May 11, 2009, - 1:30 pm

Outstanding Example of Immigrant Absorption Into America of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel
**** UPDATE: Read FBI Special Agent Scott H. Mayne’s Affidavit on this frightening group and their plans, and ask yourself why the FBI–the lead agency on terrorism (NOT immigration)–is involved in this case and not Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They obviously think there’s a terrorist connection, here. Al-Shabaab, anyone? ****
Ah, immigration absorption. They’re always telling us that once aliens are exposed to American culture–like Levi’s and McDonald’s and multiplex movie theaters showing garbage–they’ll adopt our values.
And here’s yet another great example of the great American immigration absorption experience done right. Notice the conspicuous appearance by at least two of our friends from the “Religion of Peace.”



Immigrant Absorption

Four men accused of planning to kidnap two Roanoke County women and hold them for ransom were indicted Thursday in U.S. District Court in Roanoke.
Joshua Kasongo, 19, of Roanoke; Mohammed Hussein Guhad, 19, of Roanoke; Luke Musa Elbino, 19, of Vinton; and Anthony Eugene Muse, 18, of Roanoke are each charged with conspiring to kidnap and attempted kidnapping.
Guhad and Muse are students at Patrick Henry High School. Elbino is a student at Virginia Western Community College.
The men drove through Hunting Hills and other Roanoke County neighborhoods throughout March and early April looking for houses of residents who were wealthy enough to pay the ransom, the indictment states. . . .
Three of the four are African nationals: Guhad is a citizen of Somalia, Elbino of Sudan and Kasongo of Rwanda. They are all legal residents of the United States. Muse is a U.S. citizen.
The indictment alleges that Kasongo would plan the kidnappings and conduct negotiations for the ransoms, Elbino would research and identify possible targets and Guhad would find a location to hold the women until the ransom was paid, the indictment said.
Guhad also recruited Muse, who agreed to provide an unoccupied trailer in a secluded area of Roanoke County, according to the indictment.
Three of the men also researched their intended targets on the Internet.
On April 6, investigators believe the men tried to kidnap one of the women from her Southwest Roanoke home. She slammed the door closed and called police, thwarting their attempt.

Yes, we need more aliens in America. More of them to bring this kind of activity onto our shores. Because, G-d knows, we don’t have enough already.
Let’s hear it for the great immigration experience. And remember, these four are apparently here legally. Yup, let’s hear it for assimilation!

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On shore piracy???

Doda McCheesle on May 11, 2009 at 2:31 pm

The solutions to our illegal AND legal immigration problems are best enumerated by the Constitution Party:
– Oppose the abuse of the H-1B and L-1 visa provisions of the immigration act which are displacing American workers with foreign workers.
– A moratorium on legal immigration to these United States, except in extreme hardship cases or in other individual special circumstances, until the availability of all federal subsidies and assistance be discontinued, and proper security procedures have been instituted to protect against terrorist infiltration.
– Insist that every individual group and/or private agency which requests the admission of an immigrant to the U.S, on whatever basis, be required to commit legally to provide housing and sustenance for such immigrants, bear full responsibility for the economic independence of the immigrants, and post appropriate bonds to seal such covenants.
– Demands that the federal government restore immigration policies based on the practice that potential immigrants will be disqualified from admission to the U.S. if, on the grounds of health, criminality, morals, or financial dependence, they would impose an improper burden on these United States, any state, or any citizen of these United States.
– Oppose the provision of welfare subsidies and other taxpayer-supported benefits to illegal aliens, and reject the practice of bestowing U.S. citizenship on children born to illegal alien parents while in this country.
– Oppose any extension of amnesty to illegal aliens. We call for the use of U.S. troops to protect the states against invasion.
– Oppose bilingual ballots. We insist that those who wish to take part in the electoral process and governance of this nation be required to read and comprehend basic English as a precondition of citizenship. Support English as the official language for all governmental business by these United States.

ramjordan on May 11, 2009 at 2:38 pm

I went to college at Virginia Tech, about 30 miles from Roanoke, which was a very scenic, bucolic city, surrounded by mountains. Now there seems to be a lot of ugly, barbaric, third-world Muslims ruining the place.
Is there ANY place in America that Muslims are not invading? Lesson from this Muslim terrorist kidnapping plot: Make sure you have weapons in your house to protect your property.

Gabe on May 11, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Best way to stop or control immigration into the United States. Is to simply suspend ALL aspects immigration indefinitely. Until we come up with a system in which we can tell who’s sincere in wanting to make a life in America. And who wants to come here to do us harm. Not going to be a simple solution in figuring out who’s good and who’s bad. But, it’s the only way to ensure we don’t let the wrong kind of person into America. Also, this would help us from a financial stand point and not be a burden on the welfare system.
All America has to do is look at Europe and see the problems they currently face. All because they let people come in so freely and under any circumstance. Yes, I’m aware the world community would say America was built on immigrants and so forth. But, we really have no other option at this time. It’s the presidents sworn duty to protect the “citizens” of America and uphold the constitution. And this president should be willing to do anything possible to ensure he upholds his oath.
There is nothing wrong if America suddenly announced that effectively immediately. All applications for immigration to America will be put on indefinitely suspension, until we can revamp the immigration process. We would be doing this to ensure the safety of all Americans, as well as the potential immigrants. Nothing else needs to be said or justified. We have a right to do as we want as a sovereign nation. Then allow ICE and other agencies to actually enforce the illegal immigration policies, without the fear of persecution for actually doing their jobs. What’s the point of having Due Process of the Law, if it’s not going to be followed. And this goes for both sides. I can assure you our nation would have a huge drop in immigrants (legal & illegal) in America. It’s the only solution I can think of which would be the most effective.
Once this is established. Let the law enforcement community go after the illegals and deport them. And then beef up the borders. I know this is wishful thinking on my behalf. But, still a good avenue to use or at the least consider. But then our president has no balls and wants everyone to love him. Look at what the Taliban recently said about roughly 130 innocent people were killed in NW pakistan during a clone bombing run. The president immediately apologizes and announces an investigation will be conducted. How do we know this even really happened. The taliban and al queada are known to fabricate these sort of things. Instead the president should have said. We will look into this matter to see if it’s valid or not and then go from there. And now Obama is going to address the muslim world in June for the 3rd time in just six months. What’s this president is thinking is beyond me. The man is going to ruin America. Or force us into a civil war. He has this vision of what America should be like and nothing is going to stop him. Obama needs to realize that he represents “Us” and not his own self interest. G-d Bless all true Americans.

Tenn Scholar on May 12, 2009 at 11:45 am

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