November 12, 2008, - 10:00 am

Newest “Most Ethical” Administration Echoes Unethical Mysterious Campaign Contributions

By Debbie Schlussel
Barack Obama’s putting in place new “ethics rules” to govern his transition team and telling us about how ethical his administration will be.
Hmmm . . . where have we heard this before? Oh, yeah–a guy named Clinton, who told us his administration would be the most ethical ever . . . and turned out to the be one of the least ever, if not THE least.
President-Elect Obama’s new “ethics code” bars PACs, corporations, and lobbyists from donating to his transition fund that is expected to seek $3.5 million, in addition to the $8.5 million that taxpayers provide:


The Obama transition will be using a new set of ethics rules to guide the selection of team members and others, the president-elect’s staff said Tuesday. The rules will bar political action committees, corporations and lobbyists from donating to the transition fund that Mr. Obama set up. . . . Mr. Podesta said individual donations will be capped at $5,000.
Mr. Podesta said policy hasn’t been set on the fund that will help raise money for Mr. Obama’s inauguration events, which likely will cost several million dollars.

But here’s the catch–it’s the same thing as Barack Obama’s campaign in which $100 million to $200 million in donations are basically untraced and some of which we know for sure came from foreign sources, like three brothers in Gaza in the Palestinian Authority and his illegal alien Aunti Zeituni Onyango. What will make the transition donations and their reporting different from the untraced illegal foreign cash he got for his campaign? It sounds like there will be no difference.
This is the new Obama “ethics.” From Clinton to Obama–with an inept guy from Texas for eight years in between.
New Boss, same as the Old Boss. Don’t get fooled again.
Unfortunately, Americans continue to get fooled . . . 63 million-plus of them.
Oh, and another thing about these new no corporate or lobbyist contribution ethics rules: They don’t govern the Obama Inaugural fund, where you are sure to see gazillions from corporations, PACS, AND lobbyists.
“Ethics”? Not even close.
It’s all carefully-crafted and press-released smoke and mirrors. Nothing more.

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What a joke, Obama collected illegally millions in foreign contributions from his website using a credit card program that had all the security protocols removed intentionally by his staff.
Remember the MSM bragging about his huge donations setting a record.
Too bad they did not report it was because foreigners were responsible for the donations, a felony BTW.
When will he be prosecuted for foreign campaign finance law violations?
Oh I forgot,it was the CFR who hand picked this man to become the next President(puppet) for the Rockefeller empire and One World Government.
He is the “One” after all.

ScottyDog on November 12, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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