December 12, 2011, - 3:44 pm

Out Sick Today; What Are Your Natural Home Remedies for What Ails Me?

By Debbie Schlussel

Sorry for my absence today.  I was supposed to be in court, but am horribly sick, vomiting everything, including water, which I can’t keep down.  And I have a nasty hacking cough.  Can’t sleep either, though I’ve tried (could be the hot tea I’ve tried).  And I have the chills.  Am trying to get in to see my doctor tomorrow if I don’t get better overnight.


In the meantime, I’ll try to post some stuff to get my mind off projectile vomit and a burning throat. And I’m soliciting your ideas and proven solutions: what do you do when you have a very upset stomach, can’t keep anything down, and have a nasty sore throat? I’ll try (almost) anything (within legal and ethical limitations–and no “eye of newt”–the animal not the GOP candidate–either ‘cuz it’s not kosher).

I’ve asked for your get-well-soon remedies before and some of them worked. So, I’m open to your ideas again. Please post ’em in the comments section.

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While it reeks of hippie BS, I am rather fond of essential oils for home remedies, especially since many have potent anti-septic properties. Place a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil into boiling water to help clean the air.

For the chills and such, draw a warm bath and add 5 drops tea tree oil, 2 lavender, and 2 thyme.

Mix 1 part Clove oil and 2 parts Lavender oil together; take just one drop of this, and add to a teaspoon of honey, and stir into a cup of hot water, and drink.

All suggestions come from Valerie Worwood’s Complete Book of Essential Oils.

Robert on December 13, 2011 at 4:16 pm


I am a Chiropractor and Natural Medicine doctor. As well, a Chabad rabbinical student. I live in Atlanta, Ga.

I can consult with you about some good strategies for natural remedies for you. You can go to my website and fill out New patient form.

I have refrences available. My english name is Andrew Addess, I understand if you need to check me out first. you can see my picture and such at my chiropractic website Use for the new patient form. It goes to my inbox. l’Bryiot.


Dr. Avram Addess on December 13, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Hate to see you suffer. You do such fine work.Ask your doctor if PROBIOTICS might be of some help to you. Praying for the end of this time of your suffering. I can understand your throat sore. Stomach acid is not made to come up through the throat if there is not enough acid(Which is weird) or laying down too soon after a meal. Your doctor should be able to say if there is infection. Don’t rush this. I know easy to say. Let us know how you’re doing. God keep you. Chuck.

chuck on December 13, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Sounds like a nasty case of gastritis, previous advice about not laying down after a meal is true. I am suffering right now but I have an ileostomy. You may also have an intestinal blockage which could be serious with painful cramps, for a slight blockage try a half glass of welches grape juice.
For healing avoid fats,eat rice, bananna, apple sauce, and fluids, a little gatorate with water for electrolyte loss. You can get prilosec over the counter (avoid tagamet) you may need this for up to a month. My gastro guy is Michael Duffy 248-273-9930 Beware of dehydration it could shut down your kidneys. Pinch your skin on the top of your hand, if the pinched skin stays up you are dehydrated, if you have enough water it springs back.Hopefully its a short term virus, or a dose of food poisoning, keep sipping water and some gatorade if you have loose stool.

Ron Wolf on December 13, 2011 at 10:59 pm

Hie thee to a competent physician. Thy description of symptoms suggests urgent medical care is required. Bin-there-dun-datin terms of your symptoms. Natural treatments may prove that you are tough and independent, but could also merely prove that you are stoopit and superstitious. Howzatt for an epitaph?

Medical science and the study of stomach bugs are not figments of imagination: take advantage of that compilation of knowledge outside of your own field of specialization.

You are dehydrating and your mental processes are going to get off kilter. Hope you have someone near who is responsible enough to make decisions for you.

You are too young to die: only the good die young.


Pierre on December 13, 2011 at 11:52 pm

Oh, dear, I hope you are getting better as the hours
go by.
What is wrong with Tagamet, Ron?

Cara on December 14, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Hi, Debbie.
Hope you are feeling better by now. For flu, my opinions are: To stay hydrated (most important), be sure and drink 7 up (but leave the can/bottle open for a few hours before so that it is flat)-this will settle your stomach. Also, nibble on soda crackers or dry toast for strength. If you have a naturopathic store around (herbalist or health food store), they have homeopathic pellets (put and melt under your tongue) specifically for this and it will give you relief. G-d bless you!

Darcy on December 14, 2011 at 3:58 pm

A 39 year old, well-hung stud…


Pepto for the tummy…..and yeah, go see a doctor.

Pat in Michigan on December 15, 2011 at 4:11 am

For me? I came down sick Monday with the shakes and the chills. A day of cough suppressant took care of the cold at the expense of making me drowsy. Aspirin helped only somewhat with body aches. Aleve is stronger and lasts all day. I feel like I am regaining my strength – not easy being one of the rare male victims of systemic lupus. The one aid I’ve found indispensable is my cane and when I’m feeling weak, it helps me get things done I otherwise couldn’t do. As a teen, being crippled with arthritis, a three mile walk to school turned from an ordeal into something I enjoyed because the cane made walking less taxing for me. As for cold, when one is lethargic and drained, I take it easy, eat small portions, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

I already feel strong enough again to post. The rest will come with time.

NormanF on December 15, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Go see an MD. If you are dehydrated sufficiently, IV rehydration can do wonders. You need to be worked up for Strep and H Pylori as well.

Once major infectious causes are worked up/ and ruled out/treated, there are fantastically effective oral dissolvable tablets for severe nausea that should work within 30 minutes to an hour, like odensatron. (zofran)

But you have to be looked at.

In addition, Debbie, you seem to have a pattern of HA and GI upset. I’d get examined in more detail if I were you. You do have the Henry Ford Medical center in town.

I hope your Chanukah is wonderful— G-d Bless You for everything you do.

Occam's Tool on December 19, 2011 at 2:11 am

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