May 21, 2009, - 2:01 pm

More Obama Smoke & Mirrors: Secret Meeting is “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Preview

By Debbie Schlussel
Barack Obama isn’t really going to do anything to bring illegal alien amnesty to encoded law until next year. But, just in case, his Hispanic supporters are restless, he’s having a giant, secret meeting on it . . . just to make it look like he’s doing something.
But the meeting is secret. So much for the “transparency” and “openness” Mr. Obama was promising us. What will they be saying at this meeting that we’re not supposed to hear?
Ah, the Obama smoke and mirrors. It would make the set of “Mad Men” blush.

President Barack Obama will gather congressional leaders at the White House next month to launch a policy discussion on immigration, according to an administration official, but legislative action isn’t likely until next year at the earliest.
The June 8 meeting is meant to show the White House is moving on the issue — which is key for Hispanic advocacy groups that helped Mr. Obama get elected in November. . . .
Unlike some other White House sessions on key issues, this one will be behind closed doors.



Thanks, Barack Hussein Obama

White House officials have made clear they don’t expect action on immigration this year. The administration official who discussed the meeting said it was aimed at having “an honest discussion,” and meant to identify points of agreement and “areas where we still have work to do.”

An “honest” secret discussion.

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Are you kidding me? Everything going on in this administration is being done behind closed doors. I thought his pormise to have bills slated to be voted on would be posted on line for 48 hours so the public could see what was being voted on. That was a short lived promise, like all the rest of his promises.

wolf2012 on May 21, 2009 at 6:15 pm

I think he wants to see the census numbers and game the Latino for 2012. I read an article the states that will pick up electoral votes because of illegal immigration will be in conservative states that went to McCain. Texas +3, Arizona, Utah, Georgia. The states to lose electoral votes would be states KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA won Iowa, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Just by that math that is an automatic -13 electoral vote swing, just based on projections. On the reverse side he would stand to gain one from Florida, Neveda and a McCain state Lousiana losing one seat. This would give him a +3 in his favor. Overall a -10.
Politically he will make Latinos sweat in order to get a higher voter turnout and get them to vote overwhelmingly in higher number than before. Adding all those illegals in the count would backfire to his Presidential re-elections. Would he do us a favor and not have them counted for electoral college reasons? This man has thrown everyone under the bus in his way.

californiascreaming on May 22, 2009 at 4:39 pm

The policy is very simple. ICE will no longer arrest any illegal alien at a worksite. Period.

sanantonioins on May 24, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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