April 3, 2009, - 2:06 pm

Predictable: O.J. Style Jury Still Out in Day 4 of Megahed Terror Delibs, Ask Dumb Questions

By Debbie Schlussel
Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this. With this, the fourth day of jury deliberations in what should have been a slam-dunk guilty verdict case, the O.J.-esque jurors of the Youssef Megahed terrorism trial are still deliberating . . . and asking the judge stupid questions that don’t bode well for a guilty verdict.
The longer they stay out, the more likely my prediction will come true that Megahed will be acquitted by these dunces, which includes a man with a Muslim son-in-law.
First, these jurors asked the judge if he would spring for pizza or sub sandwiches if they stayed late to deliberate. Now, they’re asking this idiocy, today:


Bad Sign: Islamic Terrorist Youssef Megahed’s Jury Still Out

Jurors in the Youssef Megahed explosives trial asked a federal judge today to clarify what constitutes guilt. At 11:55 p.m., as the panel prepared to break for lunch, the jury foreman relayed a question to U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday.
Did a guilty verdict require a finding that a defendent was a knowing and willful participant of the crime? Or is a finding of knowledge that a crime was being committed sufficient?
Merryday responded.
A person must act knowingly to the two counts in question, he said. A person may also commit a crime if they aid and abet someone committing a crime. But the aider and abeter [DS: sic] must knowingly and willfully participate with the crime.
Simply knowing about a crime is not enough, he said.

Oh, joy. These jurors think this terrorist only knew about the terrorism plot in which he was a big-time participant, that he only knew about the pipe-bombs, but wasn’t involved.
PUH-LEEZE. Poor Jeffrey Dahmer. If only he had a jury like these, he could still be supping on ear of homosapien and brain a l’orange.
As I reported to you previously on this site, case insiders told me the feds didn’t want to try this case, that they tried like mad to get Megahed to sign a lenient plea deal. And they tried the case with the same wimpishness and weakness. Sun Tzu is turning over in his grave.
And now the case will likely be lost, and an Islamic terrorist–whose real target was likely New York City–will go free and become a U.S. citizen.
The whole Islamic world is laughing at us.
Youssef Megahed Walk Watch, Day Four.

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Don’t be surprised about anything these days.
We are living in different America now.
Cowardice, dishonesty, political correctness, idiocy, shallowness and treason are what make America the dumbest nation on earth.
Dumbest because there is no other country where its citizens are knowingly and willingly taking their nation on the path of self-destruction like the America people.

Independent Conservative on April 3, 2009 at 3:51 pm

[Simply knowing about a crime is not enough, he said.]
Does this mean if I know someone is about to go on a shooting spree and I remain silent that I am not guilty of any crime?
I am not a lawyer, and even ignoring the stupidity of the jurors, this does not sound right to me.

i_am_me on April 3, 2009 at 4:21 pm

As expected, the stupid American people didn’t let me down:
“Megahed found not guilty”
Congratulations morons!
Oh I’m sure you feel so good about yourselves.
Now the terrorists -including those of Guantanamo- can live in your neighborhoods and you can be shoved in the ass without waiting for a visit to your city from Hussein or Bin Laden.
I am NOT proud to be an American.

Independent Conservative on April 3, 2009 at 6:40 pm

Oh, the damage they would’ve done with those sugar bombs.
Anybody here ever shoot off a model rocket?

Middleman on April 3, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Yeah, I used to be really into model rocketry before it became so difficult to get the rocket motors here in California where every thing that is fun has been made illegal.
Sugar and Nitrates(Fertilizer)=homemade pipe “smoke” bomb not a hobbyist rocket engine.
My guess is the sugar was just a cover for the pipe bombs they were making so they could claim they were fireworks.
You do not have to make your own rocket engines when they are cheaper to buy from manufacturers that guarantees the amount thrust produced so your rocket does not blow up on the launching pad or go so high you will never find it again.
Your model rocket engines theory is full of XXXX and so is the fireworks excuse they used in court.You do not use pipe to make smoke bombs.
The Juror,John Calder should be prosecuted for Jury Tampering, IMHO, after what he did in that jury room or there should have been a mis-trial.

ScottyDog on April 5, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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