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The Unity Center Mosque: Hateful American Mosques Who Hack Members’ E-mail & the Lawyers and Stupid Jewish Women Who Love Them

By Debbie Schlussel
Why is a Detroit area mosque hacking the website and e-mails of its members, then suing them to cover it up, and silence them?
What’s hacking, er . . . happening, at the falsely-named Unity Center Mosque should be a lesson to the few “moderate” Muslims in America about what will happen to you if you open your mouth. Your mosque will expose you, threaten your life, and sue you. Mosque members did this to stop its members from protesting their treatment and contacting me.
Those “maverick” mosque members–religious Muslims who are trying to be moderate and accepting and liberal–created a petition and a blog protesting the Wahhabi and Salafist takeover at their house of worship, a website, and a foundation empowering moderate Muslim women. They’re upset that certain extremist members of the mosque, along with their Saudi-trained imam, are squeezing out and persecuting anyone with liberal viewpoints and any woman who refuses to cover her hair outside the mosque.



Unity Center Mosque: Using Terrorists’ Lawyer Shereef Akeel to Sue Members, Silence Them & Cover Up Hacking

(Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns)
But the mosque didn’t like their expression of this. Freedom of speech about the mosque?–We can’t have that. So, some mosque members apparently got someone to illegally hack into that website and obtain e-mails those members sent me and others. During the summer, they bragged about having e-mails the distraught, persecuted mosque members sent me. (Again, not to worry–my e-mail account is safe and secure, but the sender’s apparently was not.) Then, they realized that they were admitting involvement in illegal behavior–cybercrimes.
So, to cover this up and ultimately obtain the e-mails legally, the mosque hired Shereef Akeel–the lawyer for Islamic terrorists, terrorist charities, and Iraqis at Abu Ghraib suing for a big payday–to file a lawsuit against the pseudonymous members. (Read the lawsuit complaint.)
The unethical lawsuit was filed this fall to cover up the previous hacking and illegal obtainment of e-mails, which Akeel is well aware of. Upon filing suit, Akeel filed a subpoena with Google to, after the fact of the apparent crime, legally obtain the gmail account e-mails Muslims from the mosque sent to third parties. Oh, and the mosque wanted to find out the real identities of the mosque members, who posted and e-mailed under fake names, to protect their lives.
I’m very familiar with this lawyer, Mr. Akeel. He’s tried to suppress my own free speech–and failed–on several occasions. Now, he’s trying to silence Muslims’ freedom of speech. His best friend, FBI investigatee Mohammed Alomari, the author of countless anti-Semitic, anti-American conspiracy theorist texts.

In 2002, he tried to get CBS radio to silence me and my ratings-rich radio show for exposing Ismael Ahmed, a then-candidate for University of Michigan Regent.
On my show, I discussed how Ahmed, now head of the Michigan Department of Human Services, and his agency, ACCESS–the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, were raided by the FBI for Medicaid fraud they were providing to pregnant illegal alien Muslim women they were bringing to America. I also exposed Ahmed’s open support for Islamic terrorist groups and how his agency spent thousands in our tax money to fund “job training” for the Detroit Al-Qaeda terrorist cell. Akeel didn’t deny what I said was true. He just didn’t want me to have the right to say it on the air. The radio station ignored him.
Then, in 2004, Mr. Akeel filed a frivolous grievance against me, trying to affect my law license and silence me. He acknowledged in his grievance that he was doing so in tandem with another Muslim attorney, Mohammed Abdrabboh, who a month earlier filed a failed grievance against me, also designed to silence me. Akeel was upset that I wrote about a CAIR-Michigan candidate’s forum before the elections. He was then on the board of CAIR-Michigan. Again, he didn’t deny what I wrote about him and how he tried to silence me at CBS radio. He just didn’t want me to have the right to say so. Oh, and then there was my “crime of fashion.” When his grievance was rejected, he complained to Michigan authorities that I dressed in a hijab. But isn’t that what he and his friends want?
So now lawyer Akeel–a top general in the litigation jihad–is suing members of a mosque on behalf of that mosque, in order to cover up an apparent crime by mosque members and, at the same time, silence moderate mosque members.
Let this be a lesson not just to the handful or so of moderate Muslims, but to all Americans who think Islam is moderate and tolerant. For the gazillionth time, it’s not–it’s the exact opposite.
What’s not odd or surprising is that The Unity Center–the mosque which is now persecuting, invading the privacy of, and suing its own members–pretends to be liberal and “moderate” and is anything but.
A year-and-half ago, I attended an “open house” at the mosque, and despite planning to write about it, I never got around to it, until now. Since then, I was contacted by e-mail from several persecuted members of the mosque. They were persecuted because they refused to wear hijabs, Islamic headscarves. Or because they refused to buy into the rigid, extremist, fundamentalist Islamic views espoused by those who have taken over and are dictated to by Saudi-funded forces.
A year-and-a-half ago, a friend told me about the “open house” being held at the Unity Center, a mosque in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan–a swanky suburb of Detroit. The event was being hosted by a group of possibly the dumbest women on the planet–W.I.S.D.O.M., a peacenik group of Jewish and Christian women interested in simultaneously assuaging their White guilt and self-hate.
Jewish women at every Detroit-area synagogue sisterhood were invited to attend this exercise in disinformation. A friend, who was invited, wanted me to attend. But the gestapo in W.I.S.D.O.M. insisted on knowing the name and identity of her guest. So much for the “open” part of the open-house.
The only thing the event proved to me was that their is no wisdom–actually only the exact opposite–in the self-proclaimed “W.I.S.D.O.M.” Oh, and that women have a disproportionate share of dummies on the American IQ scale.
The group was founded and is headed by Gail Katz, a WNBA player lookalike, who is also Vice President of the Detroit Jewish Community Council–the self-proclaimed, unrepresentative voice of Detroit’s Jewish community, which voted solidly against condemning Palestinian terrorism. Also in proud attendance at the event was Wendy Wagenheim, former President of the Jewish Community Council, and then-spokesman of the pan-Islamist Michigan ACLU. She and Katz were the ones who shot down the anti-Palestinian terrorism resolution.
The event was designed to help us in our “understanding”–read, apologism–for the most extremist brand of Islam. 300 mostly ugly and fat left-wing non-Muslim women were there to smile, hug, kiss, and cry tears for their Muslim “sisters” and pretend no differences exist.
The Unity Center was once a public school building. But declining population among the wealthy WASPY and Jewish residents in the area, and increasing population and immigration among Muslims led to the purchase and conversion of this building into a mostly-Sunni mosque, with some Shi’ite members.
At the event, ironically held the week before Jews celebrate their freedom from slavery on Passover, we were told we’d learn the “real Islam,” which–shocker!–actually turned out to be the cover-up of Islam, especially the Islam as practiced in the mosque and most everywhere else in America.
The interfaith W.I.S.D.O.M. women (who looked mostly estrogen-deprived) were given a “tour” of the mosque, which was as much of a real “tour” of the mosque as were the tours the Red Cross was given by the Nazis of concentration camps. They didn’t see the ovens, and we didn’t see the library or the texts kids are taught in the adjoining K-12 Montesorri-through-high-school.
After being alerted by a friend about anti-Semitic textbooks in the mosque library, I insisted on seeing the library. Hijab-encrusted women finally acquiesced, but watched me and my friend like hawks. We weren’t surprised to find the library filled with books by anti-Semitic and anti-American Muslim clerics and thinkers, Sayyid Qutb and Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.
The late Mr. Qutb, as I’ve noted here many times, was the philosophical guru of Osama Bin Laden. He attended college in Colorado in the ’50s and came to the conclusion from a dinner dance, that America was depraved and worthy of not just disdainment, but death. Yup, let’s hear it for those Muslim foreign students in American colleges, who will for sure love us after this “dialogue” and “exposure.”
Al-Qaradawi, about whom I first wrote in 2002, was a top advisor to the Gulf State Muslim owners of Caribou Coffee and Church’s Fried Chicken and the most respected and well-known cleric and authority in the Islamic world. With a weekly show on Al-Jazeera, Qaradawi regularly advises Muslims to boycott American products and to forgo dowries, instead donating the money to Palestinian and Iraqi homicide bombs, so that Jewish blood in Israel and American soldiers’ blood in the Mid-East be spilt.
The event was hosted by a Syrian Muslim female doctor, Rana Alsabbagh, MD, a hijab-wearing endocrinologist, along with the ignorant-and-happy Gail Katz. Dr. Alsabbagh sat at my table and told us how liberal and accepting Islam is.
She’s also the woman leading the charge for extremism in her mosque and succeeding. She has driven out women who refuse to wear the hijab, and her husband, a Dr. Kashlan, and she have bragged to mosque members about how they’ve obtained hacked copies of e-mails “renegade” members have sent to me and other third parties. (Not to worry. My email account is safe and secure, but the sender’s apparently was not.)
She’s the supermodel for Islamic deception (taqiyyah), pretending she and her religion are progressive, while behind the scenes practicing a regression and repression that is unparalleled in other theologies and has no place in a Western democracy that wishes to remain as such.
After looking at the library and sitting down for the lunch event, I asked Dr. Alsabbagh why her mosque library is stocked mostly with books by anti-Semitic clerics. She claimed not to know who either Qaradawi and Qutb are–an obvious lie from any Muslim who claims to be religious.
Later on, after I “caused trouble” by daring to publibly ask still-unanswered questions, Dr. Alsabbagh admitted knowing who they were. When I asked how she could have books by Muslims who encourage homicide bombings and mass murder of innocent civilians, she said, “Well, it’s not innocent civilians he wants to murder, just Jews.”
Me: “Oh, so it’s okay to blow up people because they’re Jews.”
Rana Alsabbagh, MD: “Well, he didn’t mean all Jews, just Israelis.”
Me: “Oh, so it’s okay to blow up people because they’re Israelis.”
Rana Alsabbagh, MD: “Well, we don’t mean all Israelis, just Zionists.”
Me: “Oh, so it’s okay to blow up people because they’re ‘Zionists.’ Just what do you mean by ‘Zionists’?”
Rana Alsabbagh, MD: “I’m sorry you feel upset.”
Then she walked away.
Assorted other BS like this happened at this “open house,” most of it involving calling me out from the podium and refusing to allow me to ask a single question about Islam, after we were treated to a “presentation” on Islam that told us a bunch of myths about the religion.
But first, attendees kept insisting my friend and I partake in the crappy Middle Eastern food in the back room. These mostly-Jewish and Islamic women–who insisted we respect Islam–just wouldn’t accept our insistence that we keep kosher and wouldn’t eat it. Plus, we did not want to give the mosque $15 for the privilege. So much for Islamic “hospitality” at this “open house.” With over 300 women in attendance, each paying the $15 (except us), we knew the $4,500 wasn’t going to pay for a few tins of hummus and tabbouli, but to fund more Islamic fundamentalism and who knows what else? We saw the brochures on display in the mosque from LIFE for Relief and Development, a “charity” raided by the FBI for funding HAMAS and Al-Qaeda operations to the tune of over $20 million.
I was told this event was about “understanding” Islam. But every time I tried to ask a question about the religion or the extremist books that dominated the mosque library, I was silenced and told by Gail Katz and others:

We’re not here to discuss politics. We’re trying to have understanding and unity. Now, be quiet and eat some falafel.

It’s a good thing this event wasn’t held in 1940, or I’d be told:

We’re not here to discuss the SS or the ovens. We’re trying to have understanding and unity. Now, be quite and eat some weinerschnitzel and sauerkraut.

Any time I asked any Muslim woman from the mosque a question, Gail Katz, proud self-hating Jew and W.I.S.D.O.M. founder, swooped in and told them not to answer me, to ignore me, and walk away.
Speakers told us that Islam is the “most feminist” religion on earth and that “Mohammed was the first from any religion to respect women’s rights.” Yup, he respected them so much that he forced a Jewish one to have sex with him and took several wives. Gotta love that “most feminist” religion. We were instructed that women in Islam have a right to a divorce upon request. A complete lie.
We were told that Islam is not a proselytizing religion, which was news to me and an especially bold lie, since there were proselytizing brochures on every single table. We were told that Islam was the religion of the majority of America’s slaves and that this is what they teach on Black history month. Interesting, since actually most Black slaves were tribal and their only connection to Islam was that they were kidnapped and sold into slavery by Muslims. Yes, the real Islam–not to mention, the real Black history–came nowhere near this mosque or these stupid women at this “open house.”
Women at every table were asked to engage in stupid liberal New Age, touchy-feely exercises. We were told to write four adjectives that describe us on the corners or a notecard and explain them to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women at our table. But when I wrote, “Disgusted,” “Sickened,” “Nauseated,” and “Outraged” on my notecard, I was not allowed to explain those to Dr. Alsabbagh and the Coyote Uglies at my table.
It went on and on like this . . . until the last speaker. She was Najah Bazzy, an extremist Hezbollah- and HAMAS-supporting Shi’ite who belongs to a different mosque, the Islamic Center of America. I have written about Ms. Bazzi, and her relatives have told me she’s angry to no end that my exposure of her sits atop Google results on her name. And she had a lawyer send me a letter designed to silence me.
You see, I noted how Ms. Bazzy, then a CAIR-Michigan board member, told that CAIR-Michigan event in 2004 how she’s “embarrassed to be an American.” And I also wrote about how she was the top “transcultural nurse” and Arabic translator for Muslims at Oakwood Hospital, where the ACCESS Medicaid fraud by pregnant Muslim aliens was going on, and where she was apparently quite involved. She was shown “translating” for some of these women in a Detroit newspaper. I also noted how she was the proud donor to the tax-funded Arab-American National Museum of a fraudulent videotape claiming Israel allegedly massacred 500 people at Jenin. Actually less than 27 Palestinians died there, mostly from natural causes and murders by other Palestinians.
Ms. Bazzy called me out by name during her BS-speech–apparently, she was told I was there and instructed to do so by Gail Katz and her fellow Jewish Gestapo–and in a crocodile tears moment, said she wished me only peace. Uh-huh. When I responded asking her if she’s still embarrassed to be an American and whether she’s sorry about the phony anti-Israel video she donated to the Arab Museum, she didn’t answer. But the dumb clucks–the idiotic women–in the audience all shouted me down, that I dare respond to this extremist Muslim woman with such questions.
After her speech, the event ended. A Jewish, fat, pimply-faced girl with bad breath, who couldn’t have been older than 14, came up to me and started shrieking that I should be ashamed of myself for “what you said to that Muslim woman.” I told her that she should learn a little something about the true Islam and lose some weight and brush her teeth while she was at it, because she sorely needed to do all of the above. She broke out into tears. But some tears needed to be inserted into this saccharine hug-fest and love-in to Islam.
The next day, the fat girl’s mother was quoted in a suburban Detroit newspaper, gushing over Islam and how she learned all about how feminist Islam is and how women can get an instant divorce upon request.
The disinformation campaign worked.
Meanwhile, this empowered mosque–empowered by dumb Jewish and Christian women–continues its campaign to silence the real moderate Muslims and ruin their lives.

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Why in the hell did they come here in the first place?
If they don’t like people having a freedom to speak, live and breathe … if they don’t like an individuals right to privacy … if they don’t like the fact that Christmas has been celebrated since the founding of this great nation (which by the way was founded “Under God”) … and if they don’t like the fact that all people were created equal (WHICH INCLUDES WOMEN) …
Then go the #### back to your beloved homeland.
Jimmy Lewis
SCS, Michigan

Jimmy on December 11, 2008 at 10:47 am

Today we see in the news yet another fine example of the religion of peace. Danish muslims rioting for no apparent reason other than to celebrate a muslim holiday. Sadly though few seem to notice that not only around the world but here in America the muslim policy of global domination is doing quite well.Just when did being afraid to hurt someones feelings take over for reason and common sense. Or for that matter when did political correctness supercede defense of our nation.We are truly being defeated by the enemy within, but what I want to know is who left the back door open?

boodabear on December 11, 2008 at 11:18 am

Truly a bravura job on this piece. You’re the best.

Red Ryder on December 11, 2008 at 12:06 pm

Debbie, YOU ROCK!
I think your motto should be “Dhimmi No More!”, because you sure ain’t one.
You are first-rate, very brave journalist, and I pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will continue to protect you and give you courage.

PersonOfTheBook on December 11, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Debbie, you are a real credit to the Jewish people. I’ve also noticed that a lot of fat, ugly jewish women are really into left wing politics, perhaps as a protest against their role as ugly women. The cute ones are typically apolitical, moderate or closet Republicans. And especially yishar koach for making that fat teenager cry. Maybe she will see the light and focus on being less repulsive.

Anonymous1 on December 11, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Debbie Schlussel, it is so easy to recognize the hate that you express towards muslims. I am 100% sure that you are a Republican, “extremist” Jew and very ignorant person. Maybe some things that you wrote make sense but mostly you expressed hate on everything that is related to Islam. Just a small example of what you call Arabic food “crappy food”. I am sure if a Muslim called American food “crappy food” you would instantly categorize him/her as “Islamic Terrorist”. Shame on you!

Viewer on December 1, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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