October 6, 2008, - 2:47 pm

Holy Shi’ite, er . . . Sunni: Judge “Intrigued” to Release Gitmo Terrorists to US Abyss; I Warned You

By Debbie Schlussel
When the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to give Guantanamo Bay Islamic terrorists habeas corpus rights to challenge in U.S. courts their detentions (one of the many Supreme Court decisions Sarah Palin couldn’t identify in the Katie Couric interview), I warned that this would lead to Gitmo terrorists being released to freedom on U.S. soil. Several liberal websites ridiculed me for it and said it was preposterous that this would ever enable terrorists to land on U.S. soil.
But I was right.
Brett Winterble of the Covert Radio Show sends this story about how Federal Judge Ricardo Urbina is considering exactly that–releasing Uighur (“Wee-Gurs”–Chinese Muslims) Gitmo terrorists onto U.S. soil. (Not that you should care, but even though the headline is “Holy Shi’ite”, Uighurs tend to be Sunni Muslims, FYI.)
Fed Judge Ricardo Urbina: HE . . .


HEARTS Them . . .

Alhamdillullah [praise/thank allah] for the stupidity of the American “justice” system, meaning justice for Muslim extremists, but for you–not so much:

A federal judge is considering whether to order a group of detainees held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay released into the United States, in what would instantly become a landmark legal decision in the years-long battle over the rights of terrorism suspects there.
The men, a small band of Chinese Muslims who have been held for nearly seven years, are no longer considered enemy combatants by the U.S. government, but they are caught in a well-documented diplomatic bind. Unlike other captives, they cannot be sent to their home country because Beijing considers them terrorists, and they might be tortured. The government released five of the detainees, known as Uighurs (pronounced “WEE-gurz”), to Albania in 2006, but no other country wants to risk offending China by accepting the others.
The Uighurs’ attorneys argue that the men have been confined for too long on flimsy evidence and pose no security threat to the United States. The lawyers want them released into this country — most likely into the Washington area, where there is a Uighur community — suggesting that authorities could supervise them much as they monitor criminal defendants released pending trial. Later, the government could find the Uighurs another home, the lawyers say.

“Later.” Uh-huh. They will NEVER leave. There will be no “later” except the later of when they and the other Muslims in our midst get the Muslim State of America they’ve been jonesing for, a century or so from now.

At a hearing in August, U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina spoke at length about the case’s complex issues and hinted that he was intrigued by the detainees’ proposal.
“I don’t understand why that would not be a viable option,” he said.

Intrigued by terrorists being welcomed openly from Gitmo into our midst? He doesn’t understand why this isn’t viable? Helloooooooooo . . . . .?

Urbina is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday that will examine whether he has the power to order the release of at least five of the Uighurs. Their attorneys have filed court papers asking Urbina to also consider releasing 12 other Uighurs who remain in custody. . . .
Much of the debate in court has focused on whether he can order such a transfer [of the Uighurs to the U.S.]. The Uighurs’ attorneys say that recent Supreme Court decisions demand such a move. . . .
In 2001, most of the Uighurs now in Guantanamo Bay were living in camps in Afghanistan until U.S. airstrikes drove them into neighboring Pakistan. They were captured there and turned over to U.S. authorities.
The government has asserted that the Uighurs were members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and trained at camps affiliated with the Taliban or al-Qaeda. The Bush administration designated ETIM a terrorist organization in August 2002, after the Uighurs were taken into custody.

Yup, guys who seven years ago were living in terrorist training camps are great candidates for living in the U.S. Now, I understand why Judge Urbina is intrigued and thinks this is a viable option: He’s an IDIOT.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, Hizzoner Urbina was nominated to the Federal bench by William Jefferson Clinton. (Before that he was a public defender and professor at Howard University. Shocker.)
Well, I guess we now need a new policy toward terrorists overseas. Actually, it’s not so new. It’s called: TAKE NO PRISONERS!
Cases like these are why it’s important for Sarah Palin–and others–to be aware of Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with. And FYI, since John McCain has always been against Gitmo and ditto for Barack Hussein Obama, one wonders what their responses to this will be. I hope they’re asked at tomorrow night’s debate.
But don’t worry, they won’t be.
Here’s an appropriate theme song for what Judge Urbina is doing:

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The Washington area no less!

c f on October 6, 2008 at 3:23 pm

Solution is, send them back to China. What China does with them is none of our business. These guys are terrorist, with blood on their hands, why do we care what China does with them.
It seems if they were either Jewish or Christian, we would have sent them back a long time ago.
Why does the world coddle muslims? Maybe the old saying the “The devil protects its own,” is true.

FIVEOFNINE on October 6, 2008 at 4:46 pm

The military should not have to allow information regarding the conduct of a war into the hands of the press and the general public. There are many things about war that have to be kept secret or they will be used by the enemy. The handling of these stateless terrorists who are attacking America and her allies should never have been made known to the public. Our enemies, such as Al Quaida, the Russians, the Chinese, Venezuala and Cuba don’t tell us about every thing they do. Keeping one’s mouth shut or saying “NO” seem to be a lost art.
And the fact that the military doesn’t want to house the terrorists on US soil because of our legal system says something about our legal system. It says that BIG changes need to be made. (And NOT Obama’s kind of change)

Ron Taylor on October 6, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Even if Palin wasn’t familiar with this case off the top of her head in the Katie Colonic interview, I don’t believe this means she is in favor of this decision. I am sure it caused a round of high fives in the Obama household on the however.

Tempus Fugit on October 6, 2008 at 5:49 pm

Among other things, the problem lies with a justice system comprising irresponsible and incompetent judges. Ricardo Urbina is the poster boy for this kind of nonsense.
But there is a solution.
To begin with, everyone knows liberals have a deep abiding sympathy for murderers–especially when they display hatred for America. Well, let these swine walk the walk as much as they talk the talk…
The Judge and the attorneys fighting for the ‘rights’ of these Uighurs should be compelled to have them live in their homes with wife and kids for a period of not less than five years. Bill Clinton can take any remaining terrorists home to meet Hillary and Chelsea–also for a period of five years.
Who knows, these Uighurs will probably end up becoming liberals and, better yet, card-carrying members of the Democrat Party.

happyinfidel on October 6, 2008 at 8:42 pm

i hate politics so much-i just want to scream

mindy1 on October 6, 2008 at 9:37 pm

Why don’t we just release them into the population in Cuba?

cankelz on October 7, 2008 at 9:00 am

I’ve observed a few horrible miscarriages of justice in my time, and this is huge.
Running with the Devil is too good a song to tie to this d–khead judge and his b.s.

samurai on October 7, 2008 at 9:12 am

This is also the kind of decision that will tear this country apart and make vigilante justice a hell of a lot more common. Jobs getting scarcer and more people with less to lose….. Say a person loses their loved one to the war. Say that same person happens to already be having a real bad day, year and his/her meds aren’t working well. Judges like this will bring that kind of thing about.

samurai on October 7, 2008 at 9:20 am

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