January 7, 2009, - 9:54 am

HAMAS Tennis: Israeli Tennis Player Pandered to, Enabled Muslims Now Reaps Her Reward–Asked to Quit Tournament Over Gaza

By Debbie Schlussel
For years, I’ve written about spoiled Israeli tennis diva Shahar Pe’er, who is yet another beautiful airhead enabling jihadists. I’ve detailed how Pe’er continued to pander to and put up with Islamic discrimination in the tennis world and enabled it. Her silence has enabled the tennis world’s anti-Semitic apartheid, about which no tennis fans seem to be concerned.
Now, Ms. Pe’er is reaping, on behalf of Israel, the “rewards” of her enabling, with New Zealanders pressuring her to withdraw from a Women’s Tennis Association tournament in Auckland.


Shahar Pe’er: Consistently Enabled Jihadists for Tennis Paycheck

As I’ve noted over the years, Pe’er’s behavior has been disgusting. She much reminds me of the Oppenheimer family, the Jewish diamond magnates who enjoyed special privileges (the same status as Aryans) from the Nazis while their people cooked in the ovens.
In 2005 , Ms. Pe’er said nothing when her secular Muslim doubles partner Sania Mirza dumped her as her partner in India’s Bangalore Open, saying it would be best not to upset India’s Muslim community by playing with an Israeli. Pe’er said nothing. Then, Mirza dumped her again for the Australian Open. Pe’er said nothing. After both instances, Pe’er continues to play doubles with Mirza.
Then, in 2006, Pe’er and other Israeli tennis players were denied access to the Dubai Open because Israelis and those with Israeli stamps on their passports are not allowed in Dubai. Again, Ms. Pe’er did not protest. She didn’t question the Association of Tennis Professionals or press the World Tennis Association about this Judenrein tennis. The same thing happened with the Qatar Open. No Jewish Israelis, no Shahar Pe’er allowed. Complete silence from everyone in the tennis world, including Shahar Pe’er.
Then, even worse, last year, Ms. Pe’er played into the jihadist propaganda, when she became Qatar’s official Oppenheimer Family. Qatar finally allowed Ms. Pe’er to come to the country to play in its open, but only her and a few select, top Israeli players . . . and only because Qatar wants to host an Olympics and is bidding on the 2016 Games. All other Jewish Israelis need not apply for entry into the Gulf State. Pe’er played right into it, posing for all the world’s newspapers to which Qatari officials paraded her in traditional Qatari garb to show us what a nice, liberal, “moderate” place this anti-Semitic, Israel-boycotting, Al-Jazeera-funding state is.
And now, suddenly–far too late–Shahar Pe’er has discovered that–whaddya know–she’s a Jew and an Israeli. Anti-Israel activists are pressuring the ASB Classic Tennis Tournament to force Pe’er out, over the Israel-HAMAS war. And they’re pressuring her to withdraw. She has suddenly found a tiny bit of pride, but as I say it is far too little, far too late:

Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer has rejected calls for her withdrawal from the ASB Classic tennis tournament over Israel’s invasion of Gaza, saying she can take no responsibility for her nation’s military action. . . .
Peer was provided with extra security as she played a second round match Wednesday, beating Barbora Zahlavova of the Czech Republic 6-3, 4-6, 6-2. She later told journalists she could do nothing about the politics of the Middle East.
“I have nothing to do with this,” she said. “I’m Shahar Peer. I came here to play tennis. I know I’m from Israel and I’m proud of my country and that playing tennis is what I’m going to do tomorrow.”
Peer, 21, said she had tried to ignore the events in Gaza but her own brother, a military reservist, had been called up.
“Two days ago, I was crying a bit, actually more than a bit, so it was a hard time for me,” she said. “I hope as soon as possible it will end and we will all be happy, because no one wants to be in a war.”
Peer said she had never previously been the focus of protests and had even been the first Israeli to play in the Muslim country of Doha, Qatar, where she was warmly received.

“Warmly received,” my butt. That was a PR ploy by jihadists. And her response about the HAMAS-Israel war isn’t exactly a rousing, enthusiastic defense of Israel. If this were a Muslim player, he/she’d be waiving the HAMAS flag. I have respect for Pe’er’s brother. He’s on the front lines. As for Ms. Pe’er, she’s been for several years an enabler of the new Nazis. She only cares about herself and her tennis career. There were plenty just like her in 1939.
First, they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I was a tennis player and had special privileges. Then, they came for the Jewish tennis players. But I said nothing, because my name is Shahar Pe’er, and it was far too late.
Reader Barbra agrees:

I thought you’d be interested in this story, as I read on your website a few months ago about Shahar Peer. She is the tennis player from Israel who had no problem selling out her country and her heritage by donning Muslim garb for the opportunity to play in Doha, Qatar. That was the story you posted on your website.
The current tournament she is playing in (in Auckland, N.Z.) is requesting she withdraw because of the situation in Gaza. She is refusing to withdraw. Interesting, but certainly not surprising, that now she claims she’s “proud of her country,” and even goes on to brag about “being the first Israeli to play in Doha.” It is painfully obvious that for her, at least, it is all about what suits her at the time and not honoring where she came from.
I am a huge tennis fan, but honestly this type of thing never struck me as disingenuous until you opened my eyes. I thank you for that. I am a Christian.

Shahar Pe’er is emblematic of the Israeli government’s current “leadership.” They said nothing about HAMAS rockets for three years, and before that, they handed HAMAS the base from which to send the rockets–Gaza. Now, suddenly, they are upset, when an election that could elect or defeat one of them is coming up. Suddenly, Ms. Pe’er is upset when her tennis paycheck is under fire.
The selfishness, political correctness, and currently chic meekness of the Jews is what always brings the Jews down, not our enemies.

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ignorance is not always bliss.

mindy1 on January 7, 2009 at 11:38 am

Mirza is a superstar in India, but plenty of Indian muslims want to kill her. Tennis players are very vulnerable. Ask Monica Seles. I don’t see how Mirza or Pe’er can even play knowing there might be a crazed Jihadi in the stands ready to attack. In the case of Pe’er, I certainly wouldn’t trust tennis officials to protect a Jew/Israeli.
That said, I agree that she should have used the Qatar invitation to explain to the world that Israelis are barred from most Arab states, even “moderate” ones (which we know Qatar is definitely not).
I’m always irritated when I see Tiger Woods and other golf superstars playing for big bucks in meaningless tournaments in Dubai and other ME locales.

sonomaca on January 7, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Jews have been their own worst enemy. They need to learn not every one is their friend – and some people are in fact their enemy. We’re still waiting for the Israeli Sha’ar Pe’ers of the world to wake up.

NormanF on January 7, 2009 at 2:20 pm

Pe’er is a court Jew. Tough luck about her career. She didn’t REALLY think appeasing the Muslims would save her, did she?

lexi on January 7, 2009 at 3:25 pm

Maybe she could convert to Islam and move to Doha, and marry someone in al Jazeera’s sports coverage and carry on from there. Hope that Sania Mirza does likewise, so that they can both become Qataris and doubles partners, assuming their husbands allow them.

Infidel Pride on January 7, 2009 at 6:25 pm

To become a professional and succesfull tennis player happens to a talented and lucky few and to jeopardize that by making your political views public is not going to happen whether you like it or not

Rob Urgo on January 19, 2009 at 11:52 am

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