April 7, 2009, - 2:09 pm

Muslim, Chi-Com Foreign Students in U.S. Surge (While MSM Laments “Decline” in Foreign Students)

By Debbie Schlussel
As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site and elsewhere, the liberal mainstream media claim that more foreign students studying here will cause them to like America better, is a myth.
It’s especially a myth with Muslim student visa holders. Many of those who hold student visas aren’t here to study and never show up in class. They’re on a student visa to get here. Others, like the recently convicted smiling terrorist Ahmed Mohamed–then a student at the University of South Florida (a/k/a the University of Sami’s Friends–as in Sami Al-Arian)–are here to commit terrorist acts under the cover of being a “student.” Remember the Mana Saleh Almanajam and Shaker Mohsen Alsidran, the USF students who staged a dry run to hijack a Tampa school bus full of children. And don’t forget the Egyptian “students” who were found across the country and away from where they were supposed to be studying, some of them at a pizza shop tied to a terrorist plot on a Baltimore tunnel.
A Graph Speaks A Thousand Words: Muslim, Chi-Com Foreign Students in U.S. on the Rise . . .


Others, like Homaidan Al-Turki, are here to manage terrorist recruiting bookstores and beat and rape their slaves on American soil.
And, finally, others, even if they’re here to actually study, grow to use their inferiority and backwards “values” to hate America and grow terrorist movements as Sayyid Qutb–the late spiritual guru of Al-Qaeda (and much of Sunni Islam)–a Colorado college student did.
More foreign students studying here doesn’t open up minds, it opens up pandering by us and hatred by them.
Still, the lib media, since 9/11, has repeatedly decried the “decline in foreign students” and continuously rehearsed the baloney about how studying here will “make them hate us less,” as if we should be concerned about that instead of why we don’t hate them more after they murdered 3,000 Americans on our soil.
And so it goes, to date. This evergreen story was repeated again today in the Wall Street Journal, with the headline “Foreign Applications to U.S. Graduate Schools Slow,” as if it’s a bad thing that less foreign students will be taking with them our top training in engineering of the nuclear variety, etc., to use against us. And, sadly, there won’t be less. There will be more. The paper’s idea of “slowing” is a growth rate of “only” 4% in foreign students, versus 6% the previous year.
The problem is that, while the number of foreign students applying for admission to U.S. graduate school programs from places like India and South Korea fell, there has been a surge in the two most dangerous groups of students–those from the Middle East (most of whom are not from our ally, Israel) and those from China. That means more Muslim and Chi-Com students. We can thank President Bush for part of the Muslim student increase. He signed various agreements with Saudi King Abdullah, first doubling the number of Saudi-sponsored (a/k/a extremist Muslim) students getting visas to study in the States, and later quadrupling the number to 30,000-plus students.
If even 1% of those 30,000 have the wrong intentions (and it’s likely far more than that), you have 300 terrorists per year on our shores pretending to be students.
Remember that and the graph, above, the next time you hear a media outlet decry the lack of foreign students.
When–oh, when!–will the media have the concern for Americans who want to go to college and grad school that they have for foreign applicants, a good number of whom want to do us harm.

The number of Chinese and Middle Eastern students applying for fall admission to U.S. graduate programs surged, while applications from India and South Korea fell, according to a survey to be released Tuesday by the Council of Graduate Schools.
The council, which represents more than 500 higher-education institutions in the U.S. and Canada, said foreigners’ applications for 2009 graduate-school admissions rose 4% from the year before. That compares with increases of 6% in 2008, 9% in 2007 and 12% in 2006. Foreigners’ applications to universities that offer doctoral programs rose 5%, but foreigners’ applications declined 17% at universities that offer master’s as their highest degree. . . .
The council survey of U.S. institutions, which fielded more than 400,000 applications in all, showed growth of applications from China along with the Middle East and Turkey, up 16% and 20% from 2008, respectively. But applications from India and South Korea fell 9% and 7%, respectively.

Yes, I know that just because these students apply, doesn’t mean they’ll be accepted. But when the applications are up, the acceptance rates usually go up, too. And we are, indeed, saddled with more foreign student visa holders from these specific countries which aren’t our friends.

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Outstanding Debbie!
The Saudis also use the student visas to send their troubled youth here. Better that they harm infidels than they attack the royal family. They want to have a radical, hostile and intimidating presence on college campuses in order to demoralize Jewish and other pro-Israel students.
But the colleges want to keep receiving funding from Saudi Arabia and love to brag about their international students and how much they contribute to broadening our perspective.
It is time we demand reciprocity from Muslim countries. Continue with inciting hatred against America and Israel and you get no visas to educate your children here and no access to U.S. medical care. No churches in Saudi Arabia means no foreign funded mosques in the U.S. Enough!

4infidels on April 7, 2009 at 3:06 pm

This is aggravated by the dumbing down of students in this country — i.e. the dwindling number of American students who study math or hard sciences or engineering, something that many foreign students, including our enemies are willing to study.

c f on April 7, 2009 at 3:17 pm

This has been going on for years. I graduated from University of California in ’84 and ’87 with a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering. The engineering department offered seminars that awarded 1 quarter hour with a pass/no pass grade. A classmate came to me with the proposition that we enroll in a graduate seminar from the math department because it offered 4 hours of credit with a letter grade. I went to ask the professor about his seminar. Most seminars have no homework, but also don’t give a letter grade. I asked the prof about homework. He looked at me the way a chicken watches a card trick. He explained that most of his students were doing teaching assistant work and didn’t have time for more homework, there wasn’t any. He gave grades based on whether the student felt they benefitted from the seminar. We enrolled.
The first few days of class were amazing. Not just because I was blown away trying to understand how to map the solution to a differential equation onto a manifold surface (WTF?) but also because I had never seen so many guys dressed in Mao suits in one place. We were the only non Chinese foreign students in the class. They could barely speak English and were very careful to politely laugh, as if on cue, when the prof made clever remark. By the second week attendance had dropped to about a quarter of the first week. Some days there were only 4 – 6 students in attendance. My attendance was perfect and I got a 4 quarter hour A out of the class, but so did all the foreign students who only showed up for the first week. What a freakin’ scam.
I’m glad to say the ethics of the faculty in the engineering department were miles above that of the math department. There were no cherries to pick and foreign students were shown no favoritism in my department and I feel that I received a top notch education that prepared me very well for a successful career in my chosen aerospace industry. Good luck to anyone who got degreed by the math department. I wonder if all those foreign students can do algebra in Chinese.
I’m also happy to report that some 20 years later UC is still turning out excellent young engineers, we hired a few just last year.

Richard on April 7, 2009 at 5:13 pm

During last year’s presidential campaign, Ron Paul stated that if he became President he would not allow any student visas from terrorist nations. But Ron Paul’s campaign was ignored and even sometimes ridiculed by Republicans, the mainstream media and even by those who were supposedly against terrorism and against(illegal) immigration.

ramjordan on April 8, 2009 at 8:52 pm

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