March 5, 2007, - 2:42 pm

Down & Out in Beverly Hills: The Iranian Mayor & the Farsi Ballots

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a fascinating front-page story about the aftermath of the deposal of the Shah in Iran, the Islamist takeover, and Beverly Hills’ population.
If you’re like me and have frequented the Jewish areas of Bevery Hills, you know that Beverly Hills has a significant Persian Jewish population. That’s because most of Iran’s Jews saw the handwriting on the wall when Jimmy Carter ushered the Shah out and Ayatollah Khomeini and Islamist Shi’ism in. Many of Iran’s Jews re-settled in Israel and New York. But a significant number moved to Beverly Hills.
Now, for the first time ever, Beverly Hills is about to have an Iranian as Mayor–the likely result after tomorrow’s election, there. What’s interesting is that Jimmy Delshad will become the highest-ranking Iranian American, and he’s a Jew. I’m sure that will upset Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a huge bonus. (While Delshad is a Democrat, I’ve found that many Iranian-American Jews are right-wing and Republican, more so than in the general Jewish population.)

Jimmy Delshad Wanted English Ballots:

Beverly Hills’ Iranian-Jewish American Mayor-in-Waiting

But what I found most interesting was the contrast between Iranian Jews in Beverly Hills and Muslims in Dearbornistan and the rest of the U.S. While Muslims here insist on ballots in Arabic, so that illegal aliens and other non-English speaking malefactor co-religionists of theirs can vote. Beverly Hills’ Iranian Jews registered 300 complaints about their new Farsi ballots. They speak English and think of themselves as Americans. They’ve assimilated themselves into America, rather than insisting America bow to them.
Contrast that with Mid-East Muslims, who think of themselves as Muslims and insist we cater to them. Contrary to myths put out by the mainstream media, the Muslims have not assimilated, and expect us to assimilate to them (and, unfortunately, the many spineless have obliged).
Here are a few excerpts from the story, which I found very interesting, even though I’m very familiar with Beverly Hills’ Iranian Jews (and their great kosher restaurants–my fave is “Nessim’s”):

At a time when tension between the U.S. and Iranian governments is on the rise, Mr. Delshad, a 66-year-old Jewish immigrant, is on the brink of becoming one of the highest-ranking Iranian-American elected officials in the U.S. . . .
Roughly 8,000 of the approximately 35,000 residents of Beverly Hills are of Iranian descent — an influx that began in earnest nearly 30 years ago after the fall of the shah of Iran and has fundamentally changed one of America’s most iconic cities. The sensitivity of the situation was underscored recently when the city, for the first time, printed its entire ballot in English and Farsia move that prompted an outpouring of complaints, including a number from Iranian-Americans. (See a sample ballot.)
Six candidates in tomorrow’s election will be vying for two seats on the Beverly Hills City Council. Three are Persian. Mr. Delshad — who changed his first name to Jimmy from Jamshid when he became a U.S. citizen — first won election to the City Council in 2003. If re-elected, he would become mayor; council members rotate the job each year, based on seniority. . . .
Because Beverly Hills is so prominent, he’s also keenly interested in securing the city against possible terrorist strikes. He wants to increase video surveillance in public spaces and continue to add license-plate scanners to police vehicles.
At times, he has worried for his own safety. In 2003, during his first City Council campaign, Mr. Delshad hired three bodyguards after he received written death threats in his native Farsi language. He also carried a panic button that could summon local police. He says he never knew who was behind the threats or why he received them, but he kept the bodyguards for a few months even after he was elected. . . .
Mr. Delshad, born in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, came to the U.S. in 1958, following his brother, then a college student, to Mankato, Minn. Their father, a jeweler and goldsmith in Iran, would later join his sons in the U.S.
Mr. Delshad took university-extension courses and worked as a janitor to make ends meet. He and two brothers eventually formed the “Delshad Trio” playing the santur, a Persian string instrument. They moved to Los Angeles’s growing Iranian community, playing music as they put themselves through college.
After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Delshad joined a fledgling computer firm. For about two decades, he ran his own computer-hardware company, which he sold in 1999, when he became president of the temple. Married 38 years, he is the father of two grown children. . . .
City Hall has received about 300 complaints since absentee ballots went to voters at the beginning of last month, says Byron Pope, the city’s clerk, who decided to translate the ballots into Farsi. (A separate Spanish ballot is available, too.) Mr. Pope says he made the move in consultation with an outside election-services firm and was complying with the federal Voting Rights Act, which says that a jurisdiction that has more than 5% of its voting-age population in “a single language group” should have a ballot available in that language. In the 2005 city election, some information was translated into Farsi, but not the entire ballot, he says.

Yes, federal law–inspired by illegal aliens–forces a city to produce ballots in Farsi, even when assimilated Iranian-American Jews don’t want it.
Only in America.

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Remember, Persians are not Arabs. Big difference. Persians can be civilized, Turks can be civilized, Kurds can be civilized–but Arabs, no.

lexi on March 5, 2007 at 4:23 pm

Scuzlims certainly can’t be civilized…..their religion, founded on the tentes of lying, cheating, stealing, “jihad” and pedophelia, commands them to live outside civilized society. Scuzlims will not, if fact can not assimilate with civilized society, because their religion forbids it.

DDB on March 5, 2007 at 5:51 pm

Printing ballots in foreign languages has to be a hindrance to American culture. It encourages citizens of foreign birth NOT to assimilate into American culture.
Trust me, America does not want to allow a political voice that impose Sharia Law in portions or all of America.
Save the maintenance of foreign cultural languages to some kind of Culture center, but even then such places should be encouraged to teach English to the non-English speaking people.

Theway2k on March 5, 2007 at 6:22 pm

The important thing here is that the Persians in question ain’t Muslims – they are Jewish. For Jews or Zoroastrians, the Arabic script is as alien as Roman, so they have no reason to prefer the former to the latter.
Persian Infidels (Zoroastrian or Jew) can be civilized. Kurds – who are looked upon by Arabs as Infidels – can be civilized. Turks have only been forced to be civilized. Among Arabic speaking populaces, the Maronites and Copts are pretty civilized.
What distinguishes the uncivilized from the civilized is Islam.

Infidel Pride on March 5, 2007 at 9:01 pm

I had the surprise and unexpected pleasure of actually meeting a Persian Jew and his wife last March while on a rare vacation in Cancun (Avi and Esther). I found it fascinating to talk to him. He had been educated in his youth at (I believe it was) Jerusualem University. He left Iran after the Khomeni catastrophe took root and then emigrated to L A, from where he operates a nationwide electronics business.
When the Lord said he would disperse his people to the ends of the world he sure wasn’t kidding. I am amazed at how these Jews retain their identity despite the cooperative way they assimilate into what ever nation they go to. They really make great citizens.
I guess it goes without saying that the most amazing thing of all is how the nation of Israel was reborn after so many centuries of exile and dispersal in fulfillment of the words of the Hebrew prophets. My favorite one of these is the Ezekiel 37–the valley of the dry bones that ressurects and comes to life signifying how amazing the rebirth of the nation of Israel would seem (it truly was/is).
Of course the Ezekiel 37 leads right into chapter 38–the invasion of the Russians with the amalgamation of the Arabic nations and PERSIA–AKA Iran. What a wild an interesting time is coming very soon as the Lord will purify his people through an amazing deliverance. This has been foretold since the 6th century BC.

BB on March 6, 2007 at 12:05 am

I am stupified by the ignorance being displayed here. Yes, there is a large Persian Jewish population in Beverly Hills, but of the estimated 300,000 – 500,000 Persians in Southern California, only about one third are Jewish. Persians, as an immigrant population, are among the highest earning, best educated, and have among the lowest crime rates of ANY immigrant grooup in the US. Have you ever seen the Persian New Year’s picnics at Mason Park in Irvine, or Balboa or Griffith parks in LA? 10,000-20,000 or more Persians, muslim and jewish and agnostic alike, all dancing, joking and eating and having a good time? I would safely say that 99+% of the Persians in the US are opposed to current regime in Iran, and wish for it to change – meanwhile those 99% are productive, well-assimilated members of our society, regardless of their religion.

tonyk on March 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm

There are two differences between the Turkish communities worldwide. I am a Turkish-American right winng conservative, who is staunchly against Obama’s Socialist/Leftist agenda who wants to destroy America’s soveirgnty, and I am totally against open-borders. The people of Turkish descent in the USA are actually quite well educated and hold jobs as physicans, professors at the best universities, and Engineers of all types (whether if it is at Silicon Valley Tech Firms or Oil Companies), because of the fact that people of Turkish descent in the USA are quiet successful and come from the more prosperous developed parts of Turkey. The Turkish communities in other countries are kind of ghetto though, especially the ones in Germany (which I do not deny at all). I was born in the USA, do not speak a word of the Turkish language, and swear oath to the USA and totally assimilated. Even the working class communities in New Jersey.

Sean Yilmaz on October 26, 2011 at 8:12 am

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