November 19, 2008, - 10:11 am

Good News: Obama Re-Unites Entire Elian Gonzalez Kidnapping Team

By Debbie Schlussel
Well, it’s not the entire Elian Gonzalez Kidnapping Team, since Janet Reno is still off somewhere driving her red truck, watching WNBA games, and enjoying her subscription to the Brush Cut of the Month club.
But with the choices of Greg Craig as White House counsel and Eric Holder as Attorney General, Barack Obama has re-united 2/3 of the Elian Gonzalez Kidnapping Team (puppetmastered from 90 miles away by Castro). Not a good sign for Cuban refugees trying to flee Communism with their kids.
Craig was the Castro-directed lawyer for Elian Gonzalez’s father Juan Miguel Gonzalez, and his fees were paid by the pan-Castroist National Council of Churches. As Assistant Attorney General Holder was the second-in-command to then-Attorney General Reno, and he was in charge of making the final decision to commit the thuggery of sending in the INS to kidnap Gonzalez from his Miami cousins at gunpoint. He orchestrated and oversaw the exercise in jackbootery.



Greg Craig, Eric Holder–Elian Kidnappers:

Former Clintonistas/Current Obama’ites, Helped Deport Elian to Castro Cuba

Castro must be proud that both his gringo boyzz are back in power with the new El-Presidente-Elect.
Here’s what I’ve written about Greg Craig in the past:
* From my 2007 post on Greg Craig:

Craig, who once worked on the staff of Ted Kennedy, served as the lawyer who orchestrated the whole return of Elian Gonzalez to Cuba for a life under Castro’s Communist tyranny. He was chosen by assorted lefties and the Cuban government to “represent” the interests of Elian Gonzalez’s father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who was then under the thumb of Cuban minders in America. He kept father Gonzalez from defecting, too. And Craig’s legal fees, at the time, were paid by the National Council of Churches. And don’t forget, Craig also helped orchestrate the INS raid, kidnapping Elian from the home of his Miami relatives. That started the whole ball rolling.

* From my April 2000 column on Greg Craig:

Craig was Bill Clinton’s personal attorney in the Lewinsky/Impeachment matter. The same Bill Clinton who wants to open up trade to Cuba. And this little fly, called Elian, is in the ointment. Craig was also a director of policy planning to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, one of the top positions setting foreign policy at the State Department. The foreign policy at the same State Department that’s crawling with Castrophile bureaucrats who’d love to open trade with Cuba while its people suffer in tyranny. Craig also serves on the board of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The same Carnegie Endowment that wants to end the embargo with Cuba, so that its wealthy, elitist members, like Craig, might freely smoke a Cuban cigar. . . .
Isn’t Craig’s bill being picked up by the government of Castro . . . oops, I mean the National Council of Churches(NCC)? Yup, that’s the problem. Nobody’s coming clean about who’s paying Craig’s bill. Probably because, as it’s been rumored, Castro’s been giving the money to the NCC and using the organization as his willing shill. Either way, these two despicable entities–Castro and the NCC–have an agenda. An agenda that’s anti-freedom, pro-tyranny, and 180 degrees from what’s in the best interest of Juan Miguel. And it’s clear that Craig is taking his direction from them, not his client. . . .
While working for Ted Kennedy, he pushed the world to divest from and impose sanctions on South Africa. But Cuba, what a great country to trade with! In coordinating Clinton’s non-policy on Tibet, Craig “smoothed over” Tibetan protests over oppression by the Chinese, so his Boss-in-Chief could hold two garish summits with the Chinese oppressors. This is the Craig-Clinton version of justice.
Craig makes much of his representation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. But lifting an old guy from tyranny does not allow you to dump a young kid back into it. Solzhenitsyn would never support sending Elian back. And Castro would never support guys like Craig on Cuban soil. Castro threw lawyers who represented pro-democracy Cubans (whose only crime was speech) into the same torturous Cuban prisons with their clients. And Craig represented John Hinckley, Jr., Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin. Can you imagine what Castro would do to a man who represented his attempted murderer?
Shakespeare said: First, we kill all the lawyers.

To my friends at the U.S. Secret Service, that’s just Shakespeare jokingly saying it. It’s not me recommending it.

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Great get, Debbie. What I especially appreciate about your blogs is that you have a MEMORY.
Unfortunately, I never leave feeling very happy. But that’s not your fault.

skZion on November 19, 2008 at 10:55 am

I still remember watching Eric Holder on the Sunday morning news shows the day after the kidnapping. On each show Mr. Holder was asked if there was a warrant and on each show before the last Mr. Holder claimed they did not need one.
Then, out of nowhere, on the last program Mr. Holder shows up with a copy of a warrant. My gut tells me they were able to pull this off because candidates for the Judiciary are thoroughly vetted to the point where those doing the vetting find out things about the judge that “no one is supposed to know”.
Either way Mr. Holder was lying through his teeth on at least one of those shows.

I_am_me on November 19, 2008 at 11:09 am

Gosh Debbie … I love the way you write … thanks for the chuckles … but as always, once the laughster fades, reality sets in … the reign of the Obama Faction is nearly in place … and on this day, the 145th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, I can already hear Obama saying (on the 20 January 09) the following:
“Although we remember those that have served and those that have died … I say today, that was then and this is now. And so now, we must set the table for a new direction, a new devotion, so that citizen from all over this world, under Obama, shall have an equal right and a new birth with America. And that their entire existence be of the government, by the government and for the government or they shall perish from the earth.”
Jimmy Lewis
SCS, Michigan

Jimmy Lewis on November 19, 2008 at 11:30 am

And what happened to Elian? The photos tell all.

poetcomic1 on November 19, 2008 at 12:31 pm

I see nothing wrong with the forceful deportment of illegal aliens. Good riddance to a future welfare case.

LoveAManInAUniform on November 19, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Eric Holder, Greg Craig, Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton (maybe), and now…….Tom Daschle! Change you can believe in everybody!!!

Blayne on November 19, 2008 at 1:25 pm

I dare anyone to say it is kidnapping if someone took your loved one and then say having someone else retrieving your loved one back is kidnapping. Regardless of political ideology, reuniting a son or daughter with his father or mother is not something anyone should be critical of. I never understood why Republicans would ever get into the politics of this. I know the Cuban people of South Florida hated Castro but there were others who say family comes before political ideology. We knew he was going to be a propaganda tool. The mother took a chance and died and the next of kin should have first say in the raising of the child. It would be as if the government forced children out of home schooling or private schooling because they knew what was best for the child. A California liberal court banned home schooling and was later overturned and the first to complain about parents rights being violated were Republicans and they were totally right. On the most part it should not be the policy of the government to decide what is best for the child. Parents will make mistakes, but it isnt up to the government to decide what mistakes they are allowed to make. If Elian Gonzalez’s father wanted him, let him have his own child. He was being held against his will by the people of Miami as a trophy and someone had to be the “bountyhunter”.

californiascreaming on November 19, 2008 at 2:17 pm

All that counts is he is black.
Obama’s Rules.

interestinconundrum on November 19, 2008 at 3:06 pm

By the way we lost the election because our candidate was a doddering old fart with no coherent ideology who kept his balls in a mason jar beneath the sink, because our opponent was a clinically suave sociopath, and because the media did nothing to hold his feet to the fire for his numerous broken promises and questionable associations. And, oh yeah, something about a last-minute economic crisis?

Ripper on November 19, 2008 at 4:12 pm

On the positive side of the Obama Presidency we will not have that many people fleeing their repressive nation to come to this repressive nation. Your not going to find a lot jumping from the Communist Ship to the Obammunist Ship as both are for all intents and purposes the exact same thing

Marty Fee on November 24, 2008 at 9:40 am

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