March 6, 2007, - 5:42 pm

Movie Headache: I Know You Won’t Feel Bad For Me, But . . .

I have a movie headache. It’s the moviegoing version of an ice cream headache–when you consume too much ice cream too quickly and get a weird sensation in your head.
Today, I didn’t post much because I went to a triple header of movie screenings, and have to go see a fourth one, tonight. It’s too much for one day and makes you feel like you’re wasting valuable hours of your life away–and you are. Or, at least, I was.
I know, I know. I’m lucky to be able to do this as part of my vocation. Most people don’t have this opportunity–to watch movies for free and review them, so why am I whining? Too much of a good thing (or, in this case, a not so good thing) is never good. And I have a movie headache. My head is spinning. One thing I wish Hollywood would do: make movies shorter! They are way too long.
Anyway, of the movies I saw today, so far, I liked “The Namesake“–about an Indian family that comes to America and assimilates–the best. It was a charming, if sad, film (a little long, though). Going to see “300,” later tonight. Did NOT like “The Lookout.” Also saw, “The Hoax.”
Check out my reviews when the movies are released.

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I feel your pain…I had to see Reno 911, even though you warned me. I still can’t believe the TV show is better than the movie, but it is.
The only good I got out of the show was the pre-view/commercial for “300”. The TV adds don’t show the Persians riding saddled rhinos, or the comic book nature of the film. For those interested in the true events of the battle, I’m sure they will be dissapointed. It is a shame to mar the story with a redicules plot, as Hollywood should show the true story.

Dr.Dale on March 6, 2007 at 8:06 pm

As a credentialed film critic, do you guys get an allotment of movie snacks, etc? I’d go for cherry Twizzlers, pocorn and a Diet Coke. Then I’d feel fat and eat a lite dinner.

Anonymous1 on March 7, 2007 at 7:17 pm

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