March 25, 2009, - 1:31 pm

Dumbassity of the Day: Clinton Judge Makes It Even Easier for Terrorist Imams to Get Into U.S.; Secret Word of the Day: “Imam”

By Debbie Schlussel
The Religious Workers Visa program is one of the worst enforced programs there is in U.S. immigration policy. And now, thanks to Federal Judge Robert Lasnik (a William Jefferson Clinton nominee), it’s even easier for extremist Muslims looking to invade America to get in.
Although there are plenty of gentile federal judges who’ve issued similar terrorist-friendly decisions, it’s sad to say that Judge Lasnik is one of my liberal co-religionists who just doesn’t get it. It’s funny to read about the acrobatics litigants in his courtroom used to avoid uttering the word “imam.”
Say Iran wants a dangerous imam, who inspires his Muslim congregants to become jihadist killers, to come to the U.S. to make Shi’ites at large Dearborn mosque less liberal and absorbed into the country (this actually happened when Iran and Hezbollah sent Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi here to radicalize Dearbornistan-area Muslims). He can come here on a visitor’s visa and say he’s touring the country (as Elahi did). Then, he applies and gets citizenship based on some phony asylum or other claim.


“Thanks, Stupid Evil Zionist Judge Lasnik

for Making it Easier to Invade Your Country and Kill You.”

But we know better. So we developed the religious workers visa, a form of visa that is much tougher . . . or rather, it was supposed to be because it made it harder for clerics to apply for green cards and U.S. citizenship. They had to wait longer to apply for those “immigration benefit,” because a separate immigration petition by their employers had to be approved. But we didn’t enforce it well.
Under the religious worker visa a number of extremist imams with connections to terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and the Government of Iran, made it into America without much of an immigration check. Worse, others who weren’t even religious leaders, but here to do no good posed as Islamic “religious workers” and easily got the visas. And rather than making the applicant wait and do the full background check before the imam entered the country, we gsve him the temporary five-year visa to come here and preach his hate until we might discover he’s a bad guy and face endless legal battles while he stays here and continues to preach the hate.
Still, this wasn’t good enough for a number of extremists holding these visas. So they filed a class action suit because, you know, when some temporary visas expired, a scant few of these people who were here under false pretenses were actually forced to leave the country and their radical followers behind (though they’ve already planted the seed of hate here and it has grown and flowered beyond our control).
Well, we can’t have that. We can’t have a few extremist imams being forced to leave the country because they couldn’t continue to successfully game the system. So says Bill Clinton appointed Federal Judge Robert Lasnik.
This major dumbass in a black robe struck down the law, making it easier for Islamic clerics to stay here and get citizenship. He says it wasn’t the intent of Congress, you know, to secure our borders like this. He just can’t believe that any religious worker from a foreign country could possibly be dangerous. That could nevah evah happen, right? He apparently took the ludicrous words of religious worker class action lawsuit lawyer Robert Gibbs of Seattle to heart:

They’re saying priests, nuns and rabbis are more likely to be fraudsters than everyone else, which is absurd when you think about it.

Well, notice in his obtuse comments which religious cleric is specifically NOT mentioned.
That’s the real absurdity here.

A federal judge has struck down a long-standing government policy that made it tougher for religious workers from other countries to remain in the United States.
Chief U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik wrote in an order issued Tuesday that the policy was at odds with the intent of Congress.
Under the Department of Homeland Security’s policy, religious workers who came to the U.S. on a typical five-year temporary visa were not allowed to file for permanent residency – their green card – until a separate visa petition by their employer had been approved.
The problem was that it frequently took a long time for the government to approve those visa petitions – and by the time it did, the religious workers had left the country because their temporary visas had expired.
“They had to return home, leaving behind their religious work and congregations,” said Seattle attorney Robert Gibbs, who represents the workers in the class-action case.

So sad, too bad. Is there really a shortage of religious clerics in this country that there’s a dire need for an import business? Only for extremist Muslim imams (redundant adjective).

Workers in other categories, such as aerospace and technology, are allowed to file for permanent residency before, not after, their employer’s visa petition is approved, and can remain in the country while their application is pending. That amounted to discrimination against religious workers, Gibbs argued.

Gimme a break. It amounts to discrimination against those more likely to harm this country. That’s called national security. And we need to discriminate to have it.

Religious organizations bring foreign workers into the U.S. for a variety of reasons.

Like terrorist attacks. Indoctrinating kids away from Western culture. Instruction on which special prayers to say while building explosive devices.

Native speakers are sometimes needed to communicate with immigrant populations, and expertise in certain traditions can be hard to find in the United States.

Yes, native Arabic and Farsi speakers are needed with expertise on easy wife neck-slicing tehchniques.

The Roman Catholic Church has brought in many priests from other countries to replenish its U.S. ranks.

PUH-LEEZE. This visa wasn’t created to keep out “dangerous” Catholic priests from Ireland. Hello . . .?

In court documents, Rodger Pitcairn, an adjudications officer with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said religious workers were singled out by the policy because of the “historically high incidence of fraudulent petitions” filed by religious workers.

Let me guess–the vast majority of that fraud came from the same people who regularly say, “Allahu Akbar.” Just a guess, you know. After all, we can’t utter the “secret word of the day” (Imam), or we’ll lose points on the PC scoreboard of American life.

Gibbs called that laughable.
“They’re saying priests, nuns and rabbis are more likely to be fraudsters than everyone else, which is absurd when you think about it,” he said.

Um, no, that’s not what they’re saying. And Gibbs knows who they’re talking about. It’s the phrase you can’t dare utter here–“Islamic clerics.”

Religious workers from many faiths – Catholic, Ukrainian orthodox, evangelical Christian, Buddhist and Hindu, among others – filed affidavits with the court last year saying they feared they would have to return to their home countries unless the policy was changed.

Again, so sad, too bad. If you fear going home, don’t leave in the first place. This isn’t your country, and you just helped a gazillion more Islamic clerics get into America that much more easily with your stupid affidavits. Islamic clerics who will seek to convert your followers in the only safe place left for them.

Lasnik told lawyers on both sides to try to agree on a new policy consistent with his order within 20 days.

Translation: You have 20 days to make it easier for extremist Islamic clerics to get inside and stay. And recruit terrorists.

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This appears to be another situation like border security that the government will allow to get dangerously out of hand to bring about more restrictive laws for everyone. Instead of stopping these disgusting swine from being here we’ll have more GUN CONTROL. Increased violence will give libs the ammo for their agenda and that scares me.
Then they’ll throw their hands in the air when some members of our society take matters into their own hands after watching the U.S. go the way of England. Am I the only one to see those pictures of the islamics screaming at the top of their lungs with an English cop standing close by GUARDING his write to free speech. Speech about killing for islam. Wow. Or the parade of English Army vets returned from duty in the sand box where all the luny protestors are from. Protestors lined their parade route screaming and holding inflammatory signs against those brave warriors. Un real.

samurai on March 25, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Tragedy that there are, and have been for decades, “Judges” that allow their EXTREME PARTISAN PROPAGANDA POLITICAL POINTS to over-rule common sense and…the Law.
Anyone who puts TERRORISTS, and Muslim EXTREMISTS, rights over American Citizens should be REMOVED FROM OFFICE (legally and publicly).
I have seen FIRSTHAND now those who are rich, politically connected, and/or “members of certain groups” get special treatment via the Courts. Yet they espouse the LIE that “if you can’t afford an Attorney one will be appointed for you”. YEAH RIGHT! This is a LIE advanced by LIBERALS who get out of their “legal trials” through their influence/connections. As an EXAMPLE in Virginia if you make OVER $ 165.00 per week then you are DEEMED “too wealthy” to have a Court Appointed Attorney. WHO IN THE WORLD believes that anyone making $ 165.00 per week GROSS can afford a Defense Attorney, on a criminal case, when the RETAINER goes from $ 10,000.00 up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars!
America has the BEST Justice system if (again) you are rich, politically connected, and/or “among a certain group”. To everyone else you are GUILTY…period.
Your article, about this “Judge”, just showcases the IDIOTICY of these “Judges” who (literally) have been given the “right” to put our lives – and that of our children – into danger 24/7. Yet, they hide behind armed guards – gated communities – and secretive locations/etc. While us “peons” have to live with…their rulings.
The more American Citizens LEARN about what REALLY goes on, in America’s Courtrooms, the more they will be SHOCKED…(hopefully) into action.
THANKS AGAIN DEBBIE for your wonderful article.
Jeffrey Schrembs, American Citizen

Nostradamus on March 27, 2009 at 3:07 am

Recently the law changed to tighten up the initial issuance of R-1 visas (both kinds)- because of the fraud associated. Before this most recent change I could just say “I run a church/mosque/temple and need this guy to come and preach/teach/sing” and that guy would take the visa application to the US embassy and apply.
Now, prior to State issuing the visa DHS (USCIS) needs to approve a petition (like for engineers and so on) which shows church/mosque/temple is valid, has a need which cannot be filled locally, and that the person they want is qualified and been a member of the faith/religion/sect for a set period of time.
This is in addition to DHS ICE – which screens applications for security threats (working with State, FBI and others) to exclude those who preach violence or overthrowing the US government.
This ruling seems to be one step back after those two steps forward. Perhaps the best solution is to remove the privilege granted to “Workers in other categories, such as aerospace and technology” …. and not allow them to…. “file for for permanent residency before, not after, their employer’s visa petition is approved”….
Treating everyone the same doesn’t mean they all have to get treats.

CallofDuty on March 27, 2009 at 8:44 am

Wow, you are stupid Debbie.

Joe on November 11, 2009 at 5:58 pm

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