June 8, 2012, - 12:06 pm

CyberPogrom From Poland: Why DebbieSchlussel.com Was Down For the Last 3 Days

By Debbie Schlussel

Dear Readers:

As you have noticed over the last three days, DebbieSchlussel.com has been down most of the time. No, you were not banned (unless you live in Poland). It’s just that my site and I have been under attack in a cyberpogrom by the people of Poland, because the people of that country were upset by my column about Polish complicity in the Holocaust. It’s a stubborn fact they’ve been trying to disprove by sending me thousands of vile, highly anti-Semitic death and rape threats and e-mails, tweets, and Facebook comments, such as “Die Jewish Bitch!” “Zionist Whore,” and my personal favorite, “Mossad Slut.” And with all that, Facebook–without any notice to me–deleted my post from my fan page telling Poles to stop their anti-Semitic attacks on me, perhaps b/c there were over 27,000 anti-Semitic comments from Poles in response. (I did not delete it, as Poles are now accusing me of doing.) I’ve also received thousands of e-mails with sentiments such as, “Only Good Jewish is Dead Jewish,” “Hitler Didn’t Finish Job,” “Jewish deserved to die in pogrom because Jewish is greedy, does everything for money,” and the like. Yes, Poles, this really, really convinces me of your philo-Semitism, which my grandparents faced times 1,000 from your parents and grandparents, etc. I also received a lot of anti-American comments from the Poles, thousands of them accusing America of perpetrating a “Holocaust” against the Indians and many e-mails accusing America of perpetrating the 9/11 attacks. Yup, Poland has its fair share of 9/11 Truthers. The Poles tell me I have ads on my site because I’m a “typical greedy Jew.” Uh-huh, like all the other websites in the world with ads, most of which are not owned by Jews. And finally, I received many anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian e-mails from Poles. I will be posting some of their disgusting comments in the near future. And, apparently, the people of Poland know how to use Photoshop, since I’ve gotten a gazillion amusing photos of me with a Hitler mustache and/or in full SS garb. Come on, Poland, try to be more original in your hate. A taste of what I received is below (and you’ll note that both penis pics were made by Poles. Draw your own conclusions. You stay classy, Poland.

Some of the Many Images Sent to Me From Philo-Semitic Poles . . .

No way they were complicit in the Holocaust, right?

For now, we are back up and are taking steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen again and that Polish neo-Nazis like those who snuffed out much of my family in partnership with the Nazis cannot also continue to snuff out my website. I will be posting my movie reviews soon, G-d-willing. And I thank you for your continued support and readership. By the end of the weekend, we should have this problem and the virtual pogrom licked. The Poles were complicit with the Nazis in silencing Jews during the Holocaust. They will not silence this Jew.

Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear!


Courtesy of My Polish “Fans” . . .

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