March 31, 2009, - 11:29 am

Minnesota Newspaper: World to End Tomorrow, Muslims Hardest Hit

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s an old joke. I’ve repeated it on this site many times in various incarnations.
Here’s the Debbie’s Notes version: G-d tells the world’s various leaders that he’s going to end the world in a day and that they should go prepare their people. The leaders announce it, and the next day, various newspapers’ headlines reflect their clearly biased agendas. The Washington Post and The New York HAMAS/Fatah Times have headlines that say things like, “World To End Today: Women & Minorities Hardest Hit.”
But, as I’ve noted, it’s not such a joke anymore because we see similar headlines with every crisis that hits America. Illegal aliens and minorities are always the victims, and not the rest of us who suffer equally but don’t have an endless alphabet soup of hustlers and victimhood merchants speaking allegedly on our behalf.


Animals in the Mainstream Media Barnyard:

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Today, we see that Muslims are apparently the hardest hit by our spiralling economy. I didn’t say it. Liberal do-gooder “reporter” Mike Klein–probably one of my fellow co-religionists, unfortunately–of the Rochester, Minnesota Post-Bulletin, is the one bleeding his heart for the “Religion of Peace.”
Check out his story on how tough the economy is for Rochester-area residents who’ve lost their jobs and the softer, passive language he uses to describe average White guys (who, at least, have the basic skills, like speaking English) losing their jobs versus the tough, violent, victimhood language he uses to describe a single-mother Muslim immigrant who can barely speak English losing hers.
Dan Hicks was “laid off” from his job and Mark Schultz “lost his job.”
But Batula Abdi–a Muslim Somalian immigrant–was “thrown out of work.”

* Dan Hicks worked at IBM as a senior software engineer for 34 years before getting laid off in February. He’s been looking for a new job since then.
“It’s pretty dry … especially if you’re looking for something closer than the Twin Cities.”
Hicks says it’s hard to tell when he’ll be able to get a job. . . .
* Mark Schultz, formerly a carpenter, lost his job when his employer closed a year ago. Finding work has been difficult, even with good recommendations and a good work history, said Schultz, 54, who also helps care for his mother and his brother.
“Depression sets in,” he said. “I do not want to lose the house in foreclosure.”
* Batula Abdi, a Somali immigrant, was thrown out of work when a food processing plant in Faribault reduced its operations. The 37-year-old is trying to support her two boys on a vastly reduced income while searching for a new job. But today’s labor market can be a tough slog for someone with limited English language skills.

Ms. Abdi–who probably shouldn’t be here, since we have no shortage of Muslim Somalian immigrants coming here, stealing jobs, refusing to ring up pepperoni pizzas at Target, and training to become terrorists and homicide bombers back home–was treated no worse than the average White guy infidels. She wasn’t thrown out. She lost her job in downsizing in a bad economy, just like the two non-Muslims. But for some reason–and we know what the reason is: Muslims hardest hit (in the liberal mainstream media’s eyes)–we must portray the Muslim immigrant as the victim of some great injustice and the white Christian dudes’ job losses as, you know, just a fact of life.
Pardon me, if I feel sorry for the two infidel Americans who were apparently born here, speak the language (English, for those of you in Dearbornistan and Somalesota), and not for the chick who came here with far too many of her extremist countrymen who refuse to absorb into American culture and society . . . and contributed more single motherhood to America. Single mother, can’t speak English, Muslim, from Somalia. Yup, I’d say her sons are ripe for the picking . . . as likely homicide bomber types like so many who’ve already left Minnesota after training for terrorist operations via local mosque brainwashing.
Yup, Dan and Mark were laid off or lost their job, while poor Muslim immigrant, non-English speaking Batula was “thrown out.”
Just like George Orwell said, all of the animals on the farm are equal. But some–in the mainstream media liberals’ eyes–are more equal than others.

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I know what you mean about the Orwellian nature of news reporting these days. Let’s face it! The news reporters and editors have an agenda and it’s pretty clear.
I have a saying: “This is America; a country where every good idea is taken to the nth degree of absurdity.”
“… some animals are more equal than others.” That’s a perfect example.

There is NO Santa Claus on March 31, 2009 at 12:48 pm

I wonder if America’s food supply is in danger with all these Somalians working in all these food processing plants. You have posted a few articles about Somalians and food processing plants. I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to represent a large percentage of the food workers in our country. Then how will everyone feel about our food supply?

californiascreaming on March 31, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Islam is not a religion, but rather a blue print to world domination. If the stupid, ignorant, arrogant, and apparently illiterate American press would read they could find out just how this plays out. All of the countries we are fighting in now at one time belonged to other religions until the f”’n Arabs and their sinister, lying, Islam came along.

Harold on November 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm

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