March 18, 2009, - 3:34 pm

Airhead America: Failed Liberal Radio Network Hires Insane Host Who Threatened to “Blow Up” Teen Girl, Pimped People on Worthless Obama Coins, Etc.

By Debbie Schlussel
You have to laugh at dying liberal radio network Air America’s just-inked contract with Montel Williams to host a show.
It’s not just that his minstrel show talk show–a low-grade copy of Springer–was canceled by FOX TV affiliates and had to close up shop. It’s not just that he regularly featured psychic Sylvia Browne on his show and that he’s smug and arrogant with no basis for it.
It’s that he’s a nut and threatened violence against a teen reporter and pimped Black people on worthless Obama coins in sleazy late night TV infomercials.
First there’s the threat to blow a girl up:


A thoughtful query caused Montel Williams to cancel an interview and later threaten the high school newspaper intern who asked the question, reports the Associated Press.
“I’m trying to figure out exactly why you are here and what the interview is about,” Montel snapped at Savannah Morning-News intern Courtney Scott.
The talk show host, in town to promote a free prescription drug program for low-income patients, ended the press event after Courtney asked if he thought that pharmaceutical companies would be discouraged from research and development if profits were restricted.
“I’m here as a patient advocate talking about the fact that medications available today are saving people’s lives, that’s what’s saving mine and after that, this interview is done,” the multiple sclerosis-afflicted Montel said before storming out
Later, Montel confronted Courtney and crew at his hotel, while they were covering another story.
“As we were preparing to film, Montel walked up with his bodyguard and got in Courtney Scott’s face pointing his finger telling her ‘Don’t look at me like that. Do you know who I am? I’m a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up’,” said Joseph Cosey, a Web content producer for the newspaper. “At this time he was randomly pointing at all of us.”
“I’m not sure if he meant ‘blow me up’ and ruin my career or really blow us up, but it was threatening,” Courtney added.

Hmmm . . . where are the feminists protesting “Air America” for hiring this man who is abusive to women.
And why is Oprah promoting him? Yesterday, she had him on her show to hawk his psychobabble book. While she’s yelling and screaming about the violence singer Chris Brown allegedly inflicted on singer Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty, she didn’t say a word about Montel’s threat to blow a young woman up. But she’s no hypocrite, right?
Instead, she let him gab on forever about what a victim he is of multiple sclerosis, which I suppose gives him a free pass. And the phony Montel did what he does best, cry on command.
Here’s the video from right before the threat, which seems to back up the story, in addition to the witnesses to it:

Then, there’s Montel’s late-night hawking of cheap coins with Obama stickers on them, ripping naive buyers off. Because, you know, the gazillions he made from his now-canceled daytime TV minstrel show were simply not enough for this scumbag with giant diamond earrings.

They ordered some sets with the thought they were getting actual coins pressed by the U.S. Mint. What they got was 50-cent pieces with stickers plastered on one side of them. Four sets of the coins set them back $150 smackers. Hope and change, my ass.

And finally, there’s what this creep, Montel, said to me. I made the mistake of doing his show, twice. No, it wasn’t a “Who’s the Daddy?” show. We were supposed to be talking about politics, but it was basically a liberal gang-bang. Both times, he cried on command about how he’s an MS victim, and his tears were so phony, I thought they were liquified cubic zirconium.
I wrote about it the first time. The second time I insisted on being paid to appear. But it wasn’t worth it. Montel told me that my father was a bad doctor because he opposed socialized medicine a/k/a national health care and that he deserved to die.
Yup, this charlatan, this cretin, this sleazebag–Montel–is now the new darling of liberal talk radio.
Maybe he can use it to pick up another stripper or airline stewardess to become his next wife.
I could attack how he got caught and Detroit Metro Airport with pot. But that’s a badge of honor with liberals.

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Why is Oprah promoting him? Becuase he’s black. I’m DONE pretending that’s not the reason. It’s race. It’s racist. And it’s reality.

dm60462 on March 18, 2009 at 4:34 pm

I have no sympathy for the nitwits who bought those stupid coins. A little less money going to the local crack dealer perhaps.

Tempus Fugit on March 18, 2009 at 4:50 pm

I don’t see why that question made him angry. Maybe he misunderstood it? Maybe it wasn’t on his talking points list and he got confused.

Anonymous1 on March 18, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Air America and its latest affirmative action hire. I thought we were done with that in the Age Of Obama. People still can’t be hired on the basis of their talent? Apparently not. Montel Williams has made it big time on his race.

NormanF on March 18, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Unlike Rush, whom liberals attack for having brought Viagra into the country. They still laugh about it. At least it was legal. With Montel Williams and pot and hosting a late night rip-off of gullible liberal viewers? All is forgiven.

NormanF on March 18, 2009 at 5:39 pm

Another TV talk host my mother liked…Deb I REALLY NEED TO MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE I HAVE LIVED IN!!!!

NEPatriot on March 18, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Here’s hoping Mr. Affirmative Action lives a very very very long slow drawnout debilitating, painfull, miserable life before he finally succumbs to the diesease that is multiple sclerosis. What a puke!
Blessed Be to the memory of your father Debbie. From what you have written about him, he sounds like a man of great integrity and honor.

wolf2012 on March 18, 2009 at 8:16 pm

Wow this guy is as about as pathetic as it gets. Wait a minute, Obama beats him out. I have always seen this guy as a CON-MAN. It doesn’t surprise me about the coins and the threats he made to the reporter. Never trust television is the moral of the story on the coins. Why ever buy anything on TV? Well except maybe from that Sham Wow Dude.
The comment he made about your father is disgusting. You definitely turned out a better person because of your father. CON-TEL WILLIAMS is trash and his father should be ashamed of his CON-MAN son. The problem with society is no one ever says NO to these D-Bags. He is one of the many self-assured pieces of shit who seems to fool everyone and people want to rub elbows with him because of status or money. He surrounds himself with Yes Men and Women and Boot Lickers. Reminds me of cons like Donald Trump, Kid Rock, MC Hammer, Deion Sanders, Eminem, Vanilla Ice and the rest of the crap from Hollywood.
I guess the theme of his new Radio Show will be “I’M MONTELL WILLIAMS AND YOU’RE NOT!!”…Any calls?
I did like this MadTV skit on CON-TEL.

californiascreaming on March 18, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Actually, Montel has it right on the fact that a good part of the cost of drugs today is due to the litigation happy population. However, this is supported by the Trial Lawyers Association and that is who he should be attacking. Tort reform is key to lowering cost in many areas of Medicine. Telling anyone it is the public is hitting the wrong target.
I am amused that Montel is upset at Drug Companies who do things for Evil Profit yet I am sure he has a Business Manager who’s job is to secure him for which he is paid. Ask him if he will work for FREE from now on so that ALL people may benefit from his wisdom. This is what he is asking of the Drug Companies. Pure Socialism.. except for him.
Do any of them ever stop to think of how these Drugs that they think should be given for free came to exist? If it were not for the Profit Motive, then we would still be trying to cure Polio.

RobitJ on March 19, 2009 at 8:00 am

The problem is that Socialism/Communism/Fascism/Obammunism can not create on its own. They can only confiscate what Capitalism has created and run it into the ground. But because those who have the least show a temporary boost in living conditions which in turn gets the ruling class more power they continue down the road of failure.
Liberals in power care NOT ONE LITTLE BIT for anything other than the amount of their own personal power. They will exploit any group, person, business, or animal if they think it will help them become more powerful or retain the power they have.
Oprah is a billionaire IF she was really so concerned with the fate of the little people or even with the plight of inner city blacks then she would go back to being a millionaire or lower donating her wealth to the causes she believes We should be forced into supporting. Same can be said of the rest of the Political Liberal and Hollywood Liberal elite

mfee01 on March 19, 2009 at 9:11 am

As a sufferer of MS, he should be MOST fearful of socialized medicine: We will be the FIRST to go, being a “burden” on the system. There is no cure for MS. They argue about and cannot even isolate a CAUSE, so expect no cure on the horizon. The medications used to “treat” the MS itself are “disease-modifying” drugs, and the manufacturers admit they have not a clue as to how they work (if, in reality, they even DO work), let alone the fact that a 30-day supply of Copaxone (one of the four widely used MS meds) costs about $2000 (please don’t ask me the cost of the others, as I have only used Copaxone).
That is just ONE agent in a regimen of medications used by MSers, treatment being entirely symptomatic: Provigil (no generic available) to combat MS-related fatigue, Aricept (no generic available) for memory/cognitive issues, Lyrica (no generic available) for pain, Antivert (generic is available OTC) for dizziness, anti-emetics for dizziness-related nausea, and a host of others. THEN we get into DME (often not covered by insurance) including braces, scooters, and wheelchairs for mobility. All of this on top of visits to doctors (and accompanying copay/deductible) for at least a year and batteries of tests (blood work to rule out other conditions, multiple MRIs, lumbar punctures, and half a dozen ER visits when your loved ones think you’re stroking out because the right side of your face is droopy, your right side does not function, and you’re slurring words unintelligibly) – to be told you have nothing wrong with you, need a psychiatrist, or – WORSE – that you’re FAKING. Finally we hit the “tough noodles” category, no treatment available in any form, for the “little” things like MS-related blindness, loss of bowel/bladder control, and mental distress thanks to your loss of function and inability to participate in the life you once knew.
Funny thing…. that dude looks pretty freakin healthy to me. I’d trade places with him – and let’s see how whiney and feel-sorry-for-me he feels then.

Angie on March 22, 2009 at 5:44 pm

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