February 16, 2009, - 2:03 pm

Tennis v. The Jews: No Tears Over Israeli Tennis Star’s Lack Of Golden Tix to Islamic Minstrel Show

By Debbie Schlussel
A number of readers, knowing I’ve followed the pandering tennis career of Israeli Jewish tennis player Shahar Pe’er (also spelled without the apostrophe, as “Shahar Peer”), have written me about Dubai’s decision to deny this woman a visa to play in the Dubai Tennis Championship.
But I don’t shed any tears for Shahar Pe’er, for a number of reasons.
First of all, Dubai and the rest of the United Emirates have, for decades, refused entry to Jews with Israeli passports and anyone (who isn’t a Muslim) with an Israeli stamp on his/her passport.


Shahar Pe’er: Jewish Minstrel Show Participant @ Qatar Open


Tennis Judenrein Continues

That the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)–now, apparently, the Eva Brauns of the court–and that Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) subscribe to this tennis apartheid–which I’ve decried on this site for a number of years–is an outrage in and of itself. The WTA refused to host and/or sanction tennis tournaments in South Africa for many years, in opposition to apartheid. Why haven’t they done the same thing in Dubai? They (WTA officials) know the visa policy there, and they don’t care. This isn’t the first time Pe’er couldn’t play in the Dubai. And now, suddenly, the tennis world is shocked–shocked!–that the policy it endorsed (overlooking Dubai’s bigoted Israeli boycott) is suddenly blowing up in its face.
It’s happened before, and I’ve written about it. And where are all the tennis pros who decry anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel boycott? Where are they, and why isn’t a single tennis pro speaking out and/or refusing to play? Judenrein in the tennis world is very acceptable.
But then there’s the fact that Ms. Pe’er played in the Qatar Open. Had she gotten a visa to play in the Dubai tournament, it would be the same thing: An Islamic Minstrel Show. “Look at the little Jew we allowed to play here, so we’d look good to the world, while we continue to boycott all of her Jewish countrymen.” Whether or not these Gulf States grant visas to these Jewish Israeli tennis players makes no difference because it is just for show, since they won’t let any other Jews from Israel in. Until that changes, nothing has changed.
And then, there’s Ms. Pe’er. As I’ve noted before, she’s a willing minstrel in the Islamic minstrel show. Her doubles partner, Indian Muslim Sana Mirza, dumped her from a match in her native India because she didn’t want to upset Muslims that she was playing with a Jew. And Pe’er took it. She continues to befriend and play doubles with this person. Like I said, Judenrein is acceptable . . . even to Israeli Jewish tennis players.
Pe’er also didn’t have a problem playing in the Qatar Open, even though she knew she was a Jewish minstrel, on display for Qatar’s Olympic bid, and even though her fellow Jewish countrymen aren’t allowed in. Qatar put pictures of Pe’er in its native dress in USA Today and every other willing media outlet. Look at the Jew. We allowed her to set foot on our soil for our Olympic bid.
And there are other ways this tennis kapo displayed that she’s not a proud Jew or a proud Israeli. When Pe’er recently played a tournament in New Zealand, she declined to defend Israel’s defense against HAMAS. (At least she joined the Israeli Army, as is required of all Israelis, but she received “outstanding athlete status,” so she basically played tennis instead of serving and got away with it.)
And now? Shahar Pe’er remains silent, not a word to raise the ire of the world that she dare protest the “no Jewish Israelis” policy of this shameless country that aided and abetted the 9/11 hijackers and continued to recognize the Taliban through December of 2001.
This Pe’er woman is a selfish slave to her career. She has no allegiance to her country or her people.
And that’s why I cry no tears over Shahar Pe’er. She continues to make a lot of money in sponsorships and prize money as 48th in the world. And she puts up with the anti-Semitic policies of tennis tournaments her organization sanctions, never once embarrassing the tennis world into doing the right thing. Instead, she consistently enables jihadists for the sake of a tennis paycheck.
No tears over Dubai’s decision to deny spoiled brat diva Shahar Pe’er a Golden Ticket to the Islamic minstrel show.
It’s no shanda [Yiddish for embarrassment, scandal, shame] that there will be no Shahar in Dubai.
The scandal is that everyone just noticed they boycott Israel.

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Just like Bar Rafaeli is a model of female Jewish modesty! There some Jewish women who don’t care what means to be a good Jew. They shouldn’t get attention either for pandering to Islamists or exposing their flesh to the world!

NormanF on February 16, 2009 at 3:01 pm

This reminds me of the Jewish (mis)leaders who supported and continue to support Hussein, whose latest friendly act towards the Jewish people is to cooperate with Durban II. Just like this Israeli models and tennis players, they put their own narrow interests ahead of those of their people. It is an irritant when we are talking about swimsuit covers and tennis matches, but a serious blow to Jewish interests when so-called leaders do the same thing on a much wider scale, ignoring Hussein’s many acts of pandering to our enemies in the short time he’s been President.

c f on February 16, 2009 at 3:09 pm

I am not surprised-if you are jewish wanting to go to arab countries, you should expect trouble

mindy1 on February 16, 2009 at 8:09 pm

Debbie, you’re super cute and all, but you seem to be piling on Shahar a bit. Not everyone is in a position to battle the world, and anyway she is better off trying to improve her game for now. The good news is that the Tennis Channel is boycotting, sponsors are running for cover and Dubai is being threatend with the loss of their tournaments for next year. The Times is playing this one up in a sypathetic way, and on the balance I think this scandal is Good For The Jews.

Anonymous1 on February 16, 2009 at 9:14 pm

tennis kapo?
Back up a bit.

Ripper on February 17, 2009 at 8:56 am

I don’t think “tennis kapo” is too far-fetched –
in the end, same result. I have been wondering
how long it will take for the “big Democratic
tent” to come unraveled – Jews and Obama and Islamic members in the House of Representatives
(Ellison from Minnesota, for a start). Just wait
till we get some more !!!

Hawkins on February 17, 2009 at 9:25 am

I posted this almost 1 year ago to the day when you covered the Qatar tennis issue:
The decision by Shahar Pe’er and Andy Ram to play tennis in Qatar is an insult to Jews around the world who have supported them. I think some of the blame must go to the revisionist, post-Zionist educators, politicians and media who have dominated the Israeli establishment since Oslo.
Heck, if the Israeli government is willing to enter into negotiations with Arafat, call Fatah and Gulf states “moderate” and publicly put faith in phony promises from Palestinians–“taking risks for peace and reconciliation” and such nonsense–how hard should we be toward a couple of 20-something athletes who think real barriers are falling by their simple act of participating in an the Qatar Open?
Pe’er and Ram are acting as one would expect from people who have received a multi-cultural, morally relativistic education in which Qatar’s religious-apartheid policy toward Jews and Israel is just another point of view or narrative to be be bridged through dialogue and engagement, not a moral wrong to be loudly condemned in a way that might upset enemies.
Arab leaders historically have made small, insincere gestures toward Jews when they want to appear moderate and reasonable in order to achieve a short-term goal or overcome bad publicity in the eyes of suspicious Westerners. The list of American Jewish organizations, leaders and Rabbis willing to jump at the slightest hint of a warming of relations by Gulf Arabs (and then explain the Gulf Arab point of view almost verbatim to the larger Jewish or American public after being granted the rare privilege of a non-official meeting) makes it difficult for me to be too critical of these tennis players.
Nonetheless, I hate that Qatar can use Pe’er and Ram for propaganda purposes. Even if Qatar lands the Olympics, who could reasonably believe it will result in Qatar making changes in political relations with Israel or religious/cultural attitudes regarding Jews?
I do think you are a little too hard on Sania Mirza. She has done much to offend the sensibilities of Muslims in India and Pakistan, including saying that it is unrealistic for Muslim men to expect their wives to be virgins until marriage.
Her decision to play tennis alone has angered Muslims (tennis attire isn’t modest) and she showed courage by playing doubles with Pe’er. You can’t fault Mirza if she is concerned about the safety of family members. And you can’t expect more resolve from her than from Jewish athletes when it comes to taking a stand on political issues concerning Muslim anti-Semitism.

4infidels on February 17, 2009 at 10:06 am

If they barred entry to an athlete because he or she was from an African country, the other tennis players would be tripping each other to be first in line to announce their boycott. Celebrities like their political activism when it is fashionable and marketable. Apparently standing up for Jews/Israelis isn’t worth much as most of the world hates Israel and Jews/Israelis take these insults without much complaint.
Stay quiet about the tennis issue (say the Jewish and Israeli leaders)…don’t call attention to the boycott or Gulf Arabs might not want to support the “courageous” Saudi “peace” plan.

4infidels on February 17, 2009 at 10:15 am

This is pretty much what you said, La Deb, but here’s another link about it.
As you said, this is not new.
Typical cowardly liberalism only in it for money and power.

Jeff_W on February 17, 2009 at 12:07 pm

I’m still asking???
How does Michigan State University justify putting a campus in racist anti-semitic Dubai?
Do Jewish students and alumni even protest?
MSU would have no doubt put a campus in Nazi Germany-Berlin, if it had the chance.

BB on February 17, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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