January 6, 2009, - 2:14 pm

Yet Another French Synagogue Attacked (During Trial of Other Attackers); Swedish Synagogue Attacked

By Debbie Schlussel
Normally, I would say the timing of yet another attack on a synagogue in Paris, as three other men are going on trial there for the bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia, is no coincidence.
But in France, there is so much anti-Semitic violence by Muslims, the timing may very well be that rare coincidence. On the other hand, we know that these are all Muslims and they are all supporting HAMAS, so really, it isn’t a coincidence at all.
Yesterday, the three men went on trial for the 2002 bombing. Those who perpetrated the attack include Chrstian Ganczarski, a German convert to Islam, and Wahid Naouar. But among the charged is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is in Gitmo and obviously not there to stand trial. He ordered the bombing of the synagogue on Djerba, a Tunisian island on April 11, 2002. 21 people, including two French citizens, were killed. But as we know, the targets were Jews.


Toulouse Synagogue Under Guard After Attack

At the same time–also on Monday, as the trial began–unknown (and likely Muslim) persons attacked a Toulouse synagogue, in France’s southwest, with two cars packed with bombs and explosives. Miraculously, there were no casualties.
Then, there’s the Swedish synagogue attack:

Government officials and Jewish leaders are concerned the conflict in Gaza may spill over into violence in Europe, with attacks reported against Jews and synagogues in France, Sweden and Britain.
Assailants rammed a burning car into the gates of a synagogue in Toulouse, in southwest France, Monday night.
A Jewish congregation in Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, was attacked Monday night by someone who “broke a window and threw in something that was burning,” said police spokesman Leif Nilsson. And on Sunday slogans, including “murderers … You broke the cease-fire,” were daubed on Israel’s embassy in Stockholm.

This isn’t just France or Sweden. This is Islam worldwide. America is no less vulnerable, our Muslims no less extreme and no more tolerant. That’s why others–likely Muslims–threw a Molotov cocktail at a Chicago synagogue, last week.
The churches are next on the list. Then, they came for the Christians . . . .

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Debbie, Jewish children are next. Hamas has vowed as much to target them.

NormanF on January 6, 2009 at 3:14 pm

Alternative Title…

yonason on January 6, 2009 at 8:35 pm

So many in this country don’t give a F**k about Muslim terrorism. I meet so many people who just say it is “over there.” “They are always warring.” Conservatives understand but so many people think just being nice to Muslims will make it all go away. When you tell them they have conflicts all over the world with every culture, religion or country, they will say they don’t want to hear that. We are back to the pre 9/11 mindset and worse, with the misconceptions that KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA will solve all the international conflicts. Worse since it gives these idiots this false sense of security. Remember he is here to “heal a nation and a world.”
I think we will be attacked and it will inevitably be blamed on Bush, so the first attack will be on the house. Liberals will demand a totally different reaction to terrorism, because remember “liberals are more sophisticated than Republicans” This crap will only enable them to go forward with nuclear weapons and more terrorism.
With only 14 days left til he takes over KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA is either too weak to condemn HAMAS or is just outright on their side. Why the silence?

californiascreaming on January 6, 2009 at 10:27 pm

The churches are next on the list. Then, they came for the Christians . . . .
You’re right, Debbie. We Christians are on their list, too. It’s just that the Jews are at the top of their list.
As a fellow Person of the Book, I stand proudly by your side, Daughter of Abraham.

PersonOfTheBook on January 6, 2009 at 10:47 pm

Let’s see how many leftists protest the anti semitic violence going on in their own countries in Europe.
Let’s compare that number with the number of leftists protesting against legitimate Israeli self defense taken against a segment of an entire group that would (and have been when given the chance) impose their own barbaric way of life against those same leftists.
Guy’s something is wrong here. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.
Debbie is one of the few bright lights trying to point this out. However, is a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does that tree make a noise …
(In case this is too hard to figure out, I don’t think enough people are listening to Debbie and others like her to make a difference).
Were it not for my religious beliefs, I would be of the opinion that all is already lost.

i_am_me on January 6, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Guess it’s because y’all won’t let those “poor” Palestinians blow you away!

EminemsRevenge on January 6, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Two books – one I’ve read in its entirety, and one I’m still a bit more than halfway through – are must-reads in this context. The first is “The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam” by Bat Ye’or. The second is “The Legacy of Jihad” by Andrew Bostom. Both, especially the latter, are dense and somewhat difficult reading, and there is considerable overlap. However, these books document in stomach-turning detail, citing and quoting from historical source material, how bloodthirsty, barbaric, and predatory Islam has been over the past fourteen hundred years, and not just to Jews. The unapologetic attitudes and behavior of vast numbers of present-day Muslims do not differ one whit from their forebears who burned Christians alive inside their churches, convents and monasteries, murdered, raped, and enslaved women and children, sacked and destroyed prosperous cities and thriving civilizations, burned fields and orchards, and turned fertile and populous areas into deserts. These actions, attitudes, and beliefs stem from Islam, the world’s most malevolent, destructive, and pestilential enduring belief system. The tenets of Islam were, and remain, instrumental in turning human beings into beasts. World leaders must somehow be made to understand that it is not merely the Jews and Israel who are in the crosshairs of jihad; they are merely at the top of the list. Everyone else is next, and is likewise threatened. The tenets of Islam – its hatred of and intolerance toward believers, all of whom must convert, become tribute-paying semi-slaves, or be killed – are immutable and endure forever, and must be implemented by the legions of the Faithful; there must be jihad without end. But the ascendancy of Islam can be reversed. It is still not too late. Many things can be done. Most obviously, the influx of Muslims into infidel lands must be stopped cold, and most of those already here sent back. Such population transfers are certainly not without precedent, and these very transfers were commonplace within the Ottoman Empire. Many Muslims from the Turkey, Bosnia, and elsewhere within the empire were resettled in Palestine, for example, to offset the increasing numbers of European Jews who were trickling in beginning in the late nineteenth century. Many other examples can be cited, including the mass expulsion of resident ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia after World War II, as they were considered actively or potentially seditious. Many other things can and should, or must be done, but I will not elaborate here. This is Debbie Schlussel’s domain, and I will not usurp it.

commonsense on January 7, 2009 at 1:14 am

Correcting my comment: “The tenets of Islam – its hatred of and intolerance toward Unbelievers..

commonsense on January 7, 2009 at 1:39 am

RE : Mass Expulsions after WWII.
It is true that FDR acquiesced to what under any
non-Muslim moral standard would be considered
“WAR CRIMES”. Google ” Operation Keelhaul “. Check
out mass expulsion of millions of Germans from East Prussia and Czechoslovakia ( and elsewhere ).
So how do you expect others to condemn German
atrocities against Jews when you refuse to condemn
Allied atrocities against Germans and other nationalities ??? You lose the moral high ground
and become a hypcrite when you do that ! Only
General George Patton got it right in WWII.

Hawkins on January 7, 2009 at 9:23 am

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