October 8, 2008, - 11:23 am

Hezbollah/Arafat Senator Has Prominent McCain Role; Detroit Reporter Lies About McCain Dumpee/Hezbo Fan

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s been well-known to me for several months that former U.S. Senator and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham–a big Hezbollah supporter, who sent $86 million of our money to the terrorist group for use in South Lebanon, and one of two Senators who refused to condemn Yasser Arafat and his homicide bombings in 1999 and 2000–is heavily involved in the McCain Presidential campaign. I know this because another person closely tied to him has a scary and prominent role in the McCain campaign–a separate column about that person is coming very soon.
But, today, in a fraudulent, whining piece of propaganda on behalf of Muslim Arabs in the Detroit Free Press, “reporter”/fabricator Kathy Gray–in the one truthful part of the article–confirms Abraham’s role in the McCain campaign. That should concern all Americans concerned with America’s policy toward terrorists, since it seems that John McCain is only concerned with Islamic terrorists in Iraq, but everywhere else (like Lebanon and Israel), not so much.

When McCain still was competing in Michigan, he enlisted former U.S. Sen. Spencer Abraham and Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, both from Lebanese-Christian families, to connect with community leaders.


Spencer Abraham:

Hezbollah’s Senator is McCain Campaign Figure

That much I believe, since I know it for a fact. (Read the complete details on Abraham, the McCain surrogate.)
The McCain campaign isn’t really bothered by Hezbollah. As I noted back in April, when I first contacted the McCain campaign about Ali Jawad, McCain’s top Michigan fundraiser, Ron Weiser (who is Jewish), told me “We don’t care about the Hezbollah stuff.” That’s disturbing, especially since Weiser has twice been an Ambassador appointed by Bush, and McCain would similarly reward him.
Now you can see why I’ll be holding my nose very tightly when I vote for McCain in November. It’s only a matter of “worse” versus “worser.”
But also disturbing is the fraud in the rest of the article. Kathleen Gray–who has falsely reported and lied about facts in other stories she’s covered that involve me (she’s had personal issues with me since she covered my first race for the Michigan House in 1990: she’s a leftist and can’t bear telling the truth regarding people with whom she disagrees)–claims in her article that John McCain dumped Ali Jawad from his campaign because he’s an Arab and based on false allegations:

An Arab American fund-raiser from Dearborn was removed from his volunteer role on McCain’s finance committee after a conservative blogger claimed he had ties to terrorists, despite his denial and his history of support for Republican candidates.

As the “conservative blogger” to whom she’s referring, here are the facts, as she well knows, because she was forced to include them back in May when another Free Press reporter co-wrote a story about this with her:
Ali Jawad pleaded guilty to insurance fraud in federal court and was ordered to pay more than $250,000 in fines. He also openly praised Hezbollah in a 2002 Detroit News article and again in a May interview on Detroit radio station WJR-AM. He’s never denied it. He’s proud of it.
Ali Jawad has never been a Republican Party fundraiser, has never raised a dime for the party. The only thing he’s a fundraiser for is Hezbollah, since he was selling Hezbollah cigarettes in his gas stations and Lebanese intelligence sources say he gave several hundred thousand dollars money to a Hezbollah-allied member of the Lebanese Parliament.
Jawad hasn’t donated to Republicans, either, since 2004, and at that point he didn’t give much. He’s also a huge donor to pan-Islamist Democrats.
Read the complete details on Hezbollah agent and federally convicted insurance frauder Ali Jawad.


Detroit Free Press Fabricator Kathy Gray: In the Tank for Hezbollah & the Left

Oh, and you should also note that Ali Dagher, who is quoted in this article, makes no bones about his support for Hezbollah, hatred of Israel and Jews, and has sent me threatening e-mails. None of that is noted in this whining article. Why would any candidate want the support of someone like that? If they do, that’s a problem. Not the other way around.
So much for “reporting” by Kathy Gray. She just writes what she wants, facts be damned. And this isn’t the first time. There’s a reason I call her “Jayson Blair in a Skirt“.
Saying John McCain dumped him because he’s a Muslim and Arab is like saying Barack Obama dumped Tony Rezko because he’s an innocent Arab-American businessman.
And you wonder why the Free Press continues to lose money and lay off staffers. Here’s hoping Kathy Gray is one of the next to go. She’s not a reporter. She’s a propagandist.
I called Kathy Gray to ask her why she lied about Ali Jawad, when she was forced to tell the whole story back in May, when another Free Press reporter co-wrote the piece with her. She refused and hung up on me, because she knows she lied and fabricated and there’s no justification. Real professional, Kathy.
She doesn’t do her homework. She does propaganda.
A great candidate for the Janet Cooke/Jayson Blair Award for “Excellence” in (Faux) “Journalism”.

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None of the candidates are perfect. You’re not going to convince me not to vote for McCain-Palin. Still going to vote for them (the GOP) even though being in NY I am effectively disenfranchised.

Ripper on October 8, 2008 at 1:10 pm

I won’t be holding my nose when voting. I am a registered Republican but I will not vote for McCain. He is a disaster just like Bush. That does not mean I am voting for Sen. O either.

norman on October 8, 2008 at 1:19 pm

The cynicism of McCain (Bush III) is discouraging. He apparently believes that by occasionally giving lip service to something (whether it is so-called commitment to Israel, opposition to abortion, opposition to the Russian invasion of Georgia, etc.) the Republican base & sycophant talk-show hosts and hostesses will praise him to the skies and ignore the fact that his words are sporadic and not followed up in any way; quite to the contrary.
It is sad to see prominent figures in the Jewish community go along with this; it is even worse with Obama though. I have seen articles in the Jewish press ‘explaining’ at great length why Obama is a friend of the Jewish people. Their ultimate argument is usually a citation of prominent Jewish individuals who support Obama, saying that if these individuals support him he must be a friend, because they certainly defend Jewish interests.
Who knows what their motives are? Business, prestige, gullibility, social acceptance, anything but real concern with long-range Jewish interests.

c f on October 8, 2008 at 3:09 pm

Since Senator BHO is going to win anyway and you are getting high on your ideological horse, why not vote GOP just to shave The One’s victory margin? People like your self will be bitching about Obama for the next 8 years, at least I can say that I voted to prevent him from being commander-in-chief. McCain is far better on the war then The One is. There are peoepl here who love to bash McCain and Saraah Palin so I will say to them enjoy the Barack Obama/Michelle Obama administration with the lieks of Zbigniew Brezsinzki (SIC), Samantha Power, Merrill “Tony” McPeak, and Robert Malley having influence in the White House. Sometimes conservatives make me want to puke!!!

Ripper on October 8, 2008 at 4:24 pm

Why should I vote for McCain when I would be cursing myself for voting for him if he became president. I do not believe his policies will be less worse than Obama’s. Both of them will cause us to further slide downhill toward impoverishment, with McCain pulling us at a slower pace. In these last several election cycles we seem to get pathetic leaders nominated for the presidency. And we keep selecting them. What does that do but encourage more of the same. We get stuck with holding our nose and selecting the less worse of the two candidates. This is not the first election like this. It is a recurring theme. We need to send a message to the party. Do not select anymore pathetic candidates and then force us to vote for him/her because not voting for him/her is like voting for the other side. This has to end. I hope that 4 years from now, we are not confronted with the same poor options. We need a candidate that is clearly distinct. And that candidate should be forceful in standing up for what the party stands for. I am specifically speaking of the GOP. I could not care less about the Democrats.

norman on October 8, 2008 at 5:10 pm

“We get stuck with holding our nose and selecting the less worse of the two candidates”
How about voting for the candidate that is the better choice amongst the two? I would rather have a guy in there whom I would agree with 50 – 60% of the time rather then a guy in there who I will agree with no more then 10% of the time. These are the cards that the idiot primary voters gave us. As for thinking there are but little differences between Obama and McCain – well get back to me 4 years from now after The One has done irreparable damage to the United States domestic and fore policy, Western Civilization, Israel, and the rule of law with his Ramsey Clark-like Attorney General’s and William O. Douglas Supreme Court nominees. Dick Morris can be annoying as hell but he was spot on when he told Sean Hannity (Debbie’s favorite guy at Fox/not) “I’m not into the purity of losing.”

Ripper on October 8, 2008 at 7:17 pm

Spencer Abraham, one of thousands of Americans providing cover for the Islamic jihad.

arius on October 8, 2008 at 8:36 pm

Political years like today make me want to revolt

mindy1 on October 9, 2008 at 5:57 am

Norman, you said, “This has to end. I hope that 4 years from now, we are not confronted with the same poor options.”
If BHO is elected, I pray that 4 years from now we still have the option to vote.

you are right on October 11, 2008 at 7:43 am

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