November 4, 2008, - 11:27 am

EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Women’s Federation Tells Invited Terrorism Speaker She Can’t Answer Khalidi Questions; The Self-Destruction of American Jewry

By Debbie Schlussel
Why did a Jewish women’s group risk its tax-exempt status by telling its invited speaker she was not allowed to answer questions about Barack Obama buddy, Rashid Khalidi?
There’s an old Jewish fable of a Jewish community in a city called Helm or Chelm. The people there are extremely stupid, and those they’ve chosen to lead them are even more idiotic. They’re known, sarcastically, as “The Wise Men of Chelm.”
Well, based on lots of rightfully angry phone calls I’ve received since yesterday, I think we just found our modern day “Wise Women of Chelm,” the Women’s Department of the Jewish Federation of Detroit–dominated by Obama supporters. Yesterday, they held their “Woman 2 Woman” fundraiser at which the minimum ticket in is a $365 donation.



Mazel Tov: Jewish Women’s Federation Silences

Terrorism Expert Rita Katz on Obama Buddy Rashid Khalidi

They refused to allow their invited fundraiser speaker, terrorism expert Rita Katz, to answer questions from the audience about Barack Obama bud, Palestinian anti-Semite and Israel hater, Arafat advisor Rashid Khalidi. Katz told the audience that she was told by her Jewish women Federation hosts and employees that she was not to answer questions about Khalidi because “it’s political.”
I know Rita–author of “The Terrorist Hunter”–whose father was assassinated by Saddam Hussein for being Jewish. She was born in Iraq and fled with her family to Israel. And I know that were she not suddenly censored by her fellow Jewish females on the eve of the election, she would have told the truth about Rashid Khalidi. Sadly, though, even if she had, it wouldn’t have changed a single mind in the community of the blind, deaf, and dumb that is Jewish America on this election day.
This organization is the women’s division of the Jewish Federation of Detroit, a group of self-appointed Jewish liberals who unfortunately decide how money is spent in the Jewish community and throughout Detroit, who purport to speak for me as a Jewish-American Detroiter, and who continue to reach out to and pander to “former” Islamic terrorists and Hezbollah members. These dumbasses–with their $400 million-plus endowment–funded a tour for Detroit Black kids of the anti-Israel Arab American National Museum and they funded an initiative to help increase Muslim immigration here and remove barriers to it. Those are just a couple of their myriad absurdly offensive expenditures.
It’s a good thing this women’s division of obnoxious dummies (who, through their behavior, help breed anti-Semitism) wasn’t around in 1940. I can only imagine a speaker telling the women’s group that she is not allowed to answer questions about Goebbels, Himmler, or Dr. Mengele, because “it’s political.”
And don’t think that’s a stretch. This progesterone-injected group of Hebrew Obama crones would likely be the kapos in the camps in those days. Or they’d be the ones who said,

Don’t worry, they’re just taking us away for a short weekend. In no time, we’ll be back at our homes.

Except, in those days, many of those Jews really didn’t know what was happening or what the Nazis were doing. Today, Jews have been sent almost two years of loud broadcasts and telegrams about Rev. Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, and Ali Abunimah. Yet, they choose to ignore them. Also, in those days, the kapos–the Jews who helped the Nazis and turned in other Jews, both in and outside the camps–were in the minority of European Jewry, an infinitesimal fraction of a fraction. Today, the kapos for Obama dominate American Jewry, and I and my compatriots are in the minority.
The line the Jewish Women’s Federation told Rita Katz to give–that she can’t talk about Khalidi because “it’s political”–is actually the real politics here. It’s official: the Jewish Federation is an arm of Team Obama. And for this political move, Federation stands to risk its 501(c)(3) charitable status. Politics are a no-no, and restraining a speaker to help the Obama election is political activity. I’ve heard from several people who want to complain to the IRS and have the status revoked.


The Detroit Jewish News–the “Bible” for these Idiot-owitzes–predictably endorsed Barack Obama. As with everything this insult to birdcage liner does, it would be too much to expect a paper with the name Jewish in its title to actually do something to support the Jews and their interests. Jewish News owner, Arthur Horwitz (whom some more appropriately call, Arthur “Whore-witz”), is in a commercial partnership with Osama Siblani, whose newspaper is funded by Hezbollah, whose brother is an Al-Manar (Hezbollah TV) exec, who called Hezbollah “the martyrs” and “freedom fighters”, and who was identified by a Kuwaiti newspaper as one of Hezbollah’s key American agents.
Recently, the Arab American News ran one of the most vile, anti-Semitic “Jews Are Rich and Get Special Treatment” articles. The Jewish News denounced it. But that was just smoke and mirrors, since Whore-witz is in bed with the Arab American News and, like a jilted lover, keeps coming back for more. It’s not just embarrassing. It’s disgusting and dangerous to the survival of the Jews in the Detroit area and the rest of America.
The thing about “The Jewish News”: It’s not Jewish, and it’s not news. As my late father once wrote Horwitz:

I would like to propose an alternative prayer, which I shall reverently call “A prayer for the Jewish News.”
“May the Jewish News be granted the wisdom to realize the silliness of some of its ultra-liberal positions and how much damage they could cause to the Jewish community.”

Tomorrow, the Detroit Jewish Federation is hosting Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley as a paid speaker. But Finley is the editor who invited anti-Semite and Hezbollah agent Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi to have a regular column on his editorial page, in which he constantly rants against the Jews and Israel. Elahi said the Jews committed 9/11 and was spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Navy in Iran. He was sent here by Iran and Hezbollah to shore up extremism in the Detroit Shi’ite community. Yes, Nolan Finley achieved a first: the first operative of Hezbollah and Iran to have a regular column in a major newspaper. And the Jewish community in Detroit licks his tuchus for doing so. Mazel Tov.


Nolan Finley’s Hand-Picked Detroit News Columnist Mohammed Ali Elahi

Hangs with Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Hezbollah’s Spiritual Leader

Who Ordered Murder of 241 U.S. Marines

While most Orthodox Jews are overwhelmingly for McCain–and a Harvard University study says that in the Tricentennial, 2076, only Orthodox Jews will be left in Judaism–even some of these of my fellow co-religionists display their ad absurdum ability to be myopic. A couple of close relatives of mine had their names in a “Jews for Change” add. Yes, there will be change, but not the kind that’s in any Jew’s–any American’s–interest in the least.
Then, there is my distant cousin Katie Schlussel of Brandeis University (whom I don’t know and with whom I’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails in the past). Here’s what she told the campus newspaper of her school that was home to commie attempted-murderer Angela Davis:

Israel is important to Katie Schlussel ’10.
Schlussel, president of Brandeis Orthodox Organization, cast her vote for Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) . . . .
Schlussel explained that she feels confident in Obama’s goals for the Middle East, even if McCain does seem to be the better man for the task considering his significant foreign policy experience and political track record of support for Israel.

This is why I think college students should be ineligible to vote.
Again, this isn’t representative of Orthodox Jewry, which is 95% for McCain. In places like New York, less so; in places like Michigan, almost 100%.
Every time I think the Jews can’t do anything worse to screw themselves, I’m disappointed because this insanity keeps escalating.
I’m glad my beloved late father isn’t around to see this total implosion and self-destruction of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, he saw quite enough already. And right now, he’s turning over in his grave.
The proverbial saying that “The Jews are the canary in the coal mine” is no longer valid, at least not here in America. America’s Jews are the idiots in the coal mine. The dead bodies who committed suicide in the coal mine.
Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t help much that Republican Jewish Coalition dictator-for-life Matt Brooks is paying himself over $500K per year and instead of campaigning to Jews spent his time paying the cash entry fee for the World Series of Poker. Instead of growing the Jewish vote, he’s been growing his rapidly increasing fat ass, using RJC money to live high on the hog, fly first class, stay at fancy hotels, and eat the finest shrimp.
In Judaism, we believe that G-d helps those who help themselves. Since my fellow co-religionists certainly aren’t meeting that requirement, I’m hoping G-d doesn’t distribute collective punishment.
It’s a good thing America is still a Christian country and that evangelical and Baptist Christians–and many other similarly smart and moral Americans–support Israel and my right to exist as a Jew here in this country. My own people won’t save me, but–with the help of G-d–Christian Americans will protect me from them and their complete stupidity.
I hope.


Mazel Tov, Obama: The American Jewish Community Has Jumped the Shark

Call the Jewish Women’s Federation and ask them why they silenced information on Rashid Khalidi and why they engage in censorship:
(248) 642-4260, ext. 183. I also suggest you contact the Jewish Federation, it’s parent, at the same number, but not that extension–ask for the operator.
I contacted the Jewish Women’s Federation asking for comment, and they, predictably, did not return my calls. In any event, here is a list of the organization’s officers. Since these chalushes tzatzkes feel no shame in censoring Rita about Khalidi, I’m sure they won’t mind a nice little mention here. If you know any of them, give them hell:
Board of Directors

Susie Citrin
Campaign Chair
Marcie Orley
Education Vice Presidents
Norma Dorman, Jodi Goodman, Barbara Horowitz, and Leah Ann Kleinfeldt
Corresponding Secretary
Pam Lippitt
Recording Secretary
Gail Mayer
Designates to Federation’s Board of Governors
Joan Chernoff Epstein and Leah Trosch
By-Laws Chair
Karen Alpiner
Lori Garon and Jennifer Silverman
Women’s Endowment Chair
Kathleen Wilson Fink
Strategic Planning Chair
Linda Lee
Nominating Committee Chair
Susie Pappas
Lisa Lis
Jewish Women’s Foundation Chair
Past Presidents
Helen S. August**
Penny B. Blumenstein
Marlene Borman
Tillie Brandwine**
Ann Daniels**
Dora Erlich**
Clara Frank**
Paula Glazier
Carolyn K. Greenberg
Nancy E. Grosfeld
Diane D. Hauser**
Shirley Harris
Bernice Hopp**
Esther Jones**
Jennie Jones**
Dorothy Karbel**
Sharon Hart
Doreen Hermelin
Edythe Jackier
Diane Klein
Linda Z. Klein
Ellen S. Labes
Beverly Liss
Barbara Marcuse**
Dulcie B. Rosenfeld
Susie Pappas
Sandra R. Schwartz
Frieda Stollman**
Jane F. Sherman
Edie N. Slotkin
Shelby Tauber
Josephine Weiner**
Elected Members
Karen Alpiner
Deborah Balkin
Sue Birnholtz
Stacy Brodsky
Heidi Budaj
Shannon Dickstein
Norma Dorman
Sharon Eisenshtadt
Judy Elson
Joan Chernoff Epstein
Kathleen Wilson Fink
Linda Finkel
Elyse Foltyn
Margot Gardner
Barbara Giles
Jodi Goodman
Laura Gorosh
Fran Hack
Betsy Heuer
Barbara Horowitz
Gina H. Horowitz
Lilly Jacobson
Barbara Kappy
Judy Kepes
Sherri Ketai
Leah Ann Kleinfeldt
Nancy Kleinfeldt
Anessa Kramer
Jodie Krasnick
Sarah Krasnick
Dottie Levitsky
Pamela B. Lippitt
Lisa I. Lis
Deena Lockman
Roberta Madorsky
Cheryl Margolis
Jeanne Maxbauer
Gail K. Mayer
Anita Naftaly
Patti L Nemer
Fran Newman
Terri Farber Roth
Amy L. Schlussel [DS: married to my first cousin]
Judi Schram
Arlene Selik
Abbe B. Sherbin
Mindy Soble
Julie Sosin
Phyllis Subar
Suzi Terebelo
Carolyn Tisdale
Malka Torgow
Leah Trosch
Judy Verona
Barbara Zaltz
Appointed Members
Amy Berlin
Lisa Brody
Lisa Bronstein
Molly Chernow
Suzan Curhan
Lori Garon
Jenny Glass
Julie Goldstein
Debbie Lippitt
Beth Lutz
Cheryl Margolis
Jill Menuck
Patti Phillips
Michele Rosenblum
Jennifer Siegel
Jennifer Silverman
Karen Simmons
Nancy Stone
Sheri Wagner
Jodi Weinfeld
Marjorie Yaker
Advisory Service Council
Doris G. August
Barbara Berry
Roz Blanck
Barbara Bloom
Joyce Z. Blum
Paulette Borin
Ruth K. Broder
Harriet Colman
Barbara S. Cook
Kim Dickstein
Dolores Farber
Marcy Feldman
Carol Weintraub Fogel
Nancy Glass Kanat
Fran Gold
Marilyn Goldberg
Rose Rita Goldman
Reva Kogan Grace
Micki Grossman
Cheryl Guyer
Margot Halperin
Jan Hauser
Susie Jacob
Nancy Jacobson
Sybil Jones
Marian Kantor
Diane F. Keene
Margie Krasnick
Sally Krugel
Marjorie Kurzmann
Sissi Lapides
Linda Lee
Terran Leemis
Sharon B. Lipton
Renee Mahler
Florine Mark
Susan Marwil
Ilene Nemer
Dee dee Perlman
Beverly Peterman
Meryl C. Podolsky
Rosalie N. Rosen
Marta Rosenthal
Roz Schiff
Sheri T. Schiff
Janice Schwartz
Selma S. Schwartz
Joyce Sherman
Helen Shevin
Baylee Shulman
Evelyn Silverman
Donna Slatkin
Leah Snider
Jessie Stern
Barbara Stollman
Barbara Tukel
Jeannie Weiner
Trudy Weiss
Melba Winer
Beryl Winkelman
Linda Zlotoff
Helen Zuckerman

19 Responses

[This is why I think college students should be ineligible to vote.]
On the contrary, your distant cousin seems very smart. As much as the US should support Israel, in no way should Israel’s interests supersede or equal that to US interests in US elections. Jews who are voting for Obama are doing exactly what good Americans should be doing: putting their country first!

Norman Blitzer on November 4, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Debbie’s column, written in 2008, simply shows that she has nothing to declare except her genius! I, too, recognized that Obama was an ass and voted for the War Hero!

    Occam's Tool on December 27, 2010 at 7:54 pm

I’m reading an excellent book by Theodore Hamerow, Why We Watched (Norton, 2008) , which discusses the acquiesence to anti-semitism during the 30s and 40s on an international basis that helped paved the way for the Holocaust. Of course, Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust, and the main acquiesence was by Christians and Muslims who were to greater or lesser degrees anti-semitic themselves.
Nevertheless, they were assisted by a large section of the Jewish elite of that time. Various excuses; protests against anti-semitism would stoke anti-semitism even more, Hitler was just temporary (especally before 1938 that was said), Jewish emigration to other countries would erase the gains Jews had made in these countries, etc. etc. The elite Jews always seemed to try to blend in to their non-Jewish surroundings at the expense of other Jews, and many opposed Zionism even into the 1940s. In the 19th century in Germany they blended in by deserting Judiasm, or, if they didn’t go quite that far, emasculating it.
Same thing today; most of the Jewish press that supports Obama seems to rely not on the substance of his position (how could they?), but on the endorsements he has received from Jewish careerists of one type of another. They are out for themselves just like in the 30s or in 19th century Germany.
One silver lining though; at least the women’s division invited Rita Katz in the first place; that’s a small step forward, even though they tried to undo that by not permitting her to speak freely.

c f on November 4, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Wow! Just looked again at all those names. Quite a bureaucracy.

c f on November 4, 2008 at 12:56 pm

It’s sooo frustrating. They are deaf, dumb and blind. They think the Repulicans are right wing christan evil-bots, while the stuff they spew about Bush is worse. I’m ashamed of my own people. In a room full of Jews I would rather come out of the closet than admit I’m Republican.

sandy on November 4, 2008 at 1:05 pm

Any vote for Hussein is an attempt to destroy the future for my children and I actually resent that. A lot. And I am a moderate to liberal Democrat. We are going to have the “second coming” of Jimmy Carter, only a lot worse than the first time. Debbie is correct when she brings up the Kapo analogy.
This is going to be the “I told you so” election. Unfortunately, as many people may die when Iran attempts to nuke Israel and the US loses a city or two to nukes during Hussein’s administration, “I told you so” won’t be very satisfying.

I_am_me on November 4, 2008 at 1:06 pm

Only better on the Middle East and Israel, not as a better president generally speaking.

Norman Blitzer on November 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    You were wrong then, Norman, and now it is proved. Pendejo!

    Occam's Tool on December 27, 2010 at 7:56 pm

I see this same reversal in my American Armenian friends and relatives. They vent against Russia and want Armenia to throw itself onto the mercy of the West, which, by the way, strongly supports Azerbaijan and Turkey. Without Russia Armenia wouldn’t last a month but American Armenians are blind to this. They have imbibed too much of the multicultural deconstructionist cool aid. American policy (and in general the entire Western world) in the Middle East and Balkans has become extremely caustic to the interests and survival of Jews and Orthodox Christians. There is hope, because Jews and Orthodox Christians in the Middle East are not drinking the cool aid, but Western stupidity is weakening them.

arius on November 4, 2008 at 2:20 pm

I’m from a family of similarly idiotically leftist self-hating Jews (one family member once said she hopes Iran nukes Israel because they deserve it!). Maybe I was switched at birth, because I’ve understood how delusional they all are from an early age.
My hope is that young Jews on campus will begin to understand that anti-Semitism is a growth industry on the left, and that they will migrate away from their parents’ self-immolating views. As I understand it, young male Jews are now about 50/50 conservative/liberal, which is a vast improvemnt from earlier days.

sonomaca on November 4, 2008 at 5:08 pm

Sonomaca thank you for expressing what I feel but am so frustrated that I could barely write a post before.

sandy on November 4, 2008 at 5:27 pm

Debbie, don’t feel too bad. If your Federation is anything like mine, a lot of those people are minimally Jewish. A guy I know was telling me about his Reform convert wife. The wife is uber active in the Federation, and they’re all going to grandma’s house for Xmas. This is the dominant sensibility in these organizations. And RK should have cancelled her appearance rather than be muzzled like that.

Anonymous1 on November 4, 2008 at 5:42 pm

Unfortunately, Bush was not pro-Israel. it is a contradiction in terms to call oneself pro-Israel and yet be detrimental to Israel. While Bush gave Israel a certain amount of leeway for a year or two, he never took on Iran, or any of Israel’s other enemies in anything except words. This is clearly not pro-Israel. Unfortunately the push for elections and for the peace process were bi-partisan.
Not only was Brandeis the home to cop-killer Angela Davis, but also to lunatics like Abbie Hoffman. It also experienced an inability to stand up to destructive black student behavior in the late 60s, taking over buildings, etc. etc. — a woeful miseducation to its then-students, and an unwelcome part of its tradition. A sad devolution for a school that was founded because of prejudice against Jews
I have no trouble believing the maority of students at Brandeis would not want to hear Debbie. What would they do? Throw eggs or worse at her the way similar politically correct schools have done to courageous Americans like Ann Coulter or David Horowitz?

c f on November 5, 2008 at 2:27 am

Also, of course sitting down to ‘talk’ with (appease) Iranian terrorists is a strange way to defend Israel’s interests. Pulling out if Iraq and giving anti-Israel terrorists a major victory is equally strange. It is callow and naive to accept verbal pronouncements made during a campaign where the candidate needs to gain Jewish votes in swing states as a reliable indicator of what his policy will be. However, I guess these verbal pronouncements enable liberals with Jewish backgrounds to assuage whatever is left of their consciences when they vote for a pro-terrorist for President, especially one who favors socialist/communistic solutions for this country.

c f on November 5, 2008 at 2:49 am

Hi All,
I just wanted to clarify that Debbie took my comment completely out of context in order to prove her rather weak point. As stated in the article from The Justice- while I do believe that McCain has more experience in foreign policy and is pro-Israel- that does not make him the best for Israel. For example- Bush was “pro-Israel,” but was very detrimental to Israel. He pushed for an election for the Palestinians. Hamas won. Super.
Israel IS a huge priority for me, but it is not the only priority. I feel confident that Obama will do his best to keep Israel and her citizens safe. I would not have voted for him if I didn’t believe this. However, by voting for Obama, I am putting the domestic issues at hand as a major priority. Therefore, while McCain is pro Israel and has more foreign policy experience, I DO NOT think he is best for Israel necessarily NOR do I think he is best for America, especially at this time.
…now this is why college students vote.
-Katie Schlussel ’10
ps- Debbie, the school that “was home to commie attempted-murderer Angela Davis” is actually a place that you asked to come speak at. Maybe you should pick your speaking forums better in the future. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to come at this time (or ever).

KS: Quit lying. As you well know, you contacted me and asked me if I was available to come speak at your school, NOT the other way around. Your revisionist history is similar to your blindness on Obama. DS

kschluss on November 5, 2008 at 1:58 am

[Posted by: kschluss at November 5, 2008 01:58 AM
Katie Schlussel ’10]
You’re one smart cookie, Katie!

Norman Blitzer on November 5, 2008 at 7:36 pm

Debbie S,
I called the # and ask the question. The lady was rude and claimed to be a sectary-can I get the right ext. so I can get to the bottom of Rashid Khalidi stuff. She would not transfer me.

Know57 on November 6, 2008 at 11:45 am

Mazel Tov, Obama: American Has Jumped the Shark

PIF on November 7, 2008 at 8:54 am

I dont know whats up , with the A.M radio down here , its owned by 2 Aribic brothers,(the Karam brothers) who are constinly talking trash about the jewish people and isreal, there number if anyone is up to sending them back!WSAR 1480AM somerset mass, tel# 508 673 1480 these 2 arabs are buying everything in fall river Mass

Josh Shulman on June 13, 2010 at 5:25 pm

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