May 1, 2012, - 5:03 pm

Homeland Security Intelligence Chief’s Guilty Plea Shrouds Mystery of Palestinian Muslim Intelligence Analyst

By Debbie Schlussel

As longtime readers know, I’ve been following the story of James M. Woosley, who was Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE’s) top intelligence official, and his embezzlement scam. (Don’t confuse him with the honorable James Woolsey, the former CIA Director.)  Woosley’s guilty plea, today–to embezzlement of tens of thousands of dollars–should be a major news story, but isn’t.  And it should be a major story, not just because Woosley had the highest security clearance and was the top intelligence official at the Department of Homeland Security’s largest agency.  As I’ve noted on this site, it’s a major story because his key conspirator in the scheme, former ICE intelligence analyst, Ahmed Adil Abdallat, is a Palestinian Muslim from Jordan, who had several Jordanian passports (about which he lied to the FBI), smuggled nearly $2 million to several Jordanian bank accounts, made several mysterious, unauthorized trips to Jordan and the Middle East, and spent years in Saudi Arabia.  For that $2 million secreted out of the country and his participation in Woosley’s scams, he got a wrist slap–just a year in prison.  That’s especially scary (and nauseating) since we don’t know for whom Abdallat was really working back in Palestinian-dominated Jordan or what he did there on his secret trips. Or how much classified intelligence information he gave them and how much of our national security he compromised.


Homeland Security’s Partners in Islamic Crime: Former ICE Intelligence Officials James M. Woosley & Ahmed Adil Abdallat

We don’t know where Abdallat’s money went, but it’s very likely that the  illegally obtained Homeland Security funds were laundered to Palestinian terrorists.  And that’s assuming that all of the money was actually from Homeland Security.  Only about $570,000 appears to have come from phony receipts and “work” for Homeland Security.  The source of another $1.2 million in Abdallat-controlled Jordanian bank accounts and apparently sent overseas by Abdallat is unknown.  The FBI has been unable to determine where the money came from, other than that it was wire transferred to Jordan from the U.S. and that it could not possibly have been legitimately earned by Abdallat.

Pursuant to Woosley’s plea deal, he will also get a slap on the hand–one to two years in prison.  And that’s because federal officials want this story to go away.  Woosley had top ICE officials all over the country involved in his embezzlement and fraudulent expense report scams.  As I noted on this site, a man who headed ICE’s Los Angeles office and was slated to become the Director of Investigations for the entire ICE agency was caught up in the scam with his girlfriend, another top agent.  And many ICE agents tell me that there are so many agents who were involved in this scheme that a good percentage of top ICE agents would be implicated if a thorough investigation was done. They tell me that many agents who knew and/or worked for/with Woosley would submit phony expenses and Woosley would get his cut of their action.

Instead of being the major news that it is, the story is being hushed and swept under the rug.  And a lot of ICE agents are angry.  They are Homeland Security’s cops, and their agency is rife with a huge corruption scandal that’s been largely ignored.  The feds did go after some of Woosley’s family members and girlfriend–who were involved in the scams extorting contractors (and I wrote about some of their involvement previously).  But, mostly, it’s been whitewashed.

And the whole scam could have been–and perhaps was–used against Woosley for blackmail and extortion purposes by terrorists or anyone else.  Maybe that’s why Abdallat had $2 million in Jordanian bank accounts and was allowed on mysterious trips to Jordan.  We’ll never know because light sentences and quickly hammered out plea agreements were worked up by a federal government eager to see this go away.

Read the federal Criminal Information against James Woosley.  Read his Statement of Offense. Both documents give more of the details of his offense (or, rather, the part of it that the feds will admit to).


One ICE employee involved was Ahmed Abdallat, the agency’s intelligence supervisor in El Paso, Texas. Abdallat, a former colonel in the Jordanian Air Force, joined the agency in 1995 and worked throughout the Middle East, including three years in Saudi Arabia.

Abdallat’s salary was by no means enough to make him rich, yet in 2010 he made three wire transfers to Middle Eastern accounts totaling $570,000, and he maintained personal accounts in Jordan totaling $1.2 million, authorities say.

Shannon Enochs, an FBI special agent, said during a lengthy court hearing that the FBI does not know where Abdallat got the money but doubted he made it working as a civil servant within the U.S. or Jordanian governments.

Abdallat travelled to D.C. at least 13 times in 2009 and 2010. Each time he submitted travel vouchers that allegedly contained fictitious charges not supported by any receipts or fake receipts created by Rollerson on her home computer. Each time, ICE paid.

More serious, however, were his trips to Jordan. Federal prosecutors charged him with eight counts of misusing a diplomatic passport he was not supposed to have to fly to Jordan.

During a search warrant of Abdallat’s home in El Paso, the FBI reported pulling out 29 boxes of evidence, including two Jordanian passports he denied having during background checks in 2000, 2005 and 2010. He also denied having foreign bank accounts, though the FBI found several written in Arabic after serving their search warrant.

As a life-long intelligence officer with clearance to secret and classified papers on terrorism, narcotics and human smuggling along the Southwest border, Abdallat’s file should have received priority review. Instead, he maintained close personal and financial ties to Jordan, apparently without suspicion.



DHS & ICE Chiefs Napolitano & Morton Can’t Be Bothered w/ National Security

(Jihadist Security Artwork by Fred Taub/Boycott Watch)

Again, this is the Department of Homeland Security. If they won’t watch out for this kind of stuff within their own agency–especially at the top ranks of intelligence and high-level security clearances, they definitely aren’t watching out for America.

Good luck, America.

Oh, and by the way, FOX News quotes a whining, do-nothing Michigan Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller about this. But this fraud, Miller, has never done a thing in her life to secure our borders. She’s too busy eating (she’s morbidly obese and disgusting) and pandering to the Muslims back in Michigan, as she’s done in her entire career as politician and office-holder (she’s never done anything in real life for a living).

Again, good luck, America.

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57 Responses

Great article, Debbie. Thanks again for staying on top and reporting of nauseating stories like this.

DS_ROCKS! on May 1, 2012 at 5:06 pm

The agency always led to average employee to believe that every penny was accounted for, and that never was any money for anything else. That’s what the people that control the purse strings led you to believe. Of course, they never told you about all of the extravagant spending sprees, and travel junkets to all sorts of foreign countries, staying at the most luxurious hotels, and doing who knows what else. A couple thousand here, couple thousand there, and pretty soon it’s in the millions. And what are they doing hiring a foreign scumbag anyway, the chump holds several foreign passports including a U.S. one. Where is his allegiance? We live in a country that allows people several foreign passports depending on where your parents are from, and U.S. citizenship as long as you are born here no matter the circumstance; no wonder foreigners arrive daily in their 8 1/2 month of pregnancy by the planeload to drop that kid. What “intelligence” was generated by this high-priced office? My educated guess is none. All they do is rehash stuff from other agencies, printouts by the boatload, travel constantly for their own entertainment. So, what are they doing hiring this Abu Dahbi guy, aren’t there enough qualified U.S. citizens that can trace their ancestry back generations in the U.S., so that you know where their allegiance lies? Clownism is alive and thriving at ICE, the laughing stock of all federal agencies.

Along with “Ethics” “Candor” and five year background checks, ICE should conduct intelligence testing and training for all of its top management. And hire U.S. citizens that speak English clearly not the “Whaaa blah schta da esking” type.

QTD on May 1, 2012 at 5:47 pm

No doubt the Israelis are aware of large money transfers to Jordan. No doubt they know to whom this money was given. And yet, they have absolutely no reason to trust the Americans. Who would?

adam on May 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Did you see where EVS was interviewed for the Woosley story? (by Andrew Becker I think). Basically said the Woos knew where all the bodies are buried – so everyone went along with him. (Woos hired EVS for the cushy TIC job in Mississippi, close buddies.)
Perhaps that is why Woosley is only getting a slap on the wrist, they know he will spill the beans so shut him up with a fine and time served. He gets to keep the rest of the money!

HSI HIS on May 1, 2012 at 7:39 pm

A couple of million via ICE and couple of hundred million via Hillary – what’s a few zeros between friends? It just keeps getting worse.

Road Warrior on May 1, 2012 at 7:42 pm

HSI HIS correctly points out the Bully Barnette has also left the building. EVS got out last year after the shit hit the fan. Now that his double dipping days are over, sources report that he’s acting out his Sons of Anarchy fantasies riding around southern Mississippi on his Harley. See Kyle Barnette on Facebook for details.

Bonzer Wolf on May 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm

Is there anyone left who DOESN’T know the so-called “intelligence” infrastructure is completely compromised?

Let’s cut the bullshit and get on with it: Raise the black flag of jihad and/or the hammer and sickle over the white house.

samuel on May 1, 2012 at 9:07 pm

Speaking of LA ICE. Where is the final report of the Long Beach Office shooting?

ICEhole on May 1, 2012 at 9:43 pm

What a laughing stock ICE continues to be… ALl of ICE is a disaster.. Great survey results .. 222 or something out of 240 of best places to work for…. I think for the next years survey, 240 is possible when news like this comes and the DOZENS of other corruption related stories that snake their way through ICE each year in which NOTHING happens to high ranking managers!!! How the hell can any corruption be investigated, especially by DHS OIG?!? THe #1 and #2 people over the investigations office are on leave over whats reported in the news article…HARDLY ANY news syndicates are talking about that..

Read the link…….

What a joke.. Fraud, Waste, and ABUSE!!

Broke on May 1, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Speaking of links, everyone who is a fan of Debbie, and I mean EVERYONE, should post a link on their Facebook account to Debbie’s website, and to promote Debbie’s website/blog.

More people need to read Debbie’s website.

Jonathan E. Grant on May 1, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Was Woosley involved in the same type of corruption and fraud when he worked at NDIC? That’s what I heard. Also, he promoted many people who did not have the basic requirements for their jobs. Then there’s the money from his salary, when he was not working. He should forfeit that. The others who were involved, if there is not enough evidence for indictments they should still lose their security clearances and thus their jobs. If they weren’t working they should reimburse the govt. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that Steve Henderson was forced to retire from his INS special agent position at the El Paso Intelligence Center after he ran up gambling debts on his government credit card. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that Woosley traveled with a female INS clerk, falsely claiming that she was a GS-13 intelligence officer when they were both assigned to the El Paso Intelligence Center. Isn’t he the father of her child, who is now about 12. Woosley took care of her and made sure she was made a GS-15 quickly, with no qualifications or experience, other than whatever service she provided during the trips with Woosley. Why isn’t Woosley charged with conspiracy? They could have stopped this abuse of authority over 10 years ago, long before Woosley transferred to DC. Woosley always seemed to have pals in high places in various agencies who protected him, while he abused both his authority and those employees who were not involved in his schemes. If you read the court transcripts from Abdellatt’s sentencing, you will see that Judge Montalvo said his was not a particularly egregious crime. I think it was: he came to the US from Jordan, became a citizen, got a government job, and then stole from the government and the country that gave him a new home. How did he get a secret security clearance? Was he qualified for his job, besides being a friend of Woosley from EPIC? How could Woosley make him a supervisory Intelligence Specialist when he did not supervise anyone. How could he be an intelligence supervisor with only a secret clearance? Just because Woosley wanted his to have the job, no one looked too closely. It’s time for someone to look at all of Woosley’s former supervisors to see what he had on them and why they went along when Woosley broke all the rules.

sawit on May 1, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    what about his wife? Heard she was dying from cancer in Arizona.

    jay braden on May 4, 2012 at 12:17 am

      Cant believe woosley was living with another woman who also was part of the scheme and living it up while his wife is bad off with cancer. What kind of man is he?

      jay braden on May 4, 2012 at 12:27 am

She’s too busy eating (she’s morbidly obese and disgusting) and pandering to the Muslims back in Michigan, as she’s done in her entire career as politician and office-holder (she’s never done anything in real life for a living).

Victims of morbid obesity deserve compassion. Believe me, Debbie, she hates herself more than you hate her.

Miranda Rose Smith on May 2, 2012 at 2:19 am

whats not being looked at is that the entire background investigation that should done on new ICE agents is not being done, and the period re-investigation every 5 years is not being completed. There are hundreds of ICE agents that have foreign relatives and connections, and the ICE program office that conducts checks does’nt investigate foreign connections.
There are dozens of ICE agents on the southwest border that have family and associates that are members of the Mexican drug cartels.
Who is investigating the background investigation process?
Senator Miller is on target when she stated that the ICE vetting process is broke.

BICEMAN on May 2, 2012 at 6:42 am

This is just another reason why the merger was a major mistake. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 stated that INS would cease to exist and that the Customs Service would be moved into the new department. INS was strife with corruption for years and was incompetent. Special Agents for the most part were Inspectors that were promoted because they buddied up to Investigations supervisors. In one office it was common knowledge that a non-law enforcement employee was promoted to Special Agent because they really wanted to be one, and was “friends” with the ADI.

Customs4Ever on May 2, 2012 at 9:14 am

So what is the update or rumor on the Kozak shooting investigation?
What in the hell did Kozak due to provoke Garcia into shooting?
Did Kozak try and play bully bad ass or did Garcia just lose it?

Is Kozak as shot full of hole like they say? My understanding is he will be fucked up for ever as his knee, hand and gut all took a hit from the .40 hollow points
His mental state is got to be crazy. For the rest of his life he will the boss from hell.

Very sad day for all Federal LEO. I’m glad I retired from this mess.

After 25 years as a S/A Customs/DEA I offer you this

Let’s end the drug war which is taking away our rights and ruining Police work.
Join LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

CPO Sharky on May 2, 2012 at 9:45 am

Nothing new under the sun!An IMF report(2003)identified $900million in assets diverted from Palestinian taxes and revenues to private accounts of the PA leadership.There are numerous instances of documented paymants to idividuals, including Palestinians officially employed as Police Officers,who have caried out murderous terrorist acts

Deziderio on May 2, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Great post. This is a very serious matter and we can only hope it is addressed as such. Amazing job getting on top of this and seeing it for the major issue that it is.

David Groen on May 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm

I am a former Customs Special Agent. After the Customs, INS merger, many Customs Agents backed up this disaster because they were promised promotions. The Customs Agents that were in DC and were close to retirement are directly responsible for this disgrace. They betrayed the Customs Agency for a quick buck. It says a lot about their character and explains why there is so much corruption at ICE. The culture of corruption at Customs was alive as much as in INS. I don’t blame the INS one bit. They took advantage of an opportunity. It benefited them to some degree but in the end I’m sure they regret this merger as much as the Customs folks.

1sickoflies on May 2, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Speaking of SAC LA: Intel Research Specialist Taryn Johnston was sentenced to only ONE month and a $5,000 fine for the w Time and Attendance fraud that ‘earned’ her and Frank Johnson (hubby and supervisor) more than $500,000.

Good job DHS IG/OPR/FBI or whoever investigated this, really sending a message 1 week and 1%

I have a suggestion for Mr Morton (excuse me, Director) -you like to travel, why don’t you attend these sentencings? Or have the SAC or a HQ SES, at least one level above the person convicted, attend? That would show that stopping corruption is important to the agency and serve as a reminder to the senior ‘leadership’ that there are consequences.

Also, raising the profile might end these weak ‘time served and a small fine’ judgements.

I saw the FBI announced Woosley’s conviction and said something like: Stopping public corruption is a priority – here is a number to call to report it.
HSI said ……? Nothing

HSI HIS on May 3, 2012 at 7:43 am

HSI HIS, DHS IG/OPR/FBI doesn’t decide the sentence – you need to blame the judges. You know there are sentencing guidelines, so these judges should be giving all corrupt govt employees max sentence since they betrayed and stole from the taxpayers.

The agents in these divisions work hard and make solid cases against these losers, so you should feel bad for the agents who put in long hours and then the judge (probably a liberal judge) mocks their hard work by giving the criminal a slap on the hand.

Even Woosley and all the members of his criminal organization who are still at HQ Intel and in the FIGS will probably get off easy. HQ Intel is still promoting and/or trying to promote some of Woosley’s followers. You would think they would stop, but they haven’t. Apparently, Chapparro, Reeder, and FIG Directors are like Woosley and think they are smarter and better than SAC intel folks – guess they should read the Emperor’s New Clothes.

They literally need to make a list of everyone Woosley hired and/or promoted, including all the FIG directors, group supervisors, report writers, mission support, analysts, program managers, etc., and remove them – they are all poisoning ICE.

El Paso on May 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm

El Paso,
Excellent points on Woosley – I agree with you.
Chapparro seems to be in the mindset of: problems? Lets reorganize and I will create more GS-15 positions to promote my friends into.
Clean that house – break up the Woosley gang – pull security clearances, reassign them at a minimum. And with all of them track and document their work – get rid of the good ole boy network, and/or the sex partner network.

As to the Johnston case: was it a solid well built case the agents brought to the AUSA? Or was it a case of ‘everyone knows she is guilty’, and the went with a simple easy charge?

Like 1001? Which is all she was charged with; lying to OPR.

They did not apparently work hard to prove she stole $500K – but settled for 1001 false statement.

There was probably years of evidence of fraud – and none of it was presented. So she doesn’t work, gets $500K and then ‘earns it’ with a month in jail.

HSI HIS on May 4, 2012 at 7:04 am

It IS nice to see some people FINALLY being disciplined for the mess they made but I hate seeing ICE being slandered. YES before ICE Customs seemed to have an accountability; whereas INS was a total mess (and that is putting it as nice as I can). What happens, well they make us all adapt to the INS way of life and place INS people in positions of power, not based on their “good work experience” but based on the “Good ole boy” system. If you throw a rock in the lake and muddy the water you are going to get slamed! Hopefully someone (OPR, FBI or whoever) will continue looking at the problems that have been corrected and get a solution before I’m able to retire in 20??.

priceless on May 4, 2012 at 11:31 am

There seems to be some opinionated individuals that didnt like Woolsey here but he helped alot of people and the agency through the years! He was the one the agency counted to get the job done. He would have never made it to the top if he didnt make major changes along the way with excellant work ethics that he was recognized for. It is unfortunate that after 28 years of service he ended up doing something like this. I have issues after reading everything available on line that this Rollerson has blamed Henderson for starting this when he only made 50k. Who was the one who took the largest amount of money after the investigation was completed. Rollerson made almost 300k. Her lawyer said she was a nice person put in a bad postition well she put herself in that position knowing what she was doing was wrong just like the others. It seems like she was woosley’s downfall when he hired her in 2008. If woosley had been doing this before hiring her the investigation would have caught him in the act

jay braden on May 5, 2012 at 10:34 am

Need to say one more thing that Woosley had a set of balls on him. He was not afraid of speaking up to make his points or concerns noted for the better of the agency. That’s the least i can say for some of you and others in the agency. He also made alot of good changes in managment that were used throughout DHS. Again just dont know what could have happened to make Woosley do something like this. Just never expected him to do something so unpredicatable to tarnish his career and agency he work so hard for.

jay braden on May 5, 2012 at 11:12 am

This cat is typical of the chumps that rise to the top, and the only reason that he did was his skin color. If it was a black or hispanic (they would have never gotten that high a position in INS or Customs)they would have been fired and prosecuted and sentenced to 20 years long ago. This guy may have been a “hard worker” but apparently all the hard work was for his own benefit and the reward of those close to him. A bureaucrat in the most negative connotation of that term. Yeah he put it all together, got things “done” but in the end did it ea difference? Hell no! Just like the rest of ICE HSI and Intell, a big paper tiger, looks good on paper, but nothing gets done because most of the clowns dont know how to do it, never done it, and aren’t expected to do it! Except become experts on policy, budgets, travel, training that they never use. Most of ICE HSI has become just that, paper pushers, ass kissers that ingratiate themselves with management, who in turn proclaim what good agents/intelligence analysts they are, and promote them.

One good thing: This is definately a tax funded case study on the effects of the “Peter Principle” and its proclivity to churn out clowns and incompetents.

MF Jones on May 5, 2012 at 1:18 pm

jay braden, so you’ve been bought, huh? Which GS 14 or 15 position did Woosley give you to be so loyal to him? He’s been corrupt his entire career – it took good OIG/FBI/OPR agents to finally expose him. There is NO WAY anyone can have or share your opinion of this loser unless Woosley paid them; that’s how his corrupt “kingdom” was built. Everything he put his hands on was a lie – he and his people lied (and continue to lie) about stats, operations, travel, success of programs…. R U Ebbley, Schoch, Silliman, Orsi, Etter, Coenen, Vega, a FIG Director?

El Paso on May 5, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    el paso

    I never worked under woosley but have known him for years. But now you made me curious about what he did to you for you to have these expressed opinions? If you knew he was so corrupt why didnt you report him? The OIG/FBI/OPR exposed the travel voucher scheme for the last 2 years and nothing more, if they had they would have charged him.

    So if what you say is true you must be in the same boat or very close to the boat with all of them to be so opinionated. “Everything he put his hands on was a lie – he and his people lied (and continue to lie) about stats, operations, travel, success of programs….”
    R U Ebbley, Schoch, Silliman, Orsi, Etter, Coenen, Vega, a FIG Director?

    jay braden on May 10, 2012 at 12:36 am

    What woosley has done is wrong and so are the others. But i still do not understand why he did it. He was close to retirement.

    jay braden on May 10, 2012 at 12:52 am

I am reading some bad comments about Steve Henderson-I worked with him in the late 70’s/early 80’s and he was an outstanding partner who you could depend on 100%.I don’t know what happened with him in this case(I retired over 15 years ago)and never had any more contact with the government such as being a contractor.I can only say he was honest as the day is long when I knew him and I spent my entire career on the bricks including a few years in ASU with Steve and 9 years in OCDETF at another location.Maybe the “intel”milieu has a corrosive effect on people-I wouldn’t know personally.

Joe on May 6, 2012 at 7:39 am

Went from BOHICA TO FUBAR. Can’t tell the crooks from the
good guys without a program. Need to send them to the
Islas Marias

mapache on May 6, 2012 at 11:02 am

WTF?! They send Border Patrol agents to prison using necessary force to effect an arrest, but the white collar GS-15 ICE crooks get off with time served or a sort sentence with a T-time at Club Fed.

Sumtin ain’t right with this, Bubba.

You ICE guys will have plenty of cases to work, because we are not touching anyone. They are all getting in. Not worth going to prison over any of them. You’ll never get fired for doing nothing.

Mean Green on May 6, 2012 at 11:09 am

@Mean Green-I started in the Patrol in ’76 and spent almost all my time in INV-it was always safe to do nothing,but I liked earning my pay.Nowadays I think anyone who tries to do the job right is insane-this administration has appoited a criminal for AG and a complete idiot to head DHS-better off just retiring in place-sad.

Joe on May 6, 2012 at 3:03 pm

sac la is a mess still. no word on what happened with the garcia-kozak-woo shooting. they will not release any report on that one. you will have to file a foia. then they will tell everyone who was interviewed that it was you who filed a foia and your career will be totalled. what happened to guzman? why is that investigation dead in the water? why haven’t more people been strung up the pole for the guzman and johnston crimes? don’t you think some gses and asacs were complicit? asac lax, dsac la, asac sb/rv???? just a tip of the iceberg probably. opr in long beach is made up of people from sac la. how can they be impartial when investigating sac la people? neither woo or kozak are coming back. they will retire on disability. nothing will change in la. people will get promotions who don’t deserve them. i can name 5 supervisors who have never done a criminal case in their lives. i can name one asac that slept his/her way to asac. we just had one agent promoted to supe that never did a criminal case. place stinks to high heaven. aint never gonna change. and the recent shooting of the srt guys in san francisco. the sac still hasn’t sent out a email about if guys can take admin time to drive up there to visit. it is a joke. a few of the new hires i have spoken to have told me they regret signing on with sac la. very dysfunctional sac office. and why does a certain rehired anuitant former gs get a government vehicle suv? wtf?

Joe the Agent on May 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

El Paso – Think jay braden might be Stitzel or MacDonald?
I think Ebbley wouldn’t have the balls to post – he is just trying to keep his head down and out of sight – just like all the rest of the Woos Crew.
Make all the 1811’s go back to OI and work for a living. Take away all the AUO for all the 1801 Intelligence Officers, take away G-Rides – why do they get either?
All that started with Woos – one of his major changes for the good of the agency…buying people off with taxpayer money.
Wish I, as a taxpayer, had standing to sue them in civil court for stealing my (tax) money.

HSI HIS on May 6, 2012 at 4:43 pm

having spent 6 years at BP before coming to ICE SW, I can tell you one of the issues with the corruption and scamming at ICE is there are no integrity safeguards. Doing a yearly intengrity web training just checks off a box on the Director’s sheet. CBP polygraphs all agents before entry, and it is used in a continuous evaluation process; ICE does not.
How many corrupt ICE knuckleheads would have been caught earlier if they were screened properly? How can an ICE agent have family members as members of DTOs across the border?
“Abdallat, a former colonel in the Jordanian Air Force, joined the agency in 1995 and worked throughout the Middle East, including three years in Saudi Arabia” REALLY?? how the hell did he make it into ICE, much less Intel?
How many more of these guys are in ICE and passing national security info to the wrong players?

Pointman on May 6, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Pointman: It’s the Peter Principle, my man! In general, about a good 90% of the “managers” that get selected at ICE, one way or another, are not competent. “Integrity” “dedication” “ethics” “criminal investigation” (in the case of agents) have become just words and terms, like you said, check it off on the computer based training site. Intelligence testing and psychological screenings to weed out the control freaks, manic depressives and socio-paths should be mandatory, and there are a lot of those in the agency. There is no experience in the agency, unless you count experienced ass kissers, whiners, and knee pad users. Sit in front of a computer researching policy, ingratiate yourself with G/S, back-stab other agents by complaining to the G/S at lunch what agent so and so does or doesn’t do, take that computer based GS-14 test, sit in front of an interview panel that is handpicked to make sure you get a high score, and you are promoted, on your way, no experience necessary, and none ever expected from that point. As long as you take that computer training, attend that training class, that’s all the experience necessary. Now you are in a position to take care of your buds and denigrate the agents you don’t like. That is a formula for disaster, and it is working at ICE HSI

MF Jones on May 7, 2012 at 12:21 pm

So somebody give us an update on the progress of the “investigation”!
You fucking new guys got to keep us old guys updated!

CPO Sharky on May 7, 2012 at 6:53 pm

HSI HIS, sure it could be Stitzel or MacDonald – they are part of Woos Crew, as you call it. It could also be Disenso, Plantz, Piru, Gonzalez, Faysenmeyer – even some of the admin folks who helped him buy his stuff.

Someone said there is a 14 on the west coast Long Beach office that stayed home and got paid like Taryn Johnston – one of Woos or Ebbley’s pre-selections.

I didn’t know Woos Crew got AUO and G-cars! For what? They don’t even work 8 hrs – they just travel/TDY.

It’s really crappy for the taxpayer that ICE intel has an $81.5 million budget, and there is absolutely nothing to show for it. Guess it’s up to OPR to get justice for the taxpayer.

El Paso on May 7, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    What Gonzalez do you mean? Sonia was his squeeze when Woosley was at EPIC, and I heard her husband went along with it until the money dried up. Is she still at EPIC? She was incompetent at low grades, but Woosley got her a 15 without even the basic qualifications to be an intel person. Does she do any work? Who does her evals? They should transfer her to DC at a minimum, just to give her a job for which she can be evaluated. Promoting people in place and keeping them in offsite locations where they aren’t given work that can be evaluated fosters the do-nothing mentality and makes it impossible for ICE to manage their own. If ICE wanted to get the house in order, they would. Do they expect DEA to deal with her? Just think it is ICE’s job to make their own “managers” work. It’s a sad day when this is so public and the agency still cannot do anything. So much for public confidence in the government.

    seenit on May 15, 2012 at 9:16 pm

Probably more to the story about the Garcia shooting. Perry Woo had more of a cause in it? What is Kozak saying? Did Perry and Kevin meet together before the Feebs interview to get stories straight? SACLA is still messed up. Heard there will be a big changeup coming, groups moving everywhere, more people upset, supervisors being promoted that have never done anything, agents being put into groups without any experience for that subject mattter.crazee!

joe the agent on May 8, 2012 at 11:35 pm

El Paso, dont get your hopes up for OPR finding anything.. Just as dysfunctional and ineffective as ICE intel….and you cant count on the DHS OIG for any type of integrity either these days….

ICEisBroke on May 10, 2012 at 9:29 am

I hear that Kozak is unable to walk and unable to eat due to GI problems. His hand is hamburger and cannot grip. People say he is living in a hell of his own making but is suffering every day. Is this true? No winners here only losers.

CPO Sharky on May 11, 2012 at 9:17 am

Kevin is walking with a crutch. He stopped by the office recently. Don’t know about the GI problems. Perry is a different story. He was GS Garcia’s first line supervisor. So that means GS Garcia went to Perry with issues. Did Perry twist his words when he reported to Kevin? You would think your first line supervisor would have your back. Did Perry stab GS Garcia’s back? Is there a lawsuit coming from the widow Garcia? Wrongful death? How about Kevin suing SACLA? Will the investigative report be released or do people have to file FOIA requests?

Captain Dan on May 14, 2012 at 12:27 am

Finally Woosley’s wife got a divorce, but was this simply to protect some of the money? If not, why didn’t she see him for what he was while he was sleeping with other women? He had a baby with Sonia Gonzales and lived with another woman in DC? Why did it take his indictment to get her to act? She was clearly part of the scheme; Henderson said she was his landlady, so she clearly got some of the money. She has asked for Jim’s Thrift Savings account as part of the divorce settlement, but that should have already been frozen to ensure restitution to the government. Was it?

Did anyone go to Henderson’s sentencing? I totally forgot. I heard he whined about poverty and his wife and son unable to find jobs, totally ignoring the generous pension he is getting and the fact that the wife is actually an ex-wife and the son is grown. The prosecutor and court let him get away with misrepresenting his financial situation.

About Sonia: why does DEA let her stay at EPIC in a job she was never qualified for? Don’t they think she is a security risk? Again, EPIC is a laughing stock for allowing do-nothing personnel from many agencies to get dumped there. That’s where Woosley, Henderson, Abdellat, etc. got their starts at big time scamming. To be fair to DEA, they can only supervise DEA personnel, and many other agencies have people there with NO oversight!!! If DEA cared about the integrity of its workforce, they would not put up with this. If ICE cared about public confidence in its personnel and mission, they would not put up with this. If this was a priority to the FBI, they would have taken a lot more action by now. If the Justice Department had any integrity, they would have insisted on more timely, thorough investigations and meaningful punishment. It’s just a slap in the face to the rest of us who follow the rules and work. This shows that it doesn’t matter what you accomplish; management’s top priority is covering up problems, not carrying out the mission or supporting those employees who put their lives on hold or on the line every day for missions they believe in. Why haven’t the higher-ups at ICE lost their jobs for failing to give oversight on hiring, travel, money, etc. And why doesn’t anyone seem to care? Have we become that jaded?

seenit on June 14, 2012 at 11:24 pm

How much money did Sonia Gonzales rake in? Is there a case against her coming soon, or is her windfall and her steady stream of promotions considered child support? Is she claiming to be a victim? If so, that is totally inconsistent with the supposed status and skills of her GS-15 position. Is someone protecting her like Woosley used to?

sawit on June 14, 2012 at 11:31 pm

Weasel only got 20 months! This justice department sucks!

Fan on July 13, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Everyone, check out the SAC LA shooting news that recently came out. I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions in earlier posts.

The End on October 11, 2013 at 4:41 pm

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