March 2, 2007, - 2:39 pm

Declining America: Poll Shows Americans Prefer Anna Nicole Coverage to War, 2008 Campaign

Today’s Wall Street Journal “Washington Wire” column reports that apparently the extreme, wall-to-wall Anna Nicole Vickie Lynn Hogan Smith Marshall coverage is what Americans want. Those that follow her story are much more satisfied than those watching the War in Iraq and the 2008 campaign for the White House:

Pew Research Center survey finds 64% approval for press coverage of Anna Nicole Smith exceeds positive marks for journalists on Iraq war or 2008 presidential campaign.

Sad. And it tells us the obvious: No-one running for President is exciting, and we’re already fatigued by the race, almost two years away.

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I don’t agree that most Americans are that oblivious and inept as the poll would like to have you believe. I for one thing feel the the war and 2008 campaign precedes over a death of some junky porno star/slut. Excuse me for retaining my skeptism and not showing my mutual condolences over her death but I feel there are more important issues for us to divert our concentration to i.e. our national security. So what if there is one less Hollywood celebrity?But with the way Bush is mishandling the war and not resolving it, I don’t blame those who decided to avert from it. Its certainly not as entertaining as Anna Nicole Smith’s death from the overdosage of drugs.

Jew Chick on March 2, 2007 at 3:49 pm

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