’t seize it. Then, on Saturday, there was no computer. If a suspect changed his story in that way, we’d say he was lying. But if a Police Department does . . . it’s probably lying, too.
If there was no computer, the Salt Lake PD would have said so in the first place, but instead indicated there was one or more, but that they did not take it.
Regardless, there are lots of reports claiming Talovic spent most of his time in the basement, and since there are no reports of Playboys or other such items in the basement, he was probably on a computer or video games. He had a cellphone, too (which they seized), on which he could have surfed the net.
So, why the constantly shifting stories by the Salt Lake PD? The only thing we know for sure is that this Police Department–quick to dismiss Islam or terrorism as the cause of this jihadist style terrorist attack by a Muslim; and unable to find a motive right under its nose–can’t get its story straight.
And that’s very suspicious.

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I think you’re being too hard on the Salt Lake PD, Debbie. After all, how can you criticize a police department whose only training manual was written by the Keystone Cops?
Seriously, they are guilty of;
1. Incompetence,
2. Stupidity,
3. Lack of training,
4. Indoctrinated by political correctness,
5. Lying,
6. Endangering the residents of Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank = former Montgomery County Police Chief Charles A. Moose.

Thee_Bruno on February 19, 2007 at 3:23 pm

Savage also reported on I think Thursday that he received an e-mail from someone at the high school the killer attended saying that info about where he had been searching, etc. was available (since each kid had his own username and password) — but that despite being notified, no one from law enforcement had come by to look at what might be there.
Just another disgraceful chapter in the covering up of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Tom at BizzyBlog on February 19, 2007 at 4:19 pm

We are being victimized more and more by our own system which devolves power down to the lowest level everywhere. DA Nifong at Duke being a prime example. But we have the cops bungling the Jon Benet Ramsay case, the Michael Skagel case, and now the Barney Fife SLC cops stumbling all over a potential terror case. I don’t know a solution other than Federal suits demanding a certain level of training for local schmokel Keystone Kops.

Duke on February 19, 2007 at 4:49 pm

The FBI hasn’t done any better than the Barney Fifes as near as I can tell. Remember that dude at the Oklahoma U. football game. Nothing to see there. I could list lots more incidents, but Debbie has already done an excellent job on that. What about all the computers lost/stolen by the FBI – no idea whether sensitive information was on the laptops or if the thefts/losses were intentional. If this is incompetence, they sure are good at it.

Sioux on February 19, 2007 at 5:48 pm

“So, let’s see. On Thursday, there was a computer, but they didn’t seize it. Then, on Saturday, there was no computer. If a suspect changed his story in that way, we’d say he was lying. But if a Police Department does . . . it’s probably lying, too.”
Debbie, stop making logical sense here. It is so frustrating/aggravating.
What is the motive behind THIS latest whitewash? To be able to keep the “no jihadist attacks on US soil” lie going?
Yes–we are all safe now–my achin butt.

BB on February 19, 2007 at 10:47 pm

Imagine if they’re back-tracking and saying duh we don’t know, because, his hatred of Americans was the motive but the trigger was anti-depressant? Conspiracy theory you say? Did you know::
Eric Harris (http://tinyurl.com/2b9j5q),
Dylan Klebold (http://tinyurl.com/2a49d2)
Kip Kinkel (http://tinyurl.com/2dt9kv)
Are just three of the many shooters who took antidepressants as kids. Doctors don’t know what the side effects were but the three names mentioned above as well as many others may be connected. Killing Sulejman Talovic was the right thing to do, but if Talovic was on these prescriptions, then every company that makes these drugs are in for a big lawsuit and the State is in deep shit.
Makes sense…in a conspiracy theory kind of way

KOAJaps on February 20, 2007 at 6:38 am

I hope the father is questioned a tad more. I am puzzled by his statement to the local press that he had no idea why his son *quit* school two years prior. How do you live with your son for 2 years and not know why he quit school? Why doesn’t anyone else think this is weird? Even busy parents in our society would know or ask.

Highrise on February 20, 2007 at 1:50 pm

Actually I doubt the fbi would want to expose terrorist activity on this low of scale (as opposed to some bigger plot). Case in point is the FBI told the paper within 24 hours that this was not terrorism yet they had NO idea why he did it. No one leads a proper investigation that way. An appropriate response would have been, the investigation is ongoing, we’ll let folks know the results. Of course his cousin getting arrested for terrorism couldn’t be of an influence to him in his younger days and neither could his cult of hate set a stage of hatred for infidels (don’t have to shout allukabar or attend a mosque to have this basis for the mindset)..no sireee.

Highrise on February 20, 2007 at 1:54 pm

As an ex, retired, Law Enforcement officer, I can tell you what the problem is in most agencies.
The PC leadership fosters the kind of inept behavior demonstrated by the Salt Lake PD. The line officers are afraid to do anything that has not been approved by PC correct supervisors that have their heads up their ass. For example, the ICE Queen, Julie Meyers.
It starts at the top and then promotions are doled out to the ass kissers that are the most politically correct among the ranks. The cops that work hard and have common sense and are really good at their jobs either quit in disgust or go along to get along.
It is infecting all of our Governmental Agencies and it is a cancer that will destroy us from within if it is not stopped.

ScottyDog on February 20, 2007 at 4:56 pm

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