May 7, 2009, - 10:18 am

VIDEOs of the Day: Funny “Spock’s Crib,” Plus OY, Nimoy Adopts Judaism is Liberal BS, Explains How He Ripped off Holy Jewish Priest’s Sign, Mocks Judaism

By Debbie Schlussel
The first video is self-explanatory and cute.
The second one, not so much. It puts forth the BS liberal Leonard Nimoy has been spouting for years. He pimps on some Jewish audience the baloney that Judaism is a liberal religion. It isn’t. In fact, religiously observant Jews are very conservative and usually vote that way. It’s the lapsed ones who are libs. Then, he goes on to use the Hebrew words for G-d’s name in vain, and as I told you before, explains how he ripped off the holy greeting of the Jewish priests–the Cohens or “Cohanim”–for his Spock greeting. Can you imagine if a Muslim mocked his religion in vain for a sci-fi movie? He’d be dead. FYI, “shul” is synagogue, the “bima” is a synagogue podium, and “talit” is the Jewish prayer shawl he puts on. For the record, I never look during the prayer of the Cohens–one of Judaism’s coolest and most moving ceremonies. It’s a very important prayer, and it’s sad Nimoy mocked it and used it for “Star Trek.” But then, again, Nimoy used the word, “Shekhina”–the spirit of G-d–as the title of his nudie book of women posing with Jewish religious paraphernalia. Funny, he doesn’t mention that to this gullible audience. The dude is a creep.

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The first one is hilarious. Leonard Nimoy has played the intellectual part for too long. He had that show In Search Of… back in the 70s and 80s and played to every conspiracy theory out there. It propped himself up to some intellectual. Now he showed be just called Leonard Nimrod.

californiascreaming on May 7, 2009 at 11:28 pm

what kind of a jew are u not the type i was raise u i heard what lemmoy nimmony said and he right judiasim isnt just about wearing black coaats or praying 3 timnes a day its aBout caring for your neibhggour helping the poor and the sick etc they aree all libeal vaulees so it not BS to say judiasim isnt a libea.l religion to examples from the bible are when the poor used to visit abaham he didnt call them names he didnt say get a job you lazy boy he fed them wash the feet and said u welcome in my house than later in the bible it commends us to give 10 per cent of our profits to chaity these seems like very libeal ideals to me
by the way im rebecca seidner im a pro isreal anti hamas anti plo jewish libeal who cant stand obama i never posted before but i wroter a essay about a blog post of yours i read your blog every day its addiciting myy family doesnt understand they think im crazy in fact my brother banned me fromm mention your name but i cant help it.
i would love a one on one inteveiw with u but im not a millionare so i cant pay for it but i want to ask u about your veiws on this issue and that and why i think you veiws are opposed to those of torah
anyway it would never happen im a poor disabied girl from melbourne
anyway got to go

BEC on May 8, 2009 at 8:46 am

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