April 14, 2009, - 5:40 pm

Hmmm . . . Michigan Republican Party, Atty Gen Cox Campaign Infected w/Kwame Kilpatrick Leftovers

By Debbie Schlussel
You know what I find comical? When Republicans tried to use the scandalous, sleazy saga of Deposed Detroit Mayor Kwame “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick against the Democrats.
That’s because there are so many Republican officials and donors who are part of the Kwame machine and worked with him in some capacity. Some still do.
Take Michigan Republican Attorney General and BFF [Best Friend Forever] to extremist Muslims, Mike Cox. He just announced his “advisory team.” If Cox wanted to distance himself from Kilpatrick, after a shoddy, speedy investigation clearing the Mayor from an alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion and subsequent murder of two strippers who allegedly performed there, he didn’t make the right choices. (And that’s not to mention how Cox impeded the Michigan State Police from its own investigation, every step of the way.)


Michigan Gov Wannabe Mike Cox; Ex-Con Kwame “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick


Kilpatrick Boss Pete Karmanos, Wife #3 (or 4?)

Cox appointed major Republican donor Peter Karmanos, Chairman and CEO of Compuware, to his advisory committee. In case you forgot, Karmanos is the scumbag who hired a fresh-out-of-jail Kilpatrick on the same day that he laid off 250-300 workers who weren’t convicted felons. Then, Karmanos–who remained a Kwame cheerleader, even when the most militant of Black activists in Detroit finally called for the then-Mayor to go–had the nerve to say that no-one else was qualified to do the job, a healthcare sales position (Kilpatrick has experience neither in healthcare nor sales).
That’s not to mention the fact that Cox is trying to play down his serial adultery, including a press conference in which he trotted out his crying wife. Rumors have been rampant for years that a videotape is circulating of Cox having sex with a Wayne County Court employee in an empty courtroom, when he was a county assistant prosecutor. To have Karmanos–a man who is famously on Wife #3, a woman 30 years younger than him who is pregnant with twins that will be younger than Karmanos’ granchildren, when they are born–as an advisor, only highlights the cheating, adultery-ridden lifestyle of Kilpatrick, Karmanos . . . and Cox.
Karmanos was famous for admitting in court that he brought pre-Viagra sex stimulants to work and showed them to his female employees. This came out as Karmanos was fighting one of several sexual harassment cases in court, this time against his Vice President of Human Resources. His key defense was that she didn’t report his harassment to herself and/or to her superior, him.
Then, there is the suburban Detroit Oakland County Republican Committee Executive Director, Lynn Aronoff. She was Kwame Kilpatrick’s fundraiser for his Mayoral campaign. Hilarious that someone with such sleazy connections is now running the Republican committee of one of the three most populated counties in Michigan. And Kilpatrick fundraiser Aronoff and her multi-millionaire parents are major donors to Cox, giving his campaign and his “5200 Club” PAC tens of thousands, despite the fact that Cox has a history of pandering to Muslim groups which openly support Hezbollah and HAMAS, accepting contributions from them, and enabling pregnant Muslim aliens to continue to travel here to defraud Medicaid and get U.S. citizenship for their anchor-baby future terrorist kids. (They also gave thousands to the campaign of deposed pan-Islamist Congressman Joe Knollenberg a/k/a Hezbollah Joe‘s campaign too, despite pretending they were against the near-$100 million in our tax money the he gave to Hezbollah.)
Her father, Arnold, did time in federal prison for defrauding people into buying swampland in Florida. Uncle Ed Levy, Jr. (also a Cox donor) got no jailtime, reportedly because he turned state’s evidence against his brother-in-law and then-partner in crime.
Hmmm . . . a Michigan Attorney General who pretends he’s all “law and order” having these kinds of people as donors?
And it all comes back to Kwame Kilpatrick.
Yup, you know the Michigan Republican Party is in trouble when so many roads lead back to disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.
If I were Mike Cox’s leading Republican challenger for governor, conservative Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra (whom I am happily supporting and endorsing), Cox’s connections to the Kilpatrick crowd would be my major ad during primary season in the summer of 2010. I would show Cox’s photo followed by statements Cox made, claiming the Manoogian Mansion party with Kilpatrick and strippers was an “urban legend” and statements about his formerly Kwame-employed donor Lynn Aronoff and his Kwame-employing advisor Pete Karmanos.
The Kilpatrick issue is what’s hurting Cox in recent polls that show him behind Hoekstra. And I would hammer that like there was no tomorrow.

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Mike Cox is a pig. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he really was at the Manoogian party.
As for Karmanos, he’s a pig too. Good luck to his current trophy wife when the wrinkles start to appear.
Ewww, this whole subject puts me off my Easter candy.
Have a happy Passover, Debbie!

mplumb on April 14, 2009 at 7:40 pm

A RINO sleazebag (and pan-Islamist pander to boot) like Mike Cox should not be allowed anywhere near the Governor’s mansion. Pete Hoekstra deserves the nod. Cause the Michigan GOP has got no gas and is running on empty. In the event Cox gets nominated, then the only choice for MI conservatives is to sit out the election and let the Democrat win. The party has to decide whether it wants to be associated with Kilpatrick… or present a fresh face in the Obama decade.

NormanF on April 14, 2009 at 8:17 pm

Debbie, this just shows how BOTH major parties are in cahoots with each other.
I should hope you would consider the Constitution Party or in Michigan The US Taxpayers Party
In fact, here is what they say about terrorism and personal liberty…though this may be from the national party platform.
“America is engaged in an undeclared war with an ill-defined enemy (terrorism), a war which threatens to be never ending, and which is being used to vastly expand government power, particularly that of the executive branch, at the expense of the individual liberties of the American people.
The “war on terrorism” is serving as an excuse for the government to spend beyond its income, expand the Federal bureaucracy, and socialize the nation through taxpayer bailouts of the airlines, subsidies to the giant insurance corporations, and other Federal programs.
We deplore and vigorously oppose legislation and executive action that deprive the people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of “combating terrorism” or “protecting national security.” Examples of such legislation are the National Security Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the proposed Domestic Securities Enhancement Act (colloquially known as “Patriot II”), and the Military Commissions Act.
The National Security Act is used by the federal government as a shroud to prevent the American people and our elected officials from knowing how much and where our tax dollars are spent from covert operations around the world. The National Security Act prevents the release of Executive Orders and Presidential Decision Directives, e.g., PDD 25, to the American people and our elected representatives. Not only are many of these used to thwart justice in the name of national security, but some of the operations under this act may threaten our very national sovereignty.
The USA PATRIOT Act permits arrests without warrants and secret detention without counsel, wiretaps without court supervision, searches and seizures without notification to the individual whose property is invaded, and a host of other violations of the legal safeguards our nation has historically developed according to principles descending from the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.
Since we will no longer have a free nation while the federal government (or the governments of the several states, as the federal government may authorize) can violate our historic rights under such laws, we call for the rejection of all such laws and the ceasing of any such further proposals including the aforementioned Domestic Securities Enhancement Act.
The Constitution Party is unalterably opposed to the criminal acts of terrorists, and their organizations, as well as the governments which condone them. Individuals responsible for acts of terrorism must be punished for their crimes, including the infliction of capital punishment where appropriate. In responding to terrorism, however, these United States must avoid acts of retaliation abroad which destroy innocent human lives, creating enmity toward these United States and its people; and
In accord with the views of our Founding Fathers, we must disengage this nation from the international entanglements which generate foreign hatred of these United States, and are used as the excuse for terrorist attacks on America and its people. The ‘war on terrorism” is not a proper excuse for perpetual U.S. occupation of foreign lands, military assaults on countries which have not injured us, or perpetual commitment of taxpayer dollars to finance foreign governments.”
I would probably think this Mr. Cox does not know ANYTHING about this, which is why he behaves the way he does. He is perhaps no worse than our Dr. Evil State A-G, lefty Jew Dick Blumenthal!

NEPatriot on April 15, 2009 at 6:19 am

Maybe Kwame is no angel. But at least he is a NON-SMOKER!!(Of cigarettes, I mean) Yay !!

Roads Skolar on April 15, 2009 at 8:50 am

This is another case of a time when I truly am thankful for……….THE SCHLUSSEL FACTOR.
Who else in the media is keeping score at all on these sleazebags like Cox and Karmanos? ALL I see and hear is TV and radio stations like WJR–incessantly sucking up to Cox (no pun intended) and holding out Karmanos as some sort of hometown hero.
DS writes: “If I were Mike Cox’s leading Republican challenger …..I would show Cox’s photo followed by statements Cox made, claiming the Manoogian Mansion party with Kilpatrick and strippers was an “urban legend” and statements about his formerly Kwame-employed donor Lynn Aronoff and his Kwame-employing advisor Pete Karmanos.”
I hope Hoekstra indeed does this with his ads. Sadly, I don’t think Hoekstra has a chance against the democrat machine in Michigan–the ever more socialistic Michigan–but Cox is worse than Bill Clinton. Cox is supposed to be the chief law enforcement official for the State–yet his conduct has been reprehensible in so many ways (examples noted here by DS–the Kwame connection et. al.)–The idea that Cox is even eligible for political office is disgusting.
Vive la DS-Factor!

BB on April 15, 2009 at 10:58 am

When my girlfriend approached Mr Cox’s office and spoke with him PERSONALLY on the phone regarding his office pursuing her out of state X for 40K in back child support, his reply was short and sweet…. “Sorry, but my office does not have the time to pursue such minor cases”, and promptly hung up on her.

He’s nothing but a 2 faced, media hound scumbag a-typical politician. More of the “problem” and not the “solution”

Billy on July 20, 2010 at 11:30 am

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