March 9, 2009, - 1:49 pm

Sell Out America’s Borders to Hezbollah, Get Less Than Two Years: The Roy Bailey Comedy Continues

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Judge Cooke Sentences Roy Bailey to 37 Months ****
For the last several years, I’ve written about Roy Bailey, once the top Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deportation and Removal Operations official. He decided who got to stay inside our borders and who had to go. And, instead of enforcing immigration laws and deportation orders from immigration court, for Bailey, it had a lot to do with who was lining his pockets and who helped him attain ownership of a Dodge Viper, a Jaguar, and other fancy cars.
Sadly, today at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time–just minutes from now–Bailey is scheduled to be sentenced to LESS THAN TWO YEARS (!!!!!) in prison for selling out America’s borders to hundreds–maybe thousands–of Islamic illegal aliens bent on our destruction, and even helping Lebanese Arabs illegally transport weapons over our border from Canada. Read the Bailey indictment and tell me if you believe he only deserves two years in prison.


Roy Bailey: Sold Out America’s Borders to Hezbos, Gets Only Two Years

The feds escorted Bailey off the job in 2004, but allowed him to collect a federal paycheck for three-and-a-half years thereafter, until they finally decided to indict him . . . after they deliberately allowed the key conspirator in the case, Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine, to flee the country.
As I detailed on this site, Roy Bailey took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and extorted money, free meals, home repairs and landscaping, and other forms of emoluments, in exchange for allowing mostly Muslim illegal aliens into this country to roam free. Those Muslim illegal aliens were tied to Hezbollah and mostly came from Lebanon and Syria, handpicked by Chahine–who laundered and donated over $20 million to Hezbollah and didn’t pay taxes on it. And Bailey looked the other way on Chahine’s cousins’ sham marriages to American women they paid off. We’re talkin’ top Hezbollah people here.
Worse, Bailey adjusted the immigration status of many of these individuals from illegal and prime deportation meat to green card holders and citizens. And Bailey transported guns for Muslims between the Canadian border and metro Detroit. He also did blackmail work, threatening other Muslims, at Chahine’s direction. And Bailey had other side deals, like that with immigration lawyer Namir Daman and Lebanese restaurateur Samir Leon, for whom he adjusted immigration status of their clients and employees, respectively. Curiously, Mr. Leon has never been prosecuted for bribing Bailey or for having Bailey transport guns for him into our borders. Since Mr. Leon lives here legally, why did he go to that much trouble to smuggle guns into the U.S. from Windsor, Ontario, Canada?
I won’t completely blame Federal Judge Julian Abele Cook, Jr. for the two years or less that he will likely give Roy Bailey. He could buck the trend and ignore the feds in sentencing the man. But, sadly, despite federal sentencing guidelines and a U.S. Probation Officers’ report that he do more time, federal prosecutors recommend that Bailey–who stood to do decades in prison–will get little time for selling out his country to Islamic extremists bent on our destruction because of wimpy feds who couldn’t care less. Yes, you can blame the Bush AND Obama feds for this. Beginning last year, the feds started asking for less and less time for Bailey. First, they asked for 33-37 months under a plea agreement with Bailey. That happened under then-U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a “Abu Porno,” Bush’s Islamo-pandering top Justice Department official in Detroit. For “work” like this, Bush rewarded this prosecutor, Murphy (who praised Hezbollah at a Dearbornistan Heights mosque) with a federal judgeship.
On Friday, the feds recommended even less time–just two years for Bailey’s traitorous sell-out of America in this absurd Sentencing Memorandum. The feds ask Judge Cook to give Roy Bailey only two years because of his past military service. If you serve in the U.S. military, that somehow lessens the damage when you later sold out the same country you swore to serve and protect and whose Constitution you swore to uphold?
The feds also say that Roy Bailey “cooperated” with their investigation and helped them to prosecute a “high ranking federal official.” But the fact is that the only official he helped prosecute, Patrick Wynne, was a low-ranking, street-level immigration agent, with whom Bailey conspired to steal the property of detained aliens. Don’t you usually reward the small fish for giving up the big fish and not the other way around? The street-level agent got 57 months in prison (nearly five years). Yet, the big fish, Bailey will do two or less years in the big house. Whatta joke.
The whole thing is nauseating. Even more so is the fact that the biggest fish of all–Hezbollah financier Chahine, who got Bailey to look the other way on so many dangerous people in America, including his sister-in-law, FBI/CIA Hezbollah spy Nada Nadim Al-Aouar Deladurantaye Valley Prouty–got away because Judge and then-U.S. Attorney Murphy warned Chahine he was under investigation and gave him many hints to leave, then allowed him to flee the country and escape justice.
So when Judge Cook gives Roy Bailey less than two years in prison, despite taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to help Muslim illegal aliens tied to Hezbollah into our country and then make them legal permanent residents and citizens, remember that you got scammed.
America got scammed because a top federal official repeatedly took bribes from unsavory people to allow more unsavory people into America and let them stay.
You got scammed when the feds looked the other way, even though information on this appeared on the front pages of the Detroit Free Press as early as 2002 or 2003.
You got scammed again when the feds then allowed this man to collect a federal salary of $140,000 without working for over three-and-a-half years (almost double the period of time that he will serve in federal prison.)
You got scammed even more when the feds allowed the biggest fish in this scheme–a top Hezbollah financier–to flee the country after giving him warning signs that he should leave, despite ripping America off to the tune of $7 million in unpaid taxes.
And you’ve been scammed yet again, as the feds ask for less than two years in prison for a man who committed treason against America’s borders and citizenry when he was supposed to be enforcing immigration law.
America is not safe. Our Justice Department is just going through the motions. And that’s why we are losing. And the mainstream media doesn’t ask these questions. Instead, it regurgitates the feds’ press releases, making them look like they are getting tough on these people, when they are really getting softer and softer.
This isn’t the first time a top federal official will get almost nothing for selling out our borders and was allowed to stay on the job for years. As I’ve reported on this site previously, Daphiney Caganap accepted tens and thousands of dollars in bribes to allow illegal aliens and drugs into our borders, as the top border inspector in the San Diego area. Instead of being immediately prosecuted, she was promoted and allowed to stay on the job for years in Metro Detroit, where she held mandatory candle parties for her employees at the airport. She stood to do 36 years in prison and instead got probation and no prison time.
As I’ve also previously noted, Carol Jenifer, a former Detroit INS District chief, was also caught taking bribes from assorted individuals in exchange for citizenship. Nothing ever happened to her and she was allowed to keep her job and retire with a full pension, courtesy of you, the American taxpayer.
(Is it of note that Bailey, Caganap, and Jenifer are Black? Some immigration authorities have sent me cases where we’ve thrown the book at far lower ranking White immigration officials and suggest that race has at least a little to do with the lax punishment of Bailey, Caganap, and Jenifer.)
We are desperate but not serious about our borders. Roy Bailey, Daphiney Caganap, and Carol Jenifer are just the manifestations of the festering and growing cancer we allow to metastasize.
Compare Roy Bailey’s likely sentence to that of Jonathon Pollard. He’s serving life in prison for spying for an ally–handing info to that ally, Israel, that we were supposed to give the Israelis under an agreement we had with them.
Yet, Roy Bailey sold out our borders to Hezbollah, to Syrians–making countless numbers of them U.S. citizens–and transported guns for Lebanese Arabs over our borders. Less than two years (after time off for good behavior) for this guy after he deliberately jeopardized America’s national security.

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Hopefully after two years of rooming with “Bubba”, Baily will be able to slide down a fire hydrant.

i_am_me on March 9, 2009 at 2:44 pm

Debbie :
I can’t believe you are the only Conservative
writing about this !
Where are the other talk show hosts ?????
It’s really demoralizing.

Hawkins on March 9, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Just more of the same old good ole boys treatment. He was a career man and the prosecutors feel sympathy for him because of this. It didn’t matter what devastation occurred. He knowingly did all this with the trust of the American people to secure our country. He should spend at least 15 to 20 years, this was all calculated. It wasn’t just one fit of rage. People are all upset about Bernie Madoff and want his head on a stick and this guy undermined OUR security not just investors money. NO peep from the MSM because we cant talk about corrupt Muslims in conjunction with a corrupt government official.
The official poster of the MSM

californiascreaming on March 9, 2009 at 4:19 pm

“Does this have anything to do with them being black?” If it does it would certainly be racist. It is saying, we expect a far lower level of moral behavior from you than from white people.

poetcomic1 on March 9, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Why, whaddya know? A Black selling out to Muslims!
Has to be a racist that believes everything they say,like so many ignorant Blacks, simply because they hate Whitey as mucha s they do – hence the reason they believe everything the Farrakhans/NOI makes up, even if they don’t become members of groups like those.

OldSchoolW on March 11, 2009 at 11:10 am

Very interesting article. Not that I’m shocked by this, any of it.

JK on March 14, 2012 at 4:30 am

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